Driving With Digby Will Help Us All With The Sad. Hop In!

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  I haven’t checked the news today.  And I know I don’t want to.  There has been too many sad stories and too many persons passing away this last year.  I don’t do well with sad news.  There is too much of it.  Too much sad.  Not enough happy. Not enough pancakes. And not enough Deputy Digby. So today, I am at your service.  Let’s get some happy going on up in here!  Wanna go for a ride with me in this Florida place? Let’s go for a drive!

Now, I know what you are thinking.  That song was from the George Michael Person who left us this week. And yep. That is sad.  But what made him happy? Singing!  And his songs make us happy to.  My thoughts are why dwell on the sad?  The happy that came with the persons we loved, who are no longer here, should far outweigh the sad memories.  There are more of the happy memories. So what is hard about that?  Well, we miss them.  Like Carrie Fisher’s dog.  We know he misses his Girl Person.  But we had to laugh at this interview.

Once again, how can you be sad after watching that?  Yes, the Princess will be missed by many.  Probably most of all by her furkid, Gary.  But we have high hopes he will be well taken care of and looked after.  We hope that Gary’s life is filled with much love to come.  There is a little room in the Big Blue Treat Wagon, Gary.  We are parked in this Florida place for a few weeks, so now would be a good time to knock on the door. Just saying.


Too many times, we dwell on the negative.  I can’t tell you how many persons I have heard say that they will be glad when this year is over.  Was every day of 2016 so bad?  Weren’t there some happy times too?  I bet that if  you really stop and think about the happy days of this year that you will appreciate it.  A calendar is just that.  A calendar.  A piece of paper, hopefully a 2 Traveling Dogs calendar.


Turning a page with new numbers that say 2017 won’t make it any different.  Find your happy now.  Don’t wait. Tomorrow is not guaranteed for any of us, famous or not.  Rich or not.  Healthy or not.  Dog or person. Frog or rabbit.  Pancake or syrup. So find the good in your day today, and maybe even take a drive with your furkid.  Blast the music, buckle up and look around. Actually look around.  See the good.  And turn off the news. Sheriff Brickle is watching.  So you know what will happen if you don’t do it…

-Deputy Digby Pancake


Better Than A Gallon Jug Of Cold Water And Getting Arrested

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  How many things do you take for granted every day?  Yes.  Most of us are fortunate enough to having the basic necessities of life.  Or what we think are the basic necessities.  Truth is, many, many people in our world don’t have running water, showers or handsome dogs like me.  The last part probably came as a shock. But it is true.  So question.  It’s already hard enough not having me as your dog, but let’s overlook that, and ponder this.  What would you do without a shower for a few days? Let’s ask Boy Person.

If you have been following our Adventure Of A Lifetime the last few months, you will know that the Big Blue Treat Wagon has had its share of issues.  Breaking down going up a bridge in South Carolina.  Or when it started leaking rain into the slide outs in the West Virginia deluge we got caught in.  Or when the mice decided to take residence with us in Iowa and eat the wiring.  Or last week when another deluge in Alabama caused rain to pour into the air conditioner, which is still not working properly.  Did I mention it is 85 degrees in this Florida place this week?  Air conditioning is definitely on our list to fix now. But we have had one major problem since the first week we started.  Yep, we have had no working shower.

You may be thinking to yourself, why did we go so long without a shower in the Big Blue Treat Wagon?  Fortunately, the campgrounds we visit have all had showers.  Yes, some prison showers for sure, or coin operated ones or cold ones.  But showers still the same.  Why didn’t Boy Person get this fixed in eight months? Seems like a valid question and one I considered arresting him for, until I pondered the facts.  Traveling to a different state every single week, our rescue visit every week, blog writing, rescue work and promoting each state has left us not one minute to breathe.  Never mind fix a shower.

So when we decided to take a “break” in this Florida place, it was to fix the RV so that we could continue in 3 weeks and finish the remaining 14 states on this journey.  We thought the shower would be an easy fix.  But alas, nothing is as easy as my handsome reflects in the mirror.  Now, the persons are not ones to ask for help unless that help is for animals in need.  For themselves, they choose to tough it out.  So tell anyone here that our shower wasn’t working?  Nope.  And nope. But not taking a shower was not an option. So as Girl Person was taking bubble baths at Gandma’s house, Boy Person decided he would take matters into his own hands.  Could he have paid $10 to go to a truck stop here?  You also should know he is cheap.  But he had an idea.

Have you ever ventured into the woods with a cold gallon jug of water to get clean?  What about in the woods with lots of mosquitos biting your naked butt?  Seems to me that an arrest by Sheriff Brickle was the least of his worries in this instance.  Sometimes, the persons are so stubborn and make no sense that I can’t even explain it.  Is being clean this important?  I think not.  But I will say this.  Having to shower with a cold water gallon jug in the woods lit a fire under his butt to get this shower fixed once and for all.  And after 3 days, he did it.  He did it! We have a shower everyone!!  It is true.  This is a happy day.  But not for the mosquitos who have to find another naked butt to bite.


Seriously though.  We want to say this.  We will never, ever take any “necessity” for granted again.  Even though our shower doesn’t have a lot of hot water, or it isn’t at a five star resort, it is working. And that is fine by us.  We think this “break” in the Florida place may actually be more work than the trip.  But the last part of this trip is going to be awesome with a hot shower.  It’s the little things…like my corn dog tail that make life grand.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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