No Pants? No Problem.

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  There are certain days when you wake up and you know it’s going to be a good day.  The sun is shining, the birds are chirping. Oh, it’s fabulous.

Then, there are mornings that you wake up very quickly.  You wake up and you know that if you don’t take care of some business, your business is gonna be really real business.

That’s how it was this morning.  No, my business wasn’t a meeting.  It wasn’t an appointment with a client, or a peanut butter salesman.  No, this was an emergency.

Since it had been a little cold outside, the persons had our heat on.  And it is already known that I am as hot as hot can be.  So I rarely, ever need any extra heat.  In fact, I despise it so much that it makes me sick. Literally.  And as the persons were all in their blankets and their heater on, I felt it.  That familiar feeling of uh-oh.  I need to take care of this business right away.  Outside.


Now, Girl Person and I are in tune.  So much so that we know what each other is thinking, but I am not sure why she didn’t think it was too hot for me.  Or why she could not predict how fast I needed to go outside.  But when she opened her eyes since I was licking her face, she saw the look of panic in my eyes and jumped up.  Yet, she didn’t have pants on.  She told me to hold on so she could find her pants.  She could not find them.  And she just threw her hands up in the air and said, well, forget this, I have no pants. And she grabbed a blanket, tried to get me outside the RV in time, which was another issue since we are about ten feet in the air. And yet, there it was… the no pants emergency was underway.


When you have a no pants emergency in an RV and you have to jump for your life to get out, well, you don’t hear any birds singing.  You don’t see the sunshiney.  You just look for a place to throw up.  Yes, I had no time to worry about Girl Person with no pants on in a campground with a hot pink blanket wrapped around her in a campground.  I can’t read the campground rules, but I am pretty sure wearing pants is one of the rules.


We had no time to rewrite the rules, so I threw up, Girl Person tried to keep her blanket wrapped around her, and you guessed it. Boy Person and Digby slept thru the whole thing.

Now. When you have been outside in the cold with no pants on and a throwing up dog, you might not be in the best mood.  You might be in a worse mood when no one else gets up to help. Or to make the coffee.  Or to know the predicament that just happened.  And you might lose it, drop your blanket, look for those pants again, and when you can’t find them, take Boy Person’s blanket off him.  And then you might say, oh, allow me to make the coffee with no pants on.  And you might just be crazy.

They say there is no better alarm clock than a throwing up dog.  I say there is no better alarm clock than a crazy Girl Person.  And there is no crazier look than the one Boy Person gave her as he was confused beyond confused.  And yet, not confused enough to realize he better make that coffee.

If there is any lesson to be learned here, it is that when you gotta take care of business, you do what you gotta do.  There are situations in life that all of us have to take care of.  We may look at others and judge them when they are wearing no pants and a hot pink blanket in the middle of a campground field.  But we shouldn’t.  It’s easy to jump to conclusions about others.  But who of us know how that feels? Probably us all.  Love and compassion is what is needed.  Not judgement.  Business is business.  We all have our own.  When we have went thru something, we want love shown to us.  Remember that when we think we know everything about why someone is in a situation they are in.  You don’t know.


Life is going to throw throw up curve balls at us sometimes. And sometimes..there is nothing we can do but our best.  When you can’t find  your pants, grab a blanket.  And do what you gotta do.  You’ve got this!

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle


Dog Treat Hacks-Part Two

This is part of our Saturday Editorial Series. Normally, we let the dogs do all the talking on our dog blog every weekday! Join rescue dogs Peanut Butter Brickle and Digby Pancake for their take on life and travel at And join over a million followers on social media who help us “Make Rescues The Breed Of Choice!”

Last week, we took you to a grocery store to show you that dog treats don’t have to be purchased in the dog food aisle. You don’t even have to go to a pet supply store.  Instead, we invited you with us to shop for real food to use as treats that you may not have thought of before. You can read the article here.

What was on last week’s dog treat hacks?  Matzoh crackers, dehydrated or baked lean meat, unsalted cashews and even brown rice cakes!

This week, we asked for YOUR input on your dog’s favorite treats and snacks that you can purchase right from the grocery store.  You inspired us!  So for Part Two, we bring to you some of our fan favorites!



Organic Pumpkin Seeds (Unsalted) Herbalists have discovered that the seeds of the pumpkin work as an effective deworming agent against tapeworms and other intestinal parasites in dogs and humans. Pumpkin seeds contain the amino acid called cucurbitin, which paralyzes and eliminates the worms from the digestive tract. We like to sprinkle about a tablespoon on Brickle and Digby’s dinner and also give them as a stand alone energy boost during the day.

Raw Fruit and Vegetables.  There are many dog friendly fruits and vegetables.  We often reference the ASPCA’s guidance online to double check each veggie.  Brickle’s favorite veggie? Green bell pepper.  Digby’s favorite veggie?  Green beans!  Many of you told us how much your dog loves carrots or bananas! With fruit, make sure to limit quantities due to calories.

Coconut Chips.  This is a snack we fight over! Make sure the coconut chips are unsalted, with no sugar or flavorings added.  Coconut is great for their skin and coat!

Organic Greek Yogurt (No sugar or sweeteners added). Yogurt is high in calcium and protein. It also can act as a probiotic, which can be good for the digestive system. The probiotics in Greek yogurt also fight yeast infections, which can help dogs with recurring ear or skin infections.


Not every dog will love every snack.  As you can see, Brickle hates carrots!  But with just a little creativity and a new mindset, you can save money and time by shopping for your dog’s food the same place that you shop for yours.  Don’t our dogs deserve real food?  Why let dog food and dog treat companies tell us that the only food we can give our dogs are ones that are labeled as such.

img_7349We all know that these same companies try to scare us into thinking that we can’t feed our dogs real food.  And yes, there are certain precautions we need to take such as researching which ingredients are dog safe.  But once you get the hang of it and you see the difference in your dog’s health and happiness, we can guarantee that you will never go back.  Never!


We won’t bore you with a history of dog food and why it came to be sold.  But do your own research.  And then decide if you want others to tell you what is best for your dog.  I sure don’t.

-Rachael Johnson, Owner and Founder of 2 Traveling Dogs and Your Dog’s Diner


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