Do The Hustle

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. It has been one of those weeks when I wonder if it can get any hotter.  Can I get any hotter?  I often ask myself that when I look in the mirror.  But yes, everyday in this Florida place, it seems like the temperature is rising, rising, rising.

Persons complain about everything.  When it’s cold, they complain about that.  When it’s hot, they complain about that.  When it rains, they complain about that.  When it doesn’t rain, they complain about that.  Complaining can be a way to make excuses.  Complaining takes more energy than positivity.

And I just have to say it.  When you want something to happen in your life, blame and complaints don’t make that thing happen.  It is up to you.  Only you.  No one else can save the day…but you.


It has become apparent to me lately that if I want something to happen, I have to work at it.  There  are many persons here at camp that I like and like a lot.  When we first got here, we didn’t know anyone at camp.  But as the weeks and the months went by, and I started recognizing persons and they started recognizing me, we built a bit of a kinship.  They had either treats or hugs or nice words.  And I decided to make it a point to go and see them everyday.

It was like the days when we lived by Granny Person and Gandma and Gandpa.  The treat trail there was a memory in my mind, and I decided that if I wanted another treat trail, I had to make it happen.  And even though it has taken almost six months to make it happen, Girl Person finally realized the routine I had forged and the path I had made.  I had to hustle to make it happen.

You see, if I had waited for all my campground family to bring treats right to my door, that may have never happened.  Well, maybe eventually, when they saw my handsome.  But maybe not.  And so what are you looking for in life?  Are you working towards it or are you complaining, waiting and letting doubts get in your way?  If so, you need to change the trail you’re on.  Many trails lead to the same place, but some take longer  And that’s ok too.  Just keep walking, because if you get off of the trail and wait, you won’t make any progress at all.  Success is given to those that work to make things happen.  Nothing is given to us.  Well, maybe my handsome.  I don’t have to work at that.  It does actually come natural.

If my persons could take a little bit of this advice in the next few two weeks, I wish that they would.  When worry and self doubt seem to overshadow their days, that Depression Monster creeps in.  But if they listen to this, keep hustling to make our dreams happen and work towards them, I think that our trail will be a better one.  I can’t do everything around here.  Except be handsome.  I still have a few more days of my treat trail here.  Then, a new hustle begins.  I am ready.  I’ve heard it said the doors will be opened to those bold enough to knock.  When I knock, have those treats ready.  I like peanut butter cookies.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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What Time Is It?

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  It’s been said that time you enjoy wasted is not wasted time. Also.  It has been said that time heals all wounds.  Also.  Someone said if you’re lost, you can look, and you will find me.  Time after time.

So.  Time.  Persons seem to be worried about it all of the time.  Even when we go hiking every morning, we have to watch the time on a magic contraption that tells you what time it is like a phone or a watch or a clock.  And yet, there never seems to be enough of the time thing for persons.  Although, here, there is enough heat.  But that’s a different story.


I like the fact though that time slows down a bit in the summer.  You can’t walk as fast, or walk as far.  You have to take a lot of breaks in the shade.  And if you are with Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle, those breaks come with ice cold water which he demands as a job perk, and also a treat or five.  The persons worry that they can’t get as much done, because everything is at half speed.  But I say that getting less done matters none.  Because I guarantee that when they start checking their clocks tomorrow, they still won’t find that time they always seem to lose or be chasing after.

As we were walking on the trail, even slower than slow, we came across a bit of an obstacle. You see, there was a lone turtle trying to dig a hole right in the middle of the trail.  It was slower than us, and apparently, wasn’t much in the mood for moving.  But since the turtle had no watch, I suppose that time wasn’t really important to the turtle one bit.

But Girl Person knew that if we had been walking as fast as we normally do, we would have most likely stepped on the turtle without even knowing it was there.  And that would have been very unfortunate.  Instead, because we were slower than molasses on a pancake or a stack of such, we were able to help it.  Girl Person lifted it up and moved it far enough off of the trail so that it could take a rest in the shade.  Which was where we were headed too.


If there was ever a lesson in the summer time besides drink plenty of water and staying cool, I would say it is to slow down.  Slow down so much that as the sand blows, it gets stuck to your face.


Every season has a lesson in fact, and we can change along with them.  For the persons, I would like them to realize that time doesn’t always have to be something that they work against.  Time may disappoint them.  Maybe they feel like they missed out on an opportunity, but is time moving them to another?  Maybe they feel like as they get older, they have less time in the future.  But why can’t they appreciate their time in the past?  Instead of thinking that choices and possibilities decrease with the passing of time, perhaps they could listen to me to know that tomorrow is today’s dream.  And you can do it.  If you have made it this far in life, you can keep going.  As long as you have a dream, keep moving towards it.  Even if you never see it come true, the journey there might be better than the dream itself.


Not many know this, but before Sheriff Brickle and I were picked out from the shelter jail place, Girl Person wanted small, fluffy dogs.  She dreamed of carrying them around and dressing them up and being all.  Fluffy.  But her dream turned into us.  Two dirty, big dogs who may like to be carried around, but that ain’t happening.  Yet, none of us could imagine life without the other.  So if you are stuck on your dream, and think that your time hasn’t come, maybe it’s time.  Time to change that dream.  Maybe your dream wasn’t the best thing for you.

So, what I am saying besides I am hungry in this whole blog, which I guess I haven’t said, but it’s about time, is that time may pass.  The minutes and hours and days and weeks and years may have flown by for you lately as it has for us.  If you are like us, maybe life isn’t leading you to where you thought it would be by now.  But also, if you are like us, maybe that is what is meant for us right now.  Right. Now.  And maybe, just maybe, it’s about time we all recognized that.  What time is it?  Besides treat time, it’s time for you.  Be happy in the moment.  Be happy in the future.  Recognize the happy in your past.  And let it lead you to where you are supposed to go.  You don’t need a clock for that.  Just start walking.

-Deputy Digby Pancake