Lost And Found

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Have you ever lost your way? Have you ever forgot your phone, your map, and your senses and embarked on an unknown trail for hours and became lost? Yep. You guessed it.

Let me be the bearer of bad news on a Monday. Girl Person doesn’t always think things thru. She’s a doer, and half doer, and “I’ll try to get everything started in one hour” kinda girl. She can bake a pie, do a load of laundry, wash two dogs, start dinner and write this blog for us in about half a second. But when it’s time to walk Digby and I, she seems to lose track of time.

Because she wants us to be happy. And well, when we pulled her down the trail that she thought was one mile on our lunch break at camp, she thought no big deal. It was short. Why would she need a map? She could do this, or half do this or whatever.

After all, it looked like a loop. Easy enough.

So off we went. We had told Boy Person we were just going around the block. But here was a new trail just begging to be walked on! And we walked. And we walked. And we walked somemore.

Pretty soon, but apparently not too soon, we realized this wasn’t a mile. We realized we had lost sight of the colored trail markers. And we realized we didn’t recognize those houses by a fence. Or that road. Nope. We were in a heap of a mess. Girl Person asked us if we should turn around. I said no. Digby said no even louder. We planted our feet in the ground like a turnip.

We knew it would be longer to turn around. But Girl Person was scared. She listened to us reluctantly. Crying a few tears and saying something about water, we kept going. We walked and we walked and we walked some more.

Pretty soon, we saw some persons far ahead. Girl Person said we had to hurry, but not too fast, because we had to save our energy. She yelled “excuse me! Excuse me”. They stopped and turned around.

Girl Person asked them if they knew how far we were from the campground. They said they had no idea. They were lost too. And this was just unnerving. We were sure Boy Person was organizing a search by now. Girl Person started crying and explained she wasn’t crazy…but she kinda was. I don’t know why they didn’t start running.

She told them we had run out of water and that we couldn’t walk so far like we used to. Right away the nice Girl Person named Jennifer said you can have all our water. The Boy Person named Tyler offered his phone. And they said let’s hike together and find a way out. She had a map, but no one could read it or guess where we were. But we kept walking. Every now and then, they would almost try to turn around, but here came some other campers! They told us that yes. Yes. We were going in the right direction. We only had another half an hour to go.

You’ve never seen such relief from a group of lost hikers. Individuals who didn’t know each other in the morning were good friends by evening.

Being lost is scary. And you can bet Girl Person won’t embark anywhere with us without a phone and plenty of water!

When you are lost, it seems like there is no way out. To panic is to give in to your self doubt. It happens to us all. And sometimes it takes just one person…or two…to push us thru. Even if they are lost themselves.

To say we were thankful for Jennifer and Tyler is an understatement. It may have seemed like such a simple thing to them to offer us their water. And yet, it meant everything to us. I’m not sure Digby would have been ok. As Girl Person told them, we are her world. She would never have had the courage to yell at others or accept help. But for us…she did. I appreciate it. But she should think she is deserving of help too. We all are. Others may not know by looking at us that we feel lost. Sometimes, we have to ask.

We were lost and yet found two new friends and learned some big lessons. If you find yourself lost, remember your worth and find a map. You can find your way out. And if you’re on the other end and it’s your turn to be a Jennifer or Tyler, remember, you may just save a life when they thought there was no way out.

Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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Is Your Home A Comfortable Place For Your Dog?

This blog post is sponsored by Tall Tails! No matter where we are in our travels, home is home. Tall Tails keeps our boys comfy on the go and makes them happy. That makes us happy. America’s Premier Provider of Super High Quality Washable Dog Blankets. High Quality Dog Toys, Washable Blankets & Beds. Shop online at www.talltailsdog.com

When we decided to sell our home and travel full time in an RV, my first worry wasn’t one you might guess. I wasn’t concerned about space, or the lack of space. I wasn’t concerned about breakdowns or getting lost. I was most concerned about Brickle and Digby’s comfort.

Would they consider this RV their home? Would they long for our house without wheels? I had many sleepless nights about this. And I endeavored to not only make the transition into full time travel less stressful, but I made every effort to make their space as comfortable as possible. Even though we had less of it.

Maybe you have been in a similar situation. Maybe you have relocated, moved into a new home, or a new life circumstance. Maybe you are like us and travel full time in an RV. But maybe you just like to travel and want to make your dog’s space as comfortable as it can be!

Especially with the changing fall season, we decided to change our dogs’ spaces. We wanted to add another level of comfort, and to show our love and appreciation for them. Comfort doesn’t always have to be about keeping things the same for our dogs. We have learned that no matter where we are parked, new toys, blankets and items to add to their comfort also provide mental stimulation! A bored, stressed dog cannot be a comfortable dog.

So we tested three products this month from Tall Tails. Tall Tails has been in business since 1930 and they originally started with infant products. Do they think of our dogs as members of the family that deserve the same level of love and comfort? They do. And it shows by what they offer. The fall season is here! And Brickle and Digby are celebrating the changing temperatures and festivities with the following products from Tall Tails!

Brown Braided Stick

Brickle is our toy tester. Many toys bore him and he’s just simply not interested. But as he has gotten older, he seems to have developed a more anxious period at night when he wants something to chew on. As soon as I gave him the brown braided stick, I knew it was his all time favorite. I bring it out at night and on our weekly road trips to give him an added sense of security and release.


This is a resilient sport toy designed for active outdoor play and long-distance fetch for stimulating exercise. But it works great in the RV on days when it’s too cold outside or raining to play.


Durable braided materials are great for rigorous tug-of-war, fetch, and other interactive play. Elasticity creates gaps to help your pup keep their teeth clean. Brickle proof!

Cape Towel


I had no idea we needed this in our life! Every dog will feel like a super hero and confidence is key to being comfortable and relaxed! This is a must for after travel days when we don’t want to bring the road inside. An after bath treat that makes us both happy!


The cape towel has a convenient Velcro neck fastener and hand pockets for controlled drying.


The terry fiber material is 50% more absorbent than cotton and is available in two sizes for the perfect fit. Machine washable and dryable. Brickle now asks for it after his bath and I have to beg him to take it off. Maybe he’s the new SuperDog?

Red Bone Blanket


Digby Pancake says this is his new bestie! I wish I could share, but it is the perfect size for snuggles and he looks so sweet. As sweet as maple syrup! He’s had many blankets, but I heard his relaxing sigh on the first night we felt that crisp, fall air coming thru the windows. To us, the right blankets on the road are what MAKES a comfortable environment for our dogs and makes our house on wheels feel likehome.


This is a mindfully made dog blanket created to baby your pup. They are all babies! Keeps your dog comfortable and secure in between adventures, whether at home, at camp, or on-the-go. Use a blanket to protect furniture or add an extra layer of comfort to your pup’s favorite sleeping spot. A great addition to any Tall Tails bed, turning ordinary sleeping spaces into “dreamy” places. Available in a variety of sizes. Machine washable and dryable…when we can find a washer and dryer at camp. But that’s a story for another day!


Upload 📸 a photo of your dog’s favorite sleep spot to be entered to win from Tall Tails @talltailstrail 🐶 Go to http://ss1.us/a/I8UCo4C8

Four winners will receive a new bed specific to their dog’s sleep style, a blanket, and a plush toy!! 🐶 🐶

How do you feel when you update your home or your bedroom? Our dogs are no different! Give them what they deserve. Love, attention, exercise, comfort and their safe place. Tall Tails makes it fun to shop for our dogs online, no matter where we are! Even when we are broke down on the side of the road. Yes. That has happened. Maybe if Brickle wears his cape, SuperDog can help us next time…


So sit down with your dog, relax, and find new favorites at www.talltailsdog.com to make home feel like home, wherever that may be!

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Rachael Johnson, Founder of 2 Traveling Dogs and Your Dog’s Diner

Although this post is #sponsored and we received compensation, all opinions are our own. You could ask Brickle and Digby their opinions, but they are fast asleep with their Tall Tails blankies…