I Knew You Were Waiting For Me.

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  Can I tell you first of all what an awesome day that we had yesterday?  For the first time in five years since we left that California place, we saw snow! Snow!  And well, it was cold.

What is this stuff?? #2travelingdogs #snow #newmexico #hikingwithdogs

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I can’t really say that we were as impressed as we thought we would be.  I mean really.  This stuff was cold.  Did I mention that? It is a little different than the sand in that Florida place.  The only thing I truly enjoyed about it was the fact that the Deputy forgot and ate the yellow snow, although he was reminded numerous times not to.  He. Eat. Anything.


But what the snow did do for us was to invigorate us!  Cold has a way of waking you up.  You see, we have really began to get into the groove of this Adventure Of A Lifetime.  It only took us 40 states to find it.  But now that we found it, you better believe we are excited!  We have eight more states and eight more rescues to visit.  And the animals?  They need us!  They are waiting for us!  I knew it!  I have been trying to tell the persons that all along.

And the river was deep I didn’t falter
When the mountain was high
I still believed
When the valley was low
It didn’t stop me
I knew you were waiting

Have we had some low valleys?  Oh, you know it.  Living in dirt.  Washing clothes in a bucket.  Washing dishes in the dirt and loosing a fork or spoon every week. I don’t know what that has to do with anything, but it is odd. Digby doesn’t even use utensils. We have had a broken down car at times. A broken down RV at times.  Broken down persons.  Broken down dogs.  And it is true, we ARE tired.  We are dragging a little bit.  We are going slower, not able to do a state a week at this point because the states are bigger. And we are tired.  BUT.  But the animals.  The animals.  They are waiting for our visit.  No, not to see us.  But they need for us to tell others about them.  That they are out there! That they are not invisible.  And the people that are trying to help them need us too!  They are waiting, and we know it.


The hurt is over
One touch and you set me free
I don’t regret a single moment
Looking back, when I think of all those disappointments
I just laugh, I just laugh

Sometimes, as Sheriff, it is my duty to remind the persons why we actually decided to do this trip.  To be together as a family.  To simplify our lives from stuff.  And most of all, someone saved me and Deputy Digby so that Girl Person and Boy Person could find us.

And was crippled emotionally
Somehow I made it through the heartace
I escaped
I found my way out of the darkness, kept my faith
Kept my faith

Now.  It is our turn to give back.  And until we finish all the 48 contiguous states that we promised we would, we will not take a break.  We are so pumped.  More pumped than my muscles. And that my friends is pumped.  Beyond pumped.


So if you are still waiting for us to get to your state, we are on the way.

Knew you were waiting for me
With and endless desire
I kept on searching
Sure in time our eyes would meet
And like the bridge is on fire

We may not look very pretty on the last day of this adventure.  Actually, I will, but that’s a given.  We may have less money in our pockets.  Our pockets may be on dirty pants or no pants at all.  But after it is all said and done, the only thing that will be waiting for us is the next adventure.  Or to settle down.  Or maybe both.  We don’t know the next step, just in case that isn’t obvious.  But, even I as Sheriff recognize that there is a time and place for planning.  And there is a time and place for doing.  And so.  Let’s do this!

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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Desserts, Desert And Falling Off A Cliff.

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. It is my duty to write to you today. Did you know…there is no dessert in the desert? I am serious about this. Really serious.


If you have ever tried to spell something as a person, or a dog in fact, you know that apparently, one letter can be the difference between being a very good word. Or a very bad word. And for me, the difference between desert and dessert is tragic. Because I do not know how to spell that great, and when I saw the sign that that was where we were, I was ecstatic! Were we really going to be camping on a dessert? Like what kind of dessert? Do I get to choose? Is there like a menu? Lemon meringue? Nope. Apple pie? Nope. A sugar cookie? Oh, absolutely not. The choices were boggling my mind, so much so that I thought I would ask to order off of the menu. I will have a tower of pancakes please. With extra maple syrup!


Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle didn’t even ask to look at a menu when he saw that sign. He told me that I was mistaken, that our Big Blue Treat Wagon RV would not fit on a lemon meringue pie. Or an apple pie. Or even a sugar cookie. And definitely not on a tower of pancakes. The Sheriff told me that I needed to look up desert in the dictionary, not dessert. And so, I don’t have a dictionary. So I didn’t care to change my order one bit. It wasn’t my fault that persons decided to misspell something. Sheriff Brickle told me that a desert was a place that was hot. Dry. (No maple syrup springs). And sandy. Well, are there pecan sandies out here? I think they are gross and dry and make me want to gag when I compare them to a pancake. But beggars can’t be choosers and well, it was better than a plate of sand which was on the menu as well.


So for everyone out there planning to head to the New Mexico place to get pancakes, you instead will get a plate of sand. I am serious about this. Really serious. And while we are being so serious, Sheriff Brickle’s Friday arrest was surely needed. Perhaps even more than a correction in the dictionary. Girl Person accepted her arrest and thanked the Sheriff and I for the warning and needed reminder before we head to the Grand Canyon. What happened?

You see, Girl Person likes to take our pictures. She likes to take our pictures a lot. And well, when you hike all the time in drug store shoes, you forget that you are really hiking, but instead think you need to pick up a prescription. So when we were hiking on Friday night, Girl Person was doing all of the above. Hiking in drug store shoes. Taking our picture. And yep. Standing on the edge of a cliff that she didn’t even see was there until she was one foot away. There was no sign for a cliff, only desert and unless it had been a marshmallow, she probably wouldn’t have had a very good landing.


Sometimes, we all need reminders. And sometimes, those reminders are dramatic. For Girl Person, she remembered to be more careful. That is was not only her life in the balance, but ours as well. Sometimes, we get overconfident that we know what we are doing, when none of us ever know everything. Not even how to spell dessert. Or desert. Or whatever it is. It was also a reminder how precious every day is. How important it is to remind ourselves we may not be here tomorrow. And to not try to get dessert or pancakes in New Mexico.

So. Our itinerary for this week? Well, we will be in this New Mexico place until we start heading out on Wednesday. We will be headed to an Arizona place where we will not be falling off any cliffs but they should have dessert there. So we have a lot more to see till then and we hope you will stay with us! If you didn’t catch our New Mexico Chicken Jerky Treat Recipe, you can watch the live video here, and then head over to Your Dog’s Diner to get the full recipe.


And most importantly, and what this trip is really about, please watch the latest alien, New Mexico episode of Stop Hounding Me with Desert Paws Animal Rescue in Cochiti, New Mexico. They deserve it.

They also deserve some pancakes, but alas, they are going to have to look elsewhere. They live in the desert. See? I don’t need any dictionary.

Deputy Digby Pancake

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“I Realized That Someone Was Us.”

Our latest rescue visit on our Adventure Of A Lifetime brings us to an Indian reservation in Cochiti, New Mexico.  Desert Paws Animal Rescue helps tribe members and their animals in this pueblo and surrounding pueblos.


After moving to this area, they saw the immediate need of helping animals.  From strays, to hungry animals, to an overpopulation of puppies and kittens, they wondered, “why doesn’t someone do something?”  And then they said, “I realized that someone was us.”

Catch the full article here!

And don’t forget to watch the latest New Mexico, alien edition of “Stop Hounding Me”!


I Should Be Sleeping Like A Log

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. New Mexico? You are just so exciting that you have wore me out at this point. One day is wind, one day is sunshiney, one day is snow and one day is more wind. One day we are freezing our butts off, the next day, we get a sunburn. You call yourself the land of enchantment. I call you the land of confusion. But you are beautiful. And we are enjoying our time here.


Yesterday was our visit with Desert Paws Animal Rescue in New Mexico. We traveled all this way to meet them and we were glad we did. We worked all afternoon in the bright sunshiney and we had a lot of fun.  Sorry for almost peeing on your feet, persons.  Sorry for eating that pile of unknown poop before you gave me kisses.  Did I just tell you that?

We hope you will tune in to our Facebook page on Sunday morning for the full video about them…yeah. Someone remarked we are too weird. What’s so weird about dancing around an alien head?  It’s illegal to dance around a sombrero in New Mexico. So we did what we had to do.

This may not look like a regular job, but Sheriff Brickle and I work hard to tell you about these rescues and shelters across the country every week.  And it is a good kind of work.  A good kind of tired.

It’s been a hard day’s night, and I been working like a dog
It’s been a hard day’s night, I should be sleeping like a log
But when I get home to you I’ll find the things that you do
Will make me feel alright

At the end of the day, when we read your comments on our Facebook page and our messages, we don’t feel so tired any more.  So I want to thank you for making our jobs a little easier.  I am sure you want to thank me too for being so cute.  And for that, I will accept your pancakes. In bed and or on the couch is fine.


When I’m home everything seems to be right
When I’m home feeling you holding me tight, tight, yeah
It’s been a hard day’s night, and I been working like a dog
It’s been a hard day’s night, I should be sleeping like a log

New Mexico has a lot to offer, and we are learning a lot too.  I learned that a pueblo is not only a kind of house, but a group of people.  And the rescue we visited here helps the Cochiti pueblo where something called Tent Rocks is.  Listen, I have a RV,  I don’t wanna use a tent.  My couch would not fit in there.

So we hope that you will continue our journey here in New Mexico with us.  On Sunday Girl Person will be live on our Facebook page at 6 p.m. MT cooking up a New Mexico dog treat live. We are kind running slow…you know, because we are working like dogs.  So we will be here till next Wednesday when we will start on our path to Arizona to meet another rescue there.  Until then, if you have worked like a dog this week, I know you need a break.  So.  Grab yourself some pancakes, a couch, and get to sleeping like a log.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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First Come, First Served

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. And we are now at our third camp in New Mexico. Oh, it took us a long, long time to finally get here from that Texas place last week. Today is the day that we meet the people and animals at Desert Paws Of New Mexico Animal Rescue. We are staying at an indian reservation place, just a few miles from Santa Fe called Cochiti Lake.

I tell you all of this because I am a Sheriff, and part of my job is to give details. I know every inch of my brindle beauty patterns, and I have attention to detail. Since I know detail, I also know why you should be arrested this week. If you confess, the sentence may be lighter. Or not.

Now, in every state I have visited so far on this Adventure Of A Lifetime, I have had to fight off the masses of adoring fans. And whether they are in my physical presence or my imagination, or both, it is a hard job. Fantasy? I think not.

I decided that I could not give out all the attention that the masses were expecting. And so I decided to enforce a new policy. First come, first served. And New Mexico taught me this policy.


You may think that getting to camp #3 was easy in this New Mexico place. You would think that you just pull in and park your Big Blue Treat Wagon RV, and get to eating. Like fans think that they can just meet me, pet me, and expect me to like it. Not happening. We found out that when you are in New Mexico, if you wanna camp, most of the time, you better get there early. Because my friends, first come, first served is their motto. And it is now mine.

When you pull into camp, you see what spot you want…if there is a spot, and you grab it.  Problem is, there are only so many spots to go around, and if you don’t get one, you have to keep driving.  It is like when fans want me, but there is only so much of me to go around, and Girl Person and Boy Person adopted me, so that is that.  Move on to the shelter and find another brindle beauty.  I know it won’t be the same, but it will help.

But what the first come, first served policy has taught us is another lesson on this trip. Sometimes, you just have to go with the flow.  Like when Deputy Digby pees on your leash and you have to smell it all day.  You just have to let it go, because he is gonna go.  Kinda like when the steps to the RV don’t work and the persons have to lift us in and out and or forget the steps don’t work and they fall out.  Go. With. The. Flow.

If you don’t get a spot wherever you are trying to go in life, maybe the next spot is better.  It may take you longer to get there, but in the end, it may be worth it.

Life is not always what we expect, and sometimes, you don’t get what you thought you needed.  But then when you come up on the next destination, you realize it WAS what you needed and that it all worked out.  So if you are trying to get in line to adore me, maybe what you need instead is to find another beauty at your shelter or rescue and adore him.  It may be a long way for you to get there, but guaranteed, his journey was much longer.

New Mexico gets to have us around until next Wednesday when we will start our trek to another state…Arizona.  But until then, if you want my love, I only have so much to go around.  First come, first served.  Get. In. Line.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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You Stay In Your Hole. I’ll Stay In Mine. Thanks.


This is Deputy Digby Pancake. Oh, how the cookie crumbles in a windstorm in New Mexico. At least that is what I have heard. I have also heard that a certain Girl Person can’t walk correctly in drug store shoes in a windstorm either.  You didn’t hear it from me though.

It's been one of those days. #valleyoffires #lava #windstorm #newmexico

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We are pretty much feeling beat up at this point, New Mexico. Your winds are beyond anything we have ever seen. Or felt.

Seriously, New Mexico. #lava #windstorm #newmexico #valleyoffires

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The amazing power of nature is even more than the Sheriff can arrest. And that is amazing.


Who knew that New Mexico had so many interesting places?  Histories of volcanos?  Not me.  I don’t even know what that is.

When you are trying to travel many miles, the trip can be long, hard and dirty.


That is why, when we met some New Mexico tarantulas yesterday, I thought they had a pretty good idea for the persons.  You see, tarantulas live in holes in the ground called burrows.  And the way that the persons and us are looking right about now, I think we all need our own hole in the dirt.  I guess the RV is a hole of dirt actually when I think about it.

Why persons think that taking a shower every day is so important, I will never know. But yesterday, they were looking forward to their shower here at camp.


They read comments by other people online that had been here that the showers were like a spa. So they packed up all their clothes and soap and headed to the showers. Girl Person kept laughing as she was in there that this spa must have been for prisoners that only like cold water spraying like a stream of bullets on sore butts. To each her own, I suppose. Boy Person didn’t have it that good, and in fact when Girl Person came out to wait for him, and he wasn’t there, she decided to head back to the RV since the wind was blowing her over. As Boy Person finally walked in the door which he could hardly open because the wind kept blowing it shut, she asked him how his shower was. He simply threw all this stuff down and threw up his arms too and said that he was done getting beat up. Why couldn’t they at least turn on a little hot water? Seriously.  Is this not called Valley Of Fires? Duuuhhhhh. Girl Person was sympathetic yet started laughing so hard she dropped her frozen soap and then they both couldn’t stop laughing. They decided that they both needed to go thru another car wash at this point in the trip. I personally think they need to go live with the tarantulas out there.


If you live in a dirt hole, you are expected to be dirty.  You also do not have to take cold showers.  The only problem is that I suspect they aren’t able to fit a couch in a dirt hole.  I hear that they live 10-20 years and sometimes more.  So they probably have to do a lot of remodeling.  And that sounds like work and not relaxing since you can’t fit a couch in there.

I guess that I have come to the obvious conclusion that for the rest of this trip, we better just resign ourselves to the dirt.  To the mess.  To the craziness of this trip.  Because at the end of the day, when you have this, that is a pretty special thing.


So tarantulas?  How about you stay in your hole, and I will stay in mine.  Yours is probably way cleaner.  But mine has a couch.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

Fans, today we are headed to a place called Pena Blanca which is near Sante Fe, New Mexico.  Our New Mexico rescue pick is Desert Paws and they have amazing adoptables like PATCHES & KODY!


They may look like a ‘Felix and Oscar’ mismatch, but actually these two girls are ‘2 peas in a pod’. They are 6 yrs old and have been together since they were 6 months old. Their guardian moved without them. Did you know it typically takes a rescue 4x longer to find a home for a bonded pair? We’ve had interest in each, but we don’t want to separate them – they play together, eat together, and sleep together🐕 They are terrific with kids, use a doggy door, house-trained, crate-trained, like dogs that visit, LOVE to be petted and give kisses. They are great family dogs! Patches & Kody are both spayed, utd with vaccines, and microchipped. DesertPawsNM.org

You Have Egg On Your Shoe. And I Like It.

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  Oh, New Mexico.  You make me more handsome by the minute.  I mean seriously.  Have you ever seen such a profile in the sunlight?  For this reason alone, I find New Mexico very appealing.

We are trying to make our way to a place in New Mexico called Pena Blanca which is near Santa Fe.  It has taken us a very long time to get this far, but who is punching a time clock?  Certainly not us at this point.  We have been on the road since May and this is our #40 state out of 48.  So you can imagine we are a bit tired, a bit dirty and a bit disorganized at this point.  It is kinda like when you stare at my picture.  You can only stare at it for so long until your eyes get tired from it.  Try to look away so you can read the rest.


As we were packing up yesterday, the persons were dragging a bit more than usual.  It is hard for them when we move because everything has to be put away, washed and cleaned.  They have to make sure that nothing will move during the trip and they also have to make sure we have all of our snacks.  That is very important.  Imagine having to move your entire house every few days.


Well, for the last couple of weeks, we have been running late, not finding places to empty out the water in our tanks we carry around, and we have been in some pretty remote areas without places to do laundry.  So.  Since we were at Bottomless Lakes State Park, Deputy Digby suggested that instead of wearing dirty pants, they wear none at all.  However, Girl Person decided she needed to wash out some stuff by hand.  I mean, at this point, who cares about underwear flying in the wind for everyone to see?


Since the underwear was flying in the wind, Girl Person thought it would also be a good time since we were moving again to do all the dishes outside in the dirt.  The water doesn’t seem to sink into the ground very fast here, and so she hiked up her pants, put on her drug store shoes and went to washing dishes in the dirt and water.


Well, when you are outside, washing dishes in the dirt with drug store shoes on because a raccoon or white pants camper man in Florida stole your shoes and you are under your laundry flying in the wind, you don’t really have any dignity left.  And as I looked at Girl Person all dirty trying to get things clean, I saw the eggs.  The scrambled eggs.  All over her shoe.

Now, put me and Digby outside in the sunshiney with our beds and water and snacks, and we are happy campers.


But when all of this is going on around you, you have to wonder.  Is this all work worth it?  All this traveling is hard.  All of this traveling is expensive. And all of this traveling has been long.  The rescues and shelters we visit make us sad sometimes.  But thru it all, we keep going.  And we are happy about it.  How about some “Driving With Digby”?  That is happy.

A New Mexico drive. #drivingwithDigby #newmexico #elvira #oakridgeboys #campingwithdogs

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If someone would have told Girl Person a year ago that she would be wearing part of her breakfast on her shoe, she would have called them crazy.  But the egg on her shoe just shows how much we have all grown on this trip.  How much we have begun to realize just how little we can live without, and how much we actually have.  Because when it comes right down to it, we are not our “stuff”.  We are ourselves no matter what house we live in, what car we drive in, or what we have.  Sure, we have to have shelter and food like eggs on shoes to live, and we are thankful for what we have.  We are also thankful to have the persons as our outside entertainment washing dishes and underwear.  I like eggs on shoes.  But next time, I would prefer the fashion statement of a peanut butter cookie instead.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

This week, our New Mexico rescue pick is Desert Paws Of New Mexico!  They have wonderful dogs available for fostering and adopting like Candy!

share2 NM.jpg

Candy LOVES people and wants to be your one and only ❤️ Golden/Heeler/Lab female about 2 yrs old, tiny tail, spayed, utd with vaccines, microchipped. House trained, crate trained, uses a doggy door! DesertPawsNM@live.com

Also, don’t forget to visit our friends at 4-Legger who have supported us this trip and every rescue we have visited.  We ask you to please stop by their Facebook page and tell them thank you by giving them a like and some love!




Flying Saucers? Pancakes? Take Me To Your Leader.

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  We have been here in this New Mexico place for just a few days.  And already, I have solved one of the mysteries facing mankind and dogkind on this planet.


Since we have been in Roswell, New Mexico this weekend, Sheriff Brickle and I found it our duty to investigate.  And my conclusion is an obvious one.  It has taken since 1947 to figure this out?  By a Deputy? You. Are. Welcome.

The persons told me that we were staying at a place that aliens crashed at many years ago.  Other people tried to tell many other people that this didn’t even happen. They said oh no.  No flying saucer ever was here.  Oh yeah?  Really?  Why would they say that? It took me a visit to the UFO Museum here to really get things clicking in my brain.


And when it clicked, oh you better believe it clicked.

Sound on. 😜👽👽👽👽• • • #newmexico #roswell #aliens #ufo #2travelingdogs

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First of all, these aliens, are well…just too skinny in my humble yet ample opinion. Why they came to earth was apparent.  Did they crash?  Perhaps.  But was it an accident?  I say no.  When you are flying around on a flying saucer, aka a pancake, you are bound to want maple syrup. And there is no maple syrup in space, or on their planet.


They needed to come here to get it to put on their flying saucer aka their pancake, and they did not think things through.  At all.  Probably because they were starving because they needed that syrup.  You see, when they got here and put the maple syrup on their flying saucer, aka pancake, they had no way to get out of here because they ate it. Again, they didn’t think things through.


When the people in charge here in the desert found them, they were so full from eating their flying saucer that they couldn’t move.  They had brought foil with them though to wrap up their leftover pancakes, and it was all over the field because they tore it up because they were mad that they had no leftovers.  The men in the desert figured this was the remains of their flying saucer which was ridiculous.  Why would you fly in metal when you could fly in a pancake aka a flying saucer? Think persons, think.


Because the aliens were mad that they had no leftovers, the government people thought they were going to harm them and so they were scared.  The aliens just wanted more pancakes, so they the government people took them to IHop and that is when the aliens fled.  Can’t say as I blame them.  They had to visit as many IHops as they could in order to gather enough pancakes to build another giant pancake, aka a flying saucer to get out of here.  And they are still trying to build it, so you may see them sometimes.  Sometimes, they get their pancake aka their flying saucer built, but then they get hungry again and have to start over.  They have been doing this since 1947 and it is absolutely exhausting just thinking about it. And makes me hungry.


Now.  That is my conclusion on the aliens.  Why do people wear tin foil hats to keep the aliens from reading their minds and telling them what to do? Because for goodness sakes,  nothing would get done on earth if we were eating pancakes all day and going to IHop to build a giant pancake.  These aliens are just going to have to figure this out for themselves before Sheriff Brickle arrests them.


Being here in Roswell this weekend, I have the upmost faith that these aliens will one day succeed and be able to return home. Two possibilities exist I heard someone say.  Either we are alone in this universe or we are not.  If you see them at IHop, or trying to fly in their flying saucer, be nice and give them some maple syrup.  Be a good earthling.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

P.S. What are we up to today on this Adventure Of A Lifetime?  We are headed out of Roswell, New Mexico to get closer to Santa Fe.  Why?  We have an awesome visit this week with the animal rescuers at Desert Paws Animal Rescue Of New Mexico!!  They are doing all they can in their area to help animals that need them like Maximus.  MAXIMUS is a happy-go-lucky affectionate staffie. He loves tennis balls, comfy bedding, and being petted and hugged. Neutered and utd with vaccines. 8 months old, good with other dogs, and other dogs really like him. Contact desertpawsnm@live.com

share1 NM.jpg

New Mexico. Is. Arrested.

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Well, this might be the fastest arrest of a state so far on this trip.  But when you get run over, is that not enough to warrant an arrest?  You cannot argue with that.

There I was yesterday.  Minding my own business and being a Sheriff.  I had already hiked about three miles with Deputy Digby Pancake and Girl Person.  So now, it was my afternoon off which entails a snack inside, a quick nap, and then I go outside with Girl Person while she washes dishes in the dirt and I supervise while having another snack.  Then, after about ten minutes of supervising, I need a second shift, so the Deputy comes out to also take a nap and pretend to watch the campground.  It was then, at this time in our work day, that I decided to take a little siesta. You know, a siesta. And then. This. Happened.


I can’t make this stuff up.  I knew about the Roadrunner.  And I knew of his speed.  I also knew of his feud with the Coyote.  However.  I assumed that this would stay back in the Texas place we just left.  So my guard was down.  Oh, never again Roadrunner. As Girl Person was washing her forks and spoons in the dirt, she saw it run right over me.  Well, I jumped up, not knowing what in the world had just happened.  I mean, who runs over a Sheriff on his lunch break?  This guy.


No, it’s not everyday you get run over by a Roadrunner.  It is probably not everyday that the Roadrunner comes across a Sheriff, a Deputy and a Girl Person in the middle of the desert taking siestas and washing coffee pots outside.

But New Mexico? If this is how you operate, by letting your criminals run free and letting them run over visiting law enforcement, I have no choice.  No choice.  No warnings. No probation.  We may have over a week left here still, but news flash.  You. Are. Arrested.  There are many more sunsets to see here and many more days for you to be under arrest.


I hear your pleas New Mexico.  Your Roadrunner was here first, along with all the Jacks around here who are disguised as Jackrabbits and are messing with the jacks on our Big Blue Treat Wagon RV.  But that is no excuse to let them continue their crime spree.  And as Sheriff, my jurisdiction runs far and wide.  It also does not like to be run over.

Now.  What I will do is allow you to raise some bail for the next week, namely peanut butter cookies, and that way we can enjoy your hiking, your deserts, your food and your beauty.


But I tell you what.  I will rethink this if I get run over again and or if Jack and the Roadrunner collaborate on another ambush.  If the Roadrunner was in fact looking for the Coyote, he probably should not have been looking for him in the Chihuahuan Desert where we are.  Dogs rule here Roadrunner, and you didn’t even help Girl Person dry the dishes.

Well, today, we really aren’t sure what is going on with our schedule.  The persons are going to see if there is a vacant camping spot here in Carlsbad, but if not, we will be on the road again, inching our way towards Santa Fe.  We still have at least 7 more hours to get there in this Big Blue Treat Wagon and that is a long way to go.  And there is no room for Roadrunners in here. Or Jacks.

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-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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You Don’t Know Jack…Jack!

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Well now.  If your name is Jack, I implore you to listen up.  If your name isn’t Jack, I also ask you to listen. Because someone around here needs to take some responsibility for their actions and help us out.  We are in the middle of the desert for pancakes sake!

Welcome to New Mexico. #2travelingdogs #campingwithdogs #newmexico #carlsbad

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Our day started off windy.  And when I say windy, I mean wind so hard that it blows your butt to New Mexico by itself.  I guess that is why the roadrunners there are so fast.

Did you ever have one of those days when everything seemed to go not as planned?  Well, that seems to be everyday for us in fact.  But you kinda get used to it when you are on the road.  The unexpected is expected.  So much so, that we don’t know what to expect.

The persons started off their day Wednesday at the state park there in Texas.  They had not been able to swim yet with the weather, but decided that since they would probably never be there again, they must do it.  The wind was only about 40 mph at this point, and pretty cold.  But Girl Person said that she would never forgive herself if she didn’t swim.  Twenty five foot deep water?  Fish nipping at her toes?  Nah…she could handle it.  She put on her bathing suit which is so big on her at this point that it falls off, but who would see her?  No one else was crazy enough to be out there.  Oh.  Except Boy Person who cannot swim.  You heard me.  He cannot swim.  But since he had a snorkel and flippers, he figured it would make him look like he could swim in 25 foot deep water to no one that was there.  But when he saw Girl Person jump in and tell him that she was going to have a heart attack because she was so cold, he promptly decided that it was just too dangerous to swim.  Yeah.  Ok.  I am a dog, and even I know an excuse when I hear one.


After they got their person antics out of the way, it was time to hit the road to the New Mexico place.  But alas, the Big Blue Treat Wagon let them know that they didn’t know jack.  Apparently, there is a Jack in this RV that doesn’t want to work and earn his keep.  Girl Person tried to explain to me that there are jacks underneath the RV that come up and down to make it level so that we can balance up in here.  I have no idea about that, but whoever Jack is was not working.  Not at all.  So out the door we went again to lay in the sunshiney while the persons tried to talk Jack into working.  I was kinda liking Jack at this point so that I could go outside again.


If you don’t know Boy Person very well, you may be unaware that he can fix just about anything except when Girl Person is mad at him.  He figured out that a computer thing that talked Jack into going up and down was broke.  So he got out his tweezers and started putting wires together.  And it took a very. Long. Time.  So long that Sheriff Brickle forgot who to arrest.  Well, after about an hour, we were on the road.  Again.  And Jack apparently was real mad about it.  You don’t know JACK, Jack!

We were then on our way to the New Mexico place with a Jack mad about working.  We knew he probably would also decide that once we got to New Mexico he would not punch in a time clock there either.  And by the time we got to camp, about four hours later, you guessed it.  He decided that he had already worked enough overtime.  And he started his antics again.  He was not coming down. And that’s when I figured out who he really was.  I saw him in the desert.  I saw him.  The cause of all of our problems.  Mr. Jack.  Rabbit.  Jackrabbit.

You would think that a rabbit who could go as fast as 45 mph would not mind working a little to make this RV level.  You would think that a rabbit named Jack would understand that instead of hopping up to 19 feet in the air that it would be easier just to put the RV on a level ground.  But no, he had other plans.  To hop away in the desert. And there was no way to catch him with a belly full of pancakes.

So again.  We sat there and waiting on our Boy Person who can’t swim, but who can wire things back together and talk Jack into working one more day.  We got settled hours later as I watched Jack frolic in the desert, laughing at us for making our dinners late.  And I decided right then and there that anyone named Jack was on my arrest list for the week.  There is no way for me to know with all of those Jacks hopping around in the desert who is responsible for our mishaps.  So.  Whether your name is Jack or not Jack, you are all on Sheriff Brickle’s list and you guessed it.  Mine too.  New Mexico place?  You have a jumpin Jack Flash.  And it’s not alright.  Gas?  There is alot of gas in here.  Sorry about that.

This may be an interesting week here in this New Mexico place.  But we wouldn’t have it any other way. We are trying to make our way to Santa Fe…and it is still a far drive.  So stick with us.  We may have to hop there.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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