I Light Up My Life

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  Oh, this North Carolina place.  Every time we visit a new place, I think that I can’t possibly be the handsomest dog there. But every time, the beauty of every place makes my beauty shine.  Yes, even in a dark forest, I bring the light.  I light up my own life.

Usually, a forest does not make you think of light.  The forest is usually dark like my moods.  But even in a forest, when you are looking for the beach, there is light to be found.

Yes, I may be away from my beach for a little while, my ocean.  But Digby’s happy makes the forest light up for me.  Yes, even me.


You see, it is not often that I think of much besides myself or peanut butter cookies.  But Girl Person tells me all the time that it is not all about me.  Although the way she kisses me all day, I beg to differ.  Girl Person says that if we work to create light for others, that we will naturally light our own way, and our own path.  She said that even when darkness is all around for us, finding a way to make someone else happy will light up our life.


The forest speaks to Digby in ways I don’t fully understand. For some reason, he likes to take skinny paths and get lost in the trees.  He likes to smell stuff and roll in stuff deep in the woods.  He likes to hunt for unmentionables and he would love to get lost for hours.  To him, the forest and the woods are like a sweet, large pancake.  He loves them.  And although this may not be my happy place, if Digby wasn’t happy, I wouldn’t be happy.  Even with all my light in my own life.



Even in the forest, if you look, you will see light trying go get through.


Even though the trees are blocking the way, light works hard to reach the ground where we are.


Even if we think that our days are as dark as they can be, we have to keep looking for the light.  It is there. There is always hope.


When we think we can’t look anymore, that is the chance to look for ways to make someone else’s light come thru.  For Digby, when his tail is high and determined and leading our path, I know things are going to be ok.

We all go through dark times in our life.  For us, we have learned that if we keep going, we will make it through. Even though we don’t know where that destination is.  For you, as much as I know how handsome I am, I also know for you that things are gonna work out.  They are gonna be ok.

Find your light by finding someone else’s. If you are having trouble finding it, know you are not alone.  Others feel the same.  We have to encourage each other to keep looking.


Then, as bight as my light is on my handsome brindle body, your light will find it’s way down thru the forest too.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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May The Forest Be With You

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  One day, you wake up and you know…you just know…you are going to feel good.  Real good.  You want to start walking and keep on walking.

And because those days sometimes are spaced out for me lately, the days I feel good, I really feel good.  And one of those days was yesterday.  Sometimes, they say it is hard to see the forest thru the trees.  But not if you stand in the middle of that forest and just take it all in.


Some things awaken your soul like a cup of mud.  You know, what persons call that coffee stuff.  But some things awaken your soul just by looking at them.  Just by breathing them in.  Just by acknowledging they are there.

Some persons see trees for their beauty and their stillness and their life.  Some persons just see them as obstacles in their way.  I am a dog, but I can see that they all are different.  Do you?

I see their value.  And no, not just the trees that make maple syrup.  But the trees that make my forest.  Yes, my forest.  I love the forest.


We all know that Brickle’s happy place is at the water and the beach.  And as we make our way to the mountains for me, the persons thought that this would be a good place to stop for a week to catch our breath in New Bern, North Carolina.

We’ll be exploring the area, but first, we wanted to find our peace in the forest.  It was calling us.  Does it call you? It tells you to walk right in. Do you go when it calls?

Sometimes, you just need the forest.  Even more than that cup of mud.  And I even think that the forest needs you.  No, not to protect it.  Although you should do that.  But the forest needs you to feel its life.  Because if no one ever appreciated it, who would hear that one tree fall?  We all need to be noticed. And we need to notice others.  Seeing what is in front of us while seeing who we are takes effort.  But you have to start walking to get to that point. But once you do, and everyone is on the same rhythm, it’s like everything in your day makes perfect sense.

So may the forest be with you. May you see the forest.  May you feel the forest.  May you simply acknowledge the forest.

Some days, I wonder how we got here to this point, but then I don’t really care.  Because each day is going to be special.  Life is not about what you have, it’s about who or what is in your day.  The days can be different.  And for me and Brickle, that is what we love. One day we can learn about the ocean. One day we can learn about the forest.  And every day, we can learn about ourselves.  They teach us.  Now. I wish they would teach me how to make my own pancakes.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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