Bag It Up

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  But today, you can call me Dr. Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.


This has been a hard few days for our family in this house on wheels. When one of us is feeling bad, well, we all feel bad.  And Deputy Digby has been feeling really bad.


He hurt his paw, probably on many of the rocks in this North Carolina place, and for some reason, every time he started to walk, it started bleeding.  Very. Very. Bad.  The persons bandaged him up, talked to a vet and the prognosis was out.  First, he had to rest for at least two days. Only walks around the block.


He had to keep it covered up for at least a week, and well, that was all a big, big problem around here. So I decided that I had to take over.  I was going to have to not only be a Sheriff.  But a doctor too.  Can I multitask?  You know it.  Can I make Digby keep a bandage on his foot?  You know I cannot.

As Girl Person took us for our evening walk after we ate our dinner the night before last, Digby decided that he did not want his bandage on anymore.  Nope.  Not at all.

So he scratched his paw as hard as he could on the ground which made his sock and his bandage come off.  And then…well…it was not good.  Not good at all.  There was blood everywhere on him, on Girl Person, on me.  Digby didn’t notice and he rolled over on his back which made the scene even worse.  And passerby’s?  Well, they kept on passing by.  And Girl Person panicked.  She. Freaked. Out.

She called Boy Person, who ran up the hill that we shouldn’t have walked to in the first place in this situation, and Boy Person picked him up and carried him home.  It was not a pretty situation.  I was still pretty though.

When we got back, the persons had to clean us all up and figure out what to do besides break into the wine.  No.  They needed something stronger.  And it was decided.  Rum. Rum would have to do.

They remembered that on a bottle of rum in a cabinet that there was a bag on it.  They thought this might do the trick.  No, not the rum itself.  But the bag. It was a perfect remedy to the problem at hand.  I mean, paw.  This would protect Digby’s paw and hopefully, help it heal.


Now.  Again, I am a Sheriff.  Today, also a doctor.  And you are calling me Dr. Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  So what was Dr. Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle’s take on this remedy?  It was so crazy that it might just work.

Digby’s paw? It got bagged up.  And did he try to shake it off?  Oh, he did at first.  But then, he seemed to like his new fashion accessory.  It was going to be the new trend, I told him.  It was going to the rage in all of Franklin, North Carolina.  He played it up.  He was feeling it.

Now.  We can only wait.  It is hard sitting still for us.  But Digby and I are a package deal.  If he doesn’t go, I don’t go.  And so I will wait for him to feel better.  I can work on my handsome while I am waiting, looking at myself a little more, and hopefully, the time will pass quickly.

If you know Digby, you know that Digby approaches every day with a smile.  Even if he has a rum bag on his paw.


And so, now all we can do is wait and let him get better.  Dr. Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle arrests the cut on his paw.  And my prognosis?  Time will heal.

It makes me realize how much I need him in my day when he stinks. It makes me realize how much I need him at night when he snores. It makes me realize how much I miss him staring at me at dinner time.  And now it is time for 2 Traveling Dogs to follow the vet’s orders which I concurred on.  NO traveling.  Just resting.


We can do that because we are going to keep a positive attitude.  And you can bag that up.

-Dr. Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle 

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The Hidden Message At Dry Falls

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  First, for everyone wondering, yes, you may have seen on our Facebook page yesterday that Deputy Digby hurt his paw.  He will be on worker’s comp for a few days while he recoups.  He has requested that his paw be wrapped in pancakes instead of bandages. I’m on it. But I’m not sure it would have stayed on yesterday when we went to Dry Falls.  Which made no sense really to have that name for a waterfall until Boy Person explained it to me.


Boy Person said that Dry Falls flows on the Cullasaja River through the Nantahala National Forest. Dry Falls flows over an overhanging bluff that allows persons to walk up under the falls and remain dry when the waterflow is low, hence its name. Um.  We did not stay dry. Just in case you are wondering, my hair got messed up.

img_1980As we were walking to the falls, I saw it in the distance.  There were a lot of other people there.  And we had to walk behind them for a bit.  Some of the persons seemed to be pretty scared of dogs or something.  I am used to that, but I thought how appropriate that we were walking behind a waterfall.  It’s been said that in every waterfall, there is a hidden message.  And I knew right away what this waterfall’s message was.  Can you hear it?

As dogs, we don’t do a lot of talking out loud.  But persons sure do.  Many times, what they talk about is other persons.  And not in a good way at all.

They think that if they talk behind their back, no one will get mad, or upset or rained on…like by the waterfall.  But what they don’t realize is that when they do this, their words say more about them than who they are talking about. Maybe they have used talking about others as a way to not feel love towards others because they are afraid of losing them one day.

When Digby stinks in the car, I tell him so in a good way, because I want him to be aware of the situation.  And try to fix it.  But unless someone invents an air freshener specifically for Digby smells, I know this is probably not possible. But at least I’m upfront about it.  And I would rather be with him smelling than not with him at all.  But I do wish the smells would subside.


I think that what persons seem to forget is that you can never really talk behind someone’s back and not get affected.  Because anything that we say negative about someone else…not out of love and concern…will only cause us to be more negative in life.  And who needs that?  I don’t.  When we are positive and talk positivity to people, and not behind their back, it may be hard to do.  We may not be used to being nice.  I’m not.  But I think that it will make us all better persons.  We were born to be loved, born to be alive. Not hidden behind negative words.

Appreciating Dry Falls from in front of it yesterday was an amazing thing.


And I will never forget its message.  I hope that you hear it too.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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