Why Don’t You Give Me Three Steps

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. Not many would call me a man of danger. They would call me a man of pancakes, a man of poop rolling, or a man of bad breath. But a man of danger?

As we went walking on the trails in Louisiana yesterday, it became very obvious that we had company.


I was scared and fearing for my life
I was shaking like a leaf on a tree
‘Cause he was lean, mean
Big and bad, Lord

Now, I know that I don’t live here, and this is in fact their house. We are just guests. But a man of danger, I am not. I am a man of respect in this case. And even Sheriff Brickle knows that these guys would probably resist arrest.


I am also a man that knows you gotta give me a running start if in fact I am going to outrun a gator. I am not a fast man. Ok. I am not a man. It took me a long time to get to that. And it would take me a long time to get outta there.

Oh, won’t you
Gimme three steps, gimme three steps, mister
Gimme three steps toward the door?

You see, alligators are fast I hear. We lived in that Florida place most of our life, so we know a thing or five about alligators.

If I was a man, it would not be of danger, but a man of appreciation. You see, as much as we don’t want to get hurt by an alligator or worse, persons have to understand, like animals, that we all have our place. To not live or appreciate things in nature because we are scared that they may possibly be out there is enough to cause Sheriff Brickle to arrest you. Twice.

Don’t want no trouble with you
And I know you don’t owe me
But I wish you’d let me
Ask one favor from you

Why are people so afraid? Well, I think it is because they don’t realize the dangerous things that they do everyday like drive in their cars or fly in airplanes.  We all get used to certain things, but it doesn’t make them any less dangerous.


I am not a man of danger, but if I was, I would tell you to live life fully and to do things that may be beyond your comfort zone.  Go places that are waiting for you to visit them and to learn about them.  Yes, even like the swamps of Louisiana.

And if something makes you afraid, like the alligators? Maybe that isn’t such a bad thing either.  Feeling emotions, feeling life makes us think about other parts of our life.  For Girl Person, being respectful and careful of the alligators on our hikes makes her aware.  She is more cautious of us getting in bushes, or too close to the water.  It makes her more cautious with us in other places, because sometimes, you go too fast, not being observant.  For the persons, they have been worried about the Big Blue Treat Wagon RV and how we are even going to get out of here.  Which is making us appreciate the alligators too.  We may be staying at their house for awhile.

Ça c’est bon (Sa say boh(n)): That’s good.  There is your cajun lesson today, y’all.


So what am I trying to tell you today in a round about, swampy way? If there is something you have been wanting to do, try it even if it makes you scared.  You can always turn around.  I’ll give you three steps towards the door.  But just do it.

So there you have it.  Coming from a man of pancakes, not danger.  Don’t let life bite you. Bite back.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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Where It All Ends I Can’t Fathom

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Sometimes when you think that you will never see a place again, well, you end up seeing it again. Not once, not twice, but about four more times. Welcome back to Louisiana!


We are excited to be here, but yesterday, we had to bid adieu to that Texas place and the beach. Yes, adieu is a french word, I bark french, and well, we are in Louisiana, so if the collar fits, wear it. I will be speaking french for the rest of the week, y’all. Deputy Digby also will.  But you may not understand him with sticky, maple syrup breath.

Yesterday, as we were about the leave the beach, we took one last walk on the beach with Girl Person.

As a dreamer of dreams and a travelin’ man
I have chalked up many a mile
Read dozens of books about heroes and crooks
And I’ve learned much from both of their styles

Except for the bad storm one night, it had been a very relaxing time.

The persons even slowed down enough to enjoy their happy anniversary, and Boy Person made Girl Person a card. Girl Person liked it so much in fact that she cried, which I don’t understand why persons do that when they are happy. But whatever.


So as we were walking with Girl Person on the beach, she told us to find some good looking shells so that she could make a wind chime with them to remember our time there in Texas. And as we were looking for shells and peeing on them, she started to talk to us a lot, which is always a sign that she is thinking too much. She told us that she wondered what shells actually were.


Have you ever looked at something so many times that you take it for granted? I look at myself so much that there is no way I can take my handsome for granted. But for Girl Person, she told us that as much as she liked shells, she had never really thought about what they truly were, or how they grew, or came to be.  Girl Person was intent on not only finding out how they came to be, but telling us about them. And she promised us some treats if we listened. This was cutting into my mirror time.

She told us that shells actually were part of little creatures that lived in the water. She said that when they are born, they have a little shell which is the point you see on a shell, and as they grow, it grows. It is part of them. It is not only their home, but part of themselves.


I got to thinking about that in between my bites of treats. Shells. Shells are something that we had stepped on all weekend. But come to think of it, these shells had been a part of a little creature’s life. These shells had provided safety and shelter to them. And when they were no longer here, their shell, their home, had washed up on shore for others to enjoy. And how amazing was this? Almost as amazing as my profile, but not quite.


Have you taken some time today to notice the little things like the seashell?  How many more things do we miss when we rush through life? How many years have we loved something but never took the time to learn more about it?  I mean, I know you love me, but you could never learn all about me.  And we can never learn all there is about the seashell.  Some of us have harder shells than others, but if we let the miracles that life and its inhabitants have to offer into our hearts, and truly notice them, how much more will the things that make us sad go away? There won’t be any room.

Till next time, Texas. #louisianabound #2travelingdogs

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As we reached this Louisiana place last night, it became a reality that our Big Blue Treat Wagon RV is not doing good again.  Seems like we have been in this thing so long that it has attached to us too like a seashell.  But, it was leaking and making noises and we don’t know how we even made it here.  It was almost too much for the persons to handle, but as they pulled themselves together, Girl Person reminded Boy Person of the seashells.  Pretty much because she kept repeating “seashells, seashells” over and over again out loud to keep from crying and focus.  Yes, she is cuckooville, but that is for another blog.  The persons remarked that the important things in life were like seashells.  Unimportant things like stuff breaking down are not important.  And that was good enough for last night so that we could look out at the Louisiana swamp that we had even taken for granted before.  We may have never had another chance to see this too, but here we were.  How could we let the day be ruined by things we could not control?


You see, something like a seashell can change your day.  What tomorrow brings, we don’t know.


So today, stop and notice and learn.  We don’t know if we will get that chance again.  Everything on our earth is a lesson to us if we see it.  Seeing it is the hard part, isn’t it?  Today may be the moment, the day that you will wish for one day.  An ordinary day.  Appreciate it too.

Where it all ends I can’t fathom, my friends
If I knew, I might toss out my anchor
So I’ll cruise along always searchin’ for songs
Not a lawyer, a thief or a banker

In all of our miles and adventures of this trip, the things we remember most are the things that were there all along…before this trip, before our travel.  It just took us a little while to see what was always there, like the seashell. Where this all will end, we can’t fathom.  And maybe we don’t want to.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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Come Aboard. We’re Expecting You.

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Being at the water for the past few days has given me a bit of time to think. Well, I am always thinking and always arresting. But it occurred to me that if we turned this Big Blue Treat Wagon RV into a boat perhaps, that maybe we could get back to that Florida place faster. Call me a genius if you will. And you can.


We are here in that Texas place and the persons said that if we went straight on across, that we would save some time.  You know.  If we had a boat.

Set a course for adventure
Your mind on a new romance

Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at 11.11.39 AM

It seems to me that as long as everything and everyone is breaking down and slowing down, that this may be a good idea.  And maybe it was not just a coincidence that Boy Person lost his keys this past weekend.  Maybe we need to take the wheels off this RV, push in the slide outs and push this breaking down house on wheels into the water and set sail, baby.  Do you love it?

I think this is a good idea too because the Jeep is telling us that it is about done too.  If we just go on across, we can get there quicker and have a pawty cruise of sorts.

You see, sometimes we have to figure out a plan b or a plan c or a plan at all.  I am not sure we have a plan once we even get to that Florida place.  But for now, let’s just get there, right?  And if we gotta get there, let’s get there the best way.  On my Love Boat.  I can’t help it that I am all about the love.  Of myself.  How could I not love myself?  Have you seen me?  As Captain of my Love Boat, I have a few rules to go over before we set sail.


Love won’t hurt anymore
It’s an open smile on a friendly shore.
It’s the Love Boat-ah! It’s the Love Boat-ah!

My first rule is that you don’t worry about a RV sailing in the water.  I have this covered.  Deputy Digby packed all of the life vests made out of old pancakes which aren’t really that old, because how old do you think that they would really be when left around Digby?  My second rule is that you pay for your fare in peanut butter cookies and also pack extra peanut butter cookies to periodically tell me how great of a job I am doing sailing this Big Blue Treat Wagon RV from Galveston, Texas to Fernandina Beach, Florida.  My third rule is that you bring some wine for the persons.  Some good, California wine because they are missing that California place, although I haven’t mentioned it lately.  Some things are better left unsaid until you say it.  And I said it.


Last few items of housekeeping that you should be aware of.  I expect you to wear pants to dinner unless you are a dog, and in that case, collars are required.  I don’t need to see what you have for me to see.  These eyes need to be protected to navigate.  And last but not least, Deputy Digby will be making a pancake buffet breakfast each morning, but I can’t guarantee the availability of supplies in his presence.  So you might want to pack some extra food with your pants.

Zen. #texas #beachlife #2travelingdogs

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That’s it.  Today is the day we leave Galveston, Texas.  Watch our Facebook page to see if we can get the wheels off this Big Blue Treat Wagon RV.

Life is like setting sail, Girl Person said.  Oftentimes, you don’t know where you are going, but you just have to keep moving.  Sometimes, your course will be decided for you, full of storms and bad weather.  Sometimes, the sailing is easy going with currents that guide you directly where you need to be.  But if you just go and put good energy into the journey, your reward will flow right back to you.

Love, exciting and new
Come Aboard. We’re expecting you.
Love, life’s sweetest reward.
Let it flow, it floats back to you.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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amy the boxer.jpeg

He’s In The Jailhouse Now

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Oh, it has been a long time since I have made an arrest. Not even a week, actually. But since I have arrested Texas so many times, let me keep going. Boy Person is next.

You see, it all started Friday night when Boy Person thought it was a good idea to go running on the beach in these frigid temperatures. Who does that, first of all? He put on his jacket because he couldn’t find his coat. He has been a bit scatterbrained lately.  Where the coat went by the way, no one knows. Seems like everything is either breaking down or disappearing.  I’d like that smell that Deputy Digby keeps making to disappear.  Also his crab breath since he ate a whole, dead crab and threw up everywhere.  Now that I’m thinking about it, this arrest report is a bit longer.  And perhaps the breath and the smell are related.  I will investigate that at a later time.


So to continue because I am getting off track, Boy Person put on his jacket and then he put on his gloves.  Well, he lost his running shoes to the trash last week when antifreeze from the RV poured all over them.  So he had to switch shoes, and apparently, these shoes have literally four sets of shoelaces.  Now, I am no fashionista, but that seems a bit overkill as do the stripes. But as long as he is into stripes, let the shoe fit.

So there he was, running down the beach with blue striped shoes with four sets of shoelaces, two right handed gloves and an old coat.  Have I mentioned we are all looking a bit worse for wear? Well, not me, but that goes without saying.  Anyways, he realized that one of the sets of shoelaces had become untied.  Well, he had the keys in his right handed glove and like Mickey Mouse, they were too dern big.  He couldn’t tie all these shoelaces with a Mickey Mouse glove, so he sat the keys down.  And then, because he was worried about running in the dark, which in retrospect would have been the only time to run in this attire, he forgot the keys were there.  And kept running.


Until his shoelaces became untied.  Again.  And when he stopped to tie them, he remembered.  He had sat the keys down.  Or had he?  Now, he couldn’t remember.  At all.  Probably because he had frostbite on the brain in my opinion.  Girl Person had tried to tell him not to run in this cold.  And he should have listened. Now he was going to have to go to jail.

As he ran back to the RV in the dark by now, because he had been looking for these keys with his Mickey Mouse gloves and shoelace breeding shoes, Girl Person saw his face.  I saw his face.  And as he asked her if she had saw any keys, she got her normal shoes without shoelaces back on and tried to help him.  Now, Girl Person was not in such a good mood.  You see, she had just stepped out of one of the coldest, grossest prison showers at camp around.

She was shivering, yet she knew that if they didn’t find these keys, they were in more ways of trouble than one.  I patiently waited with my arrest book and handcuffs because I was giving them the opportunity to find them without interrupting my treat time.  But it wasn’t looking good.  After they tried to find the keys for a very long time, they gave up.  They walked and walked the same path he had taken.  But they were just not there.

Girl Person said there were worst things in life than losing keys.  And yet, my decision was made.  Boy Person. Was. Arrested. In. Texas. But this wasn’t over yet.

The persons decided that they would in fact try the next morning to find the keys.


And as we walked up and down the beach, I smelled where Boy Person had ran.  The persons were totally on the wrong path and wrong part of the beach.  What was wrong with them?  The cold was still on their brains.  I pulled Girl Person slowly over to where the keys were.  Right.  Dern.  There.  Seriously?


I have a lot of jobs.  But arresting criminals and then tidying up their errors is just part of it.  A Sheriff’s work is never done.


You might think that since we found the keys, I would let Boy Person out of the jailhouse. Well, think again.  First of all, he interrupted our designated treat time.  He got me up early to be a key detective.  And in the process, he was distracted and Deputy Digby ate that crab I alluded to earlier.  Boy Person. Is. Still.  Arrested.

Now, today is Boy Person and Girl Person’s 24th anniversary.  Seems like in all of that time, he could have learned how to hold onto keys.  At least he has learned to hold onto Girl Person.  But if she has to take a shower in this camp prison one more time, that may change too.

Tomorrow, we are back on the road, headed to Louisiana!  If I don’t hide the keys.  I kind of like it here.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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The People Leaving Their Pets To Die In The Cold Probably Didn’t See That Social Media Post Telling Them Not To Do That

This week was a hard one for many across the United States and beyond. It was a week of harsh weather, some of which caused much devastation. Seeing all of the news posts about animals being left out in the cold was hard for me. Real hard. Real maddening. In fact, late one night, I received an urgent message from a friend who had clicked to read a news article on social media with graphic pictures of dogs who had died in the cold weather.  She clicked on the article even though she knew it would affect her for days. She remarked that she thought that she was “strong enough” to handle it. She also wanted to know what we could do to save the animals being left outside in freezing temperatures. Was there really anything that we could do?


I pride myself on being strong to handle some of the aspects of animal rescue. But in reality, are any of us “strong enough” to handle articles and pictures like the ones that had affected my friend? I can’t say that I am, even though I have been exposed to more information than I would like for many years. But what I did know was that I had to find a way to use this opportunity of trying to help a friend feel better, to also find a way to help the animals. I had to. As much as I believe that graphic pictures and stories are unnecessary, I do know that they make an impact. But is this impact reaching the right hearts and the right people? Is simply sharing a social media meme or graphic about not leaving your pets out in the cold enough? I thought about this as I was trying to find a way to help my friend feel better. I asked myself a few questions.

Were the people who were actually leaving their pets out in the cold to die looking at social media calls for action?


Would they see a picture or a graphic and think to themselves, “oh, I shouldn’t be a monster and do what I am about to do”. I don’t think that they would. They would be busy doing other things, perhaps working late jobs, forgetting about their pets. Maybe they are depressed, or maybe they just don’t care about their pets at all. Maybe they were raised to think that pets were “meant to be outside”. So would sharing a plea to not leave your pets outside reach these ones? I am not saying that you shouldn’t share these kinds of posts. We all need reminders. But I think that we all have to go a few steps further.

First of all, we have to be observant. If we see a pet left outside, DO SOMETHING. What is that something that you can do? You are going to have to look up laws in your state, country, area and find out what legal rights you have to step in or to contact the authorities. And if you don’t know? Then call the police and ask them. We can’t use the excuse that they will do nothing. We don’t know unless we call.

Did you know that in fact leaving a pet out in the cold is considered neglect in all 50 states? Yes. The people that think pets have fur, are meant to live outside and can handle it are wrong. Plain wrong. And for those of us that care, it means that we have to do something, even if we are on the way to a fancy dinner, the grocery store or taking a walk. So what can you do? One of our favorite celebrity dogs wrote this information down for you. Rambo The Puppy breaks it down.

PC @rambothepuppy

Here are Ram’s tips quoted directly from his pawsome blog:
take notice of a pet who is suffering outside in the cold.
don’t ignore the situation or brush it off as something somebody else will notice and do something about. someone else probably already came along who thought that same thing. be the “somebody else” who does something about it.
pause. grab a pen and paper, or that nifty computer thing you keep in your pocket (ahem, your cell phone, people!). take note of the date, time, exact location, and a description of the animals involved and the environment they are in. if you can take a picture or video, even better!
helpful tip!
if you don’t know the exact address, before you leave the location drop a pin on apple maps (iPhone instructions here) or on google maps (android instructions here). you can share this information with law enforcement later!
hop on google.
search “animal control [your city/county] phone number” to find the number to call for your local animal control agency.
if your town does not have an animal control agency, find the # for your county sheriff’s office. (also available on google – three cheers for the internet!)
alternatively, you can use this handy dandy map to locate contact information for local law enforcement agencies.
pick up the phone, and dial the number for your local animal control or law enforcement agency during normal business hours (which are usually 9am to 5pm).
when they pick up, tell them that you want to  report a pet in distress who has been left out in the cold for too long by its schmuckface owner, and would they pretty please do something about it right meow?
psst, don’t forget to take detailed notes! write down who it is you speak with and on what day/at what time. this is so that you can follow up in a few days if you notice the situation has not been remedied.
did you know?
you can file an anonymous complaint about animal neglect with your local animal control or law enforcement agency! this means you can help an animal in need without worry. please don’t let “i don’t want them to know who i am! or tell anyone that i called! ahhh! i’m so embarrassed for being a good person!” get in the way of you helping out a pet in need. (but seriously, okay???)
if you need additional advice, or if you’re having an especially difficult time getting ahold of the right people, you can call the humane society of the united states monday through friday 8am est to 11pm est, and saturdays and sundays between 9am est and 6pm est: 866-720-2676
please note: the humane society of the united states can only give you advice. they can’t actually do anything about the neglected animal. because that is up to YOU, amigo.

Thanks Rambo The Puppy. You can find him on Facebook here. We love him.

These are things we can do NOW.  But…what can we do for the longterm to prevent this from happening over and over again? Education.  Teaching children the proper ways to take care of their pets.  Be an example.  If a friend or family member isn’t doing the right thing, tell them.  Speak up.

Social media is a wonderful way to reach hearts.  But we have to go beyond that.  We have to actually get out from behind our computers and phones and do something sometimes beyond sharing a post.  Keep warm everyone and keep caring! Keep making a difference.  You could be the difference between life and death to one animal. And isn’t that one animal worth saving?

-Rachael Johnson, Owner, Girl Person of 2 Traveling Dogs

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Houston, We Have Some Problems

This is Deputy Digby.  I only have one thing to say today.  Houston? We have some problems.  Actually, I still have more to say.  But I just wanted to say that.

Yesterday, we headed out of San Antonio, Texas and hoped with our paws crossed that we would make it to Galveston, Texas.  Nope, our Jeep still isn’t running, but the good thing? We could pull it behind the Big Blue Treat Wagon RV which is running for now…and worry about it later.  Some days, you can only take it one hour at a time.  Kinda like dogs do anyway.  And you should be more like a dog.  Just sayin.

Whether you’re a brother or whether you’re a mother
You’re stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive

As we drove thru Houston on our way to our next campsite, it became real obvious that we were in the city.  City folks we are not.  But you couldn’t help but to look up at all the buildings…especially since we had nothing else to do stuck in a traffic jam. Girl Person kinda lost it…but what is new about that? Sheriff Brickle? Not amused.

Well, you can tell by the way I use my walk
I’m a woman’s man: no time to talk

Amusing road trip antics. #dogmom #2travelingdogs #texas #rv #rvwithdogs

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As we were sitting in traffic, and not moving anywhere, I took a break from sleeping to think a little bit.  I had a little time, and well, I wondered why persons would decide to do this everyday.  Why would they drive their cars to sit on a road and be mad about it?  Didn’t make much sense to me.

So when something doesn’t seem to make much sense to me, Girl Person usually knows and tries to explain it to me…like The Alamo yesterday. She said that some people may like the city.  But other people may have to drive in a city or be in a city whether they want to or not.  She said that sometimes, people have jobs and they have to be certain places and drive or sit on the road and drive slow.  And she said that everyone is just trying to do one thing.  Stay alive in this world.

When she told it to me like that, I thought about our problems this past week of horrible cold and a broken down RV and a broken down Jeep.  To us, having at least one car working is important, because we will be stranded without groceries…which we still don’t have by the way. Sometimes, that day by day and hour by hour thing is just trying to stay alive.  And not hungry. Sardines are getting old though.  The persons were afraid to stop yesterday but are going to try and get some food today.

You know it’s all right, it’s okay
I’ll live to see another day


Everyone in this world is just trying to be happy I have come to understand.  Sometimes, a lot of work is put in to trying to be happy.  Sometimes, a lot of work is put in to just staying afloat.  Life can be hard.  Real hard.  Life can be cold.  Real cold.  And when you are in the midst of your own traffic jam, it can be hard to see past it and if it will ever get easier.  But as we got past the accident on the highway in Houston, we didn’t care about our own problems.  We just were worried about the ones in the accident.  Because you see…someone always has it worse.  We may have two broken down cars and one that we live in, but we know we can figure out a way to make it back to that Florida place.  To stay alive.

Whether you’re a brother or whether you’re a mother
You’re stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive
Feel the city breakin’ and everybody shakin’
And we’re stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive
Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive

And at the end of the day, we made it to Galveston, Texas.  We get to see the ocean again this morning…and yep.  Sheriff Brickle got his picnic table.


Life may not always be easy, and it fact, sometimes, it is real hard.  But when you realize that the next hour may be better in the traffic jam of life…keep going.  And tell others you see working hard to make a living, or simply make it through their day with their own struggles that they can do it too! Even if they have a RV on its last leg and a broken down Jeep.

Houston? We may have some problems.  But they are nothing compared to Sheriff Brickle’s attitude.  We can do this!

Feel the city breakin’ and everybody shakin’
And we’re stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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For Today, Remember The Alamo

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Sometimes, you don’t have to visit somewhere to know that it has something to teach you. You feel it. You hear it. You run from it. Kinda like I did last night when I heard gunshots coming from The Alamo.  I was so besides myself that I think I forgot my own name.  But not that I like pancakes.

As you know, our Jeep is broke down and the Big Blue Treat Wagon RV is on its last leg. Which I have peed on. So it was kind of disappointing to us that we couldn’t visit The Alamo because Boy Person had to figure out how we were going to get to Galveston and Girl Person had 12 loads of laundry.  Actually, it wasn’t disappointing to me.  Only the persons.  Me and Sheriff Brickle had our own agenda.


But after I enjoyed dinner last night, I heard them.  The gunshots.  And I ran from it. The gunshots coming from The Alamo. And Girl Person barely got me inside before I pulled out of my harness.  It was her own battle of sorts.

Now, I had never heard of The Alamo before, but I hear that people in Texas are quite fond of it.  And although as a dog, I don’t understand things like battles or countries for that matter, the persons tried to explain a little bit of what happened there.  I was only half listening, you see.  I was worried about how we are getting groceries without a car.  But.  Back to The Alamo.

Again, I tried to listen to this, but my stomach was growling from lack of pancakes. And also, I was still thinking of how we were going to get groceries.  But, as a dog, I learned a bit, even though I didn’t actually go there.  The first thing I thought was that it was sad to me that so many people got hurt and died.  I never like to hear about that.  I would rather be at IHop. And when I do hear about that, I eat more pancakes. But I can’t get to an IHop right now from lack of a vehicle. But again. Back to The Alamo. What else did I learn? Well, it seems to me that persons fail sometimes to realize a couple of important things, that to me…a dog…is pretty apparent.  Sometimes, I wonder if people that fight against each other understand that they think they are as right as the ones they are fighting against.  And also.  I don’t understand about countries, or states for that matter.  When I look at a map, which the persons are always looking at on our trip, I see lines for states. But who drew those lines? People.  A few days ago, we were right on the line of Mexico, and the grass on that side of the fence looked the same as our side, even though there was a line on a map.


What The Alamo and Texas has taught us this week is that first of all, it can get pretty cold.  Second of all, your cars will all break down.  And lastly, as big as Texas is, the world is much bigger.  We all may love where we live, and where we hang our hats.  But we have to know that others love where they hang their hats just as much.

Texas is a beautiful place.  We all know that.  We love the sky, the wide, open spaces.  And for a place as big as Texas to remind us that we are only a small part of this world seems ironic.  But Texas?  You have touched our hearts.

So as we move on today, or at least try with our car and our house on wheels, we thank The Alamo.  For today, I will remember The Alamo.  I will try and forget the gunshots though.  Not digging that.

Will you join us as we head to Galveston today?  Oh, we haven’t seen water in such a long time.  This is going to be pawsome.  And maybe, just maybe, Boy Person will figure out how he can fix our car to get pancakes.  I mean, groceries.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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Maybe We Can Walk Home. Perhaps.

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  Oh, when it rains it pours.  When it snows, it pours. When it is cold, it pours.  Kind of like Deputy Digby Pancake pours on the maple syrup.  Oh, it pours.

We have had a rough few days and nights, that is for sure. 2018 didn’t start off so good.

Been working so hard
I’m punching my card
Eight hours for what?
Oh, tell me what I got

But when all was said and done…at least last night when we got to camp…things didn’t seem so bad.  Until we remembered.

We made it! #2travelingdogs #rv #rvlife #koacamping

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As if it wasn’t bad enough that the Big Blue Treat Wagon RV broke down, well, Boy Person found out when we left yesterday from camp that the Jeep also was broke down.  I am no mechanic. But I am not sure how we are going to be able to buy peanut butter cookies and pancakes without a car.


We knew that these days would probably come when everything started giving out, including us.  It has been a long year and half.  Actually, a year and eight months.  And we have been fortunate, I think, that we have made it this far.  It doesn’t make it any easier though now that we are so close to being finished to have all of this happen at once.  It makes for one very irritable Sheriff when the persons make our dinner late and are worrying.

You’re playing so cool, obeying every rule
Deep way down in your heart
You’re burning, yearning for the some-somebody to tell you
That life ain’t passing you by


I suppose that we would be a lot happier to deal with this junk if we had a home to go home too.  But, Deputy Digby reminded me that finding a home to live in is part of this adventure too. And it’s not over yet.  But.  How are we going to get back to that Florida place?  Seems as though at this point, maybe we should just start walking.

You got to turn me around
And put your feet on the ground
Gotta take the hold of all

You see, Boy Person only got the Big Blue Treat Wagon fixed temporarily. And the Jeep? It is not looking good.  And we need a plan, because the persons say that to get stranded just isn’t an option.  Getting stranded makes for nonenjoyable wine drinking for the persons and dinners not at a picnic table which I have become accustomed to.

So my plan is this.  If we have to walk home, so be it.  We will get there.  And we will have fun doing it!  I don’t normally approve of letting loose. But you gotta cut loose. Footloose. If I had shoes to kick off, I would.  And if Digby had shoes, guaranteed they would stink.

I am serious about this.  This adventure has taken us to some amazing places, we have met some amazing people, furkids, rescues and shelters.  And we aren’t going to let broken down houses on wheels or broken down Jeeps get to us.  We will figure this out.

I’ve got this feeling
That time’s just holding me down
I’ll hit the ceiling
Or else I’ll tear up this town

You see, maybe this is part of our journey and we still have some lessons to learn.  The persons are still second and third guessing some decisions, but I say what is the use in that? I do say I hope they figure it out quickly.  It is a long walk to get peanut butter cookies today. And I might need a pawdicure after.

We are in San Antonio, Texas until Thursday. Then, join us as we hopefully make our way to Galveston, Texas.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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At A Walmart Parking Lot

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. First day of 2018? Can we get a do-over? Perhaps?


If you follow our Facebook page, you probably know by now that we broke down yesterday. At a Walmart parking lot. Seems as though the Big Blue Treat Wagon RV has about had it after more than 48 states and 48 rescues. It started leaking all kinds of stuff, and as we got over a bridge about half an hour from camp in the pouring rain, ice and snow, it decided that it would let us know where it was leaking. And it wasn’t good.

As Boy Person tried his best to figure out what to do in such cold weather that he couldn’t feel his hands, and we couldn’t feel our faces, Girl Person sat with us in the RV and started her meltdown behind closed doors…which we could hear by the way.

When you are sitting at a Walmart parking lot for over 10 hours, you begin to wonder where in the world you have gone wrong. As she kept running inside for different supplies, she thought of words her fans had said. Fans telling us that at least we were near civilization. Fans telling us that at least we had each other. And she kept trying to remind herself that they were right. But when you are having a panic attack on top of panic attack, nothing seems comforting. She has questioned our decision to sell our Florida home and do this crazy rescue journey many times. Was it all worth it?

Sometimes, Girl Person says that there are no fancy words to say. She tries to hide her tiredness and concern from me and Sheriff Brickle. But Sheriff Brickle knows all. And he knows that she has about given up on wondering how we will figure this part of our lives out. How did we get in this mess? It is messier than when I roll in horse poop. Or eat it. And maybe by the time this blog posts in the morning, she will have regrouped. Maybe we all just need some sleep and some warmth…which by the way, Texas. What is the deal with this?

As Girl Person walked thru the aisles of the Walmart, she thought to herself that all of these people had life figured out. They seemed happy and were getting groceries for a home that they were going to go home to. And she knew that she was imagining that everyone had it better than her at this exact moment. Because that wasn’t true, it was selfish, and she had to realize that. There she was, able to afford a few supplies and had a Boy Person trying his hardest to help us and keep us safe.  As she checkout out with her five gallon bucket, the cashier seemed so happy, so nice.  And Girl Person wondered what she was so happy about when she was having such a bad day.  But what that cashier didn’t know was that she made her stop.  And think.  Was life so bad…even when you were broken down with no propane for heat in a 29 degree, Walmart parking lot?


Girl Person says isn’t that always the case? When we are going thru something, it seems like everyone else has it better. And there is always someone that is worse off than we are. It is true. As true as Sheriff Brickle is mad. As true as the first arrest of 2018. TEXAS. YOU. ARE. ARRESTED.

Stay tuned for updates on our journey back to that Florida place. We are wondering if we are all going to make it in one piece.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

Go Big Or Go Home In 2018!

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. I have heard it has been said…go big or go home. Well, we are driving around in a Big Blue Treat Wagon RV, but we don’t have a home to go to. Yet. However, we did go to Big Bend National Park last week in Texas. And it was big. Real big. Bigger than my attitude, however, not bigger than my handsome. By any means. We got a map at the front, but I don’t need a map to my handsome. It is not accessible. Even with a cactus injury to my nose.


We may think that the world we live on is so big. And I guess in some ways it is…but in most ways, it is not. And as we have been across the United States many times now, we realize how small the world really is, yet how much we don’t know about it.  We never even knew about Big Bend National Park.  And we cannot imagine if we had never seen it.


You should know
Everywhere I go
Always on my mind
In my heart
In my soul

It makes us wonder…what else do we need to see?  What do we need to keep being inspired and to keep growing? Inspiration is so important.  Why? Because without it, we begin to think that the world is only what is immediately around us.

You’re the meaning in my life
You’re the inspiration
You bring feeling to my life
You’re the inspiration


We become too self absorbed.  We begin to think that we are more important than what we are.  The truth is, even I know that I am only a small part of the world.  There are people and animals and plants and stars and so much more all around me that are living too.  And I want to see more.


Even for those that cannot travel, inspiration can be gained by learning about other places.  Sometimes, we may be scared of other countries or people because we don’t have knowledge about them.  And maybe they are scared of us too.  They actually should be scared of me on most mornings before I have had a chance to look at myself in the mirror.  My reflection is like coffee.  It wakes me up.

And I know (And I know)
Yes I know that it’s plain to see
So in love when we’re together


Inspiration is needed to get things accomplished, to make the world a better place for all of us on it.  We also have to be inspired to BE inspiring.


If we only cared about what was around us with prejudice to things and people that we don’t even know about, what a waste that would be.  Imagine if no one ever saw Big Bend National Park.  Or the Rio Grande.  Or me for that matter.  What. A. Waste.

You should know (Yes, you need to know )
Everywhere I go
You’re always on my mind
You’re in my heart
In my soul


All of us have to find out what inspires us.  And a new year is a great time to start. Let the inspiration begin. But this time? I can’t tell you where to find it.  It is up to you.

Whatever, wherever and whoever inspires YOU to make a difference.  Look for it.  Learn about it.  Visit it.  Go for it.  Go big or go home.  But if home is what inspires you too, just make sure that you respect others and their home.  The world may be small, but there is room for us all.  Except I would like to have less cactus pricking my handsome nose.

You’re the meaning in my life
You’re the inspiration
You bring feeling to my life
You’re the inspiration
Want to have you near me
I want to have you hear me saying
“No one needs you more than I need you”

Today, we have a very long drive to Palmetto State Park in Texas…if we can make it. The RV is not doing good.  Keep an eye on our Facebook page for realtime updates.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle