It’s Not Easy Being Green…On Your Head… In the Middle Of The Night

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  I am all of the time getting blamed for things that I do when I do them.  For example, or examples, peeing on the Sheriff’s head when we go hiking.  Howling at vultures who cross our path, or UPS drivers, or generally the general public.  I also get blamed for rolling in deer poop when I roll in deer poop or walking in mud puddles on purpose.  But I have never been blamed for jumping on Boy Person’s head in the middle of a stormy night and croaking.  I left that to the bull frog.  And Ribbit The RV Frog did a mighty good job of it, I might add, because I added it.

Many persons says that rain relaxes them when they go to sleep at night.

Well, perhaps they have never been in a leaking RV with the Sheriff panting like a hyena and closed in like sardines with the slide outs in.  If that is relaxing, I didn’t catch the news brief from the Sheriff because he was too busy freaking out.  But on a night like that, all you can do is try to be the bark of reason.  So as I went to sleep on my makeshift kitchen table bed, I heard him.  Croak.  Croak.  Croak.


Now, I have heard frogs before.  I grew up in this Florida place.  And I know they like to sing, and be happy and eat bugs and the such.  They are just being a frog as frogs do best. I wouldn’t say that they lose their cool.  Or that they freak out like Sheriff Brickle was doing with the lightening and thunder.

No, this frog was croaking and croaking, and I thought that maybe he was inside the RV and not outside.  But trying to ignore all of the freaking out in the RV and having a full belly of frozen yogurt pops and matzo, I decided to go to sleep.  I always decide to go to sleep.  Girl Person wasn’t immune to the freakouts.  When the RV gets shut up, she feels shut in, and she goes to the roomiest place in the tube which is on the couch.  Boy Person decided his only spot to go was the bed and he was tired too.  He apparently didn’t hear the croaking, and who am I to tell someone that there is croaking if they don’t think that it is important enough to hear?

Boy Person was all tired and stuff, and I heard the snoring.  And then I heard the croaking.  Louder and louder.  This frog had something to say, and he was saying it, but no one was listening to him. Not even the Sheriff, who by this time was hiding under Girl Person’s feet. He wasn’t even paying attention to Ribbit the RV Frog and his thoughts on world peace, fast food or organic vegetables.  Yes, he was really talking about all of that and more, and no one was listening.  He was getting sad about it.  I felt like he had really prepared for his speech and the ambiance of the rain was also well planed.  His audience was not paying attention though.

When you are on a makeshift kitchen table bed, and you think about getting down to listen to a frog’s speech in the middle of the night, you second guess that because you are too lazy to do so.  Also, he had no pancakes.  So Ribbit decided that the best way to get the persons to pay attention to him was to wake them up.  That was probably a good start.  This was better than a late, late show!

So as Boy Person snored, I thought that maybe, just maybe, this speech was about to get good.  I heard snoring, but then I heard croaking, and then..the croaking stopped.  The snoring stopped.  And the screaming started.  This frog knew how to thrill an audience, and I wished that I had thought to get extra butter on my popcorn.  Or syrup.  Because as Boy Person woke up with a frog on his head in the middle of a stormy night, all I could hear was screaming.  More screaming.  And jumping.  But it wasn’t Ribbit that was jumping.  No, Boy Person can move fast when he wants to.  He had jumped so high that by now, even the Sheriff had forgot about the thunder.  The raindrops had maybe stopped falling.  But the frog certainly hadn’t.

As the frog fell off Boy Person’s head and right onto the bed, he started doing jumping dances back and forth across Girl Person’s pillow.  If I am the one that always gets blamed for peeing on stuff, well, now I had competition from this eloquent, croaking speech giving frog.  Boy Person had now determined that his best way to get this speech and performance stopped was to give him proper applause and show him out the window.  He chased him, he jumped from him and he screamed just a little more or a lot.  You guess.  Finally, Ribbit the RV Frog jumped onto the mirror to see just how good his performance was, Boy Person caught him in a cup, wished him well, and out he went.  Just as quick as the croaking had started and the highlight of the performance had reached its peak, it was over.  And I still had no popcorn.

I can imagine that Ribbit the Rv Frog was quite amused with himself and well, he should have been.  A performance was given like no other. He deserved an award.

They say the show must go on.  And I can only imagine that Ribbit the RV Frog will be booked for years on his performances, far and wide.  He can always say that he got his big break in the Big Blue Treat Wagon RV.  And we will always say that we knew him when.  When he jumped on Boy Person’s head.

Sometimes, we may think no one is listening to us.  We may try our best, and do our best and it seems like it is not worth anything to anyone.  But if we can make ourselves proud, isn’t that what counts? Ribbit the RV Frog croaked before he met us, and he will continue to be his best.  No matter if anyone hears him, he knows he makes beautiful music.  And you do too.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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Airy The Air Plant And Bob White

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  It’s been said that eating pancakes is life, like the air that we breathe.  Probably, I just say that.  But it is true.  In actuality, there are many things that make up a good life.  And some we miss until they aren’t there anymore.  Some we don’t even know that we would miss, because maybe we have forgotten about them.  Maybe we are busy, too busy, eating all the pancakes.  Maybe we are too busy working to make money to eat the pancakes.  And maybe, you start to remember when you almost run over Airy the Air Plant on an early afternoon ride home, that life is more than being busy.  And you stop.  On a busy road.  To save an air plant named Airy from being ran over.  Because you should.

Girl Person says that air plants have always been plants that she liked.  Her Pappy had many, saving them when they blew down from the trees in a Florida storm.  He had one that grew so big he had to hold it up in the tree with a chain.  He appreciated their simple beauty almost as much as Sheriff Brickle appreciates his.


So as we were driving home yesterday, and the persons were talking about our house or lack there of, and Memaw Macaw’s upcoming move and packing, I was only thinking about breakfast.  But that is when Boy Person saw him.  Airy the Air Plant was laying in the middle of the road.  Blown down from the storm the day before, he was just laying there waiting to be ran over.  He put it out of his mind I guess, but as the persons continued talking, Boy Person asked Girl Person if she had saw the air plant.  She said no, and she knew what he was thinking. Boy Person said that no one was going to care about it and that it would get ran over.  He asked Girl Person if he should drive back and get it.  Of course, Girl Person told him.  But he had to promise not to get ran over.  Sheriff Brickle took out his arrest book and radar, and we were set.

As we pulled over and found Airy the Air Plant, Boy Person ran to get it with Girl Person wondering how we were collecting all of these new family members.  How many more would we have to carry around?  We have the little sequoia tree, the raven wind kite and now we had Airy.  I made up my mind.  We all had to stay together.


When we got to Memaw Macaw’s house, I found my spot in the sunshiney with Airy.  The ants seemed to be trying to carry it away in this Florida place, so we moved it to a safer spot, gave it some water to recoup a little, and we all took a rest.  But as we headed out on our evening hike, we met yet another good thing in our day that we had forgot about. We used to know him.  Maybe you have known him too.  Mr. Bob White.

What did you have for breakfast? 😜 And do you hear “Bob White”?

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We have heard a lot of different birds and sounds on this Adventure Of A Lifetime.  Some feel scary, like maybe the vultures in the trees.  Some feel unfamiliar, and we don’t recognize their sounds.  But Mr. Bob White is a very familiar man of a bird.  Calling, calling and making us stop to listen.  But the fact is, we had stopped listening because he was so familiar.

For Mr. Bob White, who likes to say his name over and over again, all day long, I can only imagine that he is just as confident as Sheriff Brickle.  And if Brickle could talk, in human words that is, I can only imagine that he would do the same.

But as I focused on the day, and the ordinary happenings there of it, I thought that maybe it wasn’t so ordinary.  You can travel far and wide like we did, for years, and not see anything when you rush around.  We may think when we hear a bird like Bob White that it is not special.  Because we have heard it so much.  We may think it is just the same old song.

But aren’t the songs that we hear the most the ones that we can sing along to?  Aren’t our favorite songs the ones that we know by heart? We could have driven by Airy the Air Plant and thought it didn’t deserve to be stopped for.  We could have kept walking on our hike and ignored Bob White.  But when we think how one day they may not be there…or we may not be there…well, it should cause you to stop.  Even if breakfast is a few minutes late.  Which it was, by the way.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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Where The Palm Tree Stood

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  As usual, it is my duty to bring you up to date on the happenings of our travels, or lack there of this week.  Yes, we were supposed to be back on the road yesterday, but just like my handsome grows day by day, so does the need to go with the flow.  Because if you stand still, you will get peed on.  Nothing else needs to be said on this.


You see, not only are things changing in Girl Person’s neck of the orange grove, but things are changing for Boy Person’s family too.  Memaw Macaw all of a sudden sold her home that had been in the family for many, many years.  Yes, just as long as Girl Person’s family had lived in their cow pasture and orange grove.  And since getting back on the road on time seemed less important than packing up boxes, well, I suppose that we are here for another two weeks, even though the beach in Amelia Island is really calling my name.  I guess I will have to put my voicemail on for now and it will have to leave a message.  My dirt hole will have to do until then.  And I can’t really complain about a dirt hole.  Who could?  It keeps getting bigger and bigger. So by the time we leave, the people that bought this place will have a good way to remember me by.


Even though I can tell that Boy Person isn’t going to sit outside and cry about changes like Girl Person cried in the orange grove, well, I know he will miss coming back here.  You see, even when you move away, it is always nice to have something to come back to, isn’t it?

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But Girl Person told me that sometimes, when persons get older, it gets harder to take care of all the stuff like yards and houses and cars.  Sometimes, it becomes too much, but it also becomes too much to let it go.  So although this is hard for everyone, and especially Memaw Macaw, I am excited that I get to stay in my dirt hole for another two weeks and survey the happenings around here.  And also make arrests.  Many arrests.


You know, sitting in my dirt hole, I have a lot of time to think and look.  I didn’t grow up here like Boy Person, and somehow, I picture him as an annoying little boy wandering around here.  Did I say that out loud?  Maybe.  But I also picture him walking by many of the trees that still stand now and I wonder what all they saw.  They might have seen Boy Person’s grandparents move in or when their house burnt down one day.  Or that time when Girl Person would drive to see him when she was 15.  But as I look at these trees and especially one palm tree that stands where Boy Person’s old little house once stood behind where Memaw Macaw lives in her parents’ house now, I feel a little respectful.  Yes, even me as a Sheriff can show respect to something that deserves it.  And the palm tree?  Where it stands, and what is has become is different than what it once was.  It has no branches.  It has no leaves or palm fronds.  In fact, for some, they might not see a tree at all.  Because it may not be what they think a  tree should be.


I suppose that all of us have ideas on what things should be, and how they should look.  In fact, you might have the idea that every dog can be as handsome as me, but they aren’t.  For this tree, even though it became old, the beauty and purpose of it may have changed.  But to me, it became even more useful, even more beautiful.  You see, in every hole, it provided a sanctuary to someone, or something.  The woodpeckers, the birds, the bees, the wasps, the ants, well, they all have made it their home.  It made me think of how Granny Person used to be.  Her hands were wrinkled, her walk was slower.  But in being slower, she was easier to find, to sit by and talk to.  And with the hurried cars that drive by here day after day, I do wonder.  Do they see the palm tree for what it is?  Or for what it isn’t?  Or do they see it at all?

For Memaw Macaw, even though she can’t take care of this anymore, she will move on to her greener pastures with family and more time to just be.  She may think of that palm tree, or maybe even the grapefruit trees by her door.  She may think of the bottlebrush tree or that old oak tree shading half the street.  She may think of when she was a girl, or when her children were young.  She may also think of a gorgeous dog that once had a dirt hole here.  But the good thing is that memories can be packed up and taken wherever we go.  If anyone knows this, it is us.  And even though Memaw Macaw’s purpose may be changing, just like the palm tree that once stood tall and green towards the sun, she will find a way to be all she can be too.  Getting older doesn’t mean being less.  It means making more of who we are.

It seems to me that time goes by extra fast when we don’t want it to.  Some may think that it was boring to sit in a dirt hole for weeks.  Or boring to sit out in the orange grove.  But when we leave here, and we will be leaving here, we have to think.  Were we easy to find, to sit by, and talk to?  Did we spend enough time with family before venturing back out into the unknown?  We may have had to put our house search and adventures on hold.  But I will tell you, that although adventures make for good memories, family does too.  Even where a palm tree once stood can mean just as much as the Grand Canyon when you are sitting in that rocking chair one day. Because neither is more beautiful than the other.  And the day that Memaw Macaw walks out her door that is rusted with a broken screen, she won’t remember how it looked that day.  But she will remember when she turned that doorknob in that house for the first time, or with a new baby, or just because on an ordinary Tuesday.


Must be that we are all waiting years to leave somewhere.  Whether we want to or not.  But it is what we leave, when we do, that counts.  If we have the privilege of being able to look back when we leave like Memaw Macaw, look up like that old palm tree with your head held high.  And don’t forget where you once stood.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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Till The Cows Came Home

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. It has been said that everything comes full circle. I know this to be true when I am chasing my tail. Some of us live long enough to see things change a little…or a lot. And often, those changes, although expected, throw us for a loop around that circle.


Such was the case this weekend. You know that we have been gone from the orange grove for over two years now to go on the Adventure Of A Lifetime. And you know that our old yellow house was by that orange grove. You may also know that Girl Person’s mom and dad (Gandma and Gandpa), Country Cousin Person, Aunt Mary Person and Cuddles all still live there.  In fact, Pappy and Granny Person, Country Cousin Person’s parents and even Pappy’s parents all lived there at one time too. Can you keep that all straight? Me neither. Let’s just say a lot of Girl Person’s family called that land home.  So for Girl Person, when she goes back to the orange grove, and looks out at it, she pictures running thru it when she was little.  She pictures times gone past, good memories and bad.  She sees her and Boy Person building their house.  She pictures leaving that house. And a million things in-between. But she always sees the oranges.  Time changes around them…but somehow, they have always been there.  Until now.


One of Girl Person’s favorite memories with her Pappy was feeding the family’s herd of cows when she was little too.  They had been there for awhile even before that, being taken care of by Pappy’s Aunt Emma who is in the picture you see.  Yeah, that was a really long time ago when they moved from another country to grow orange trees in that Florida place.


Every day, at 5 o’clock, Pappy would pick up all of the grandkids in his truck and they would drive to feed the cows.  They would laugh as the cows tried to run into the truck, steal the rotten oranges out of it, and generally make a scene.  Girl Person laughed when one day they chased her into the swamp to protect their baby.  Girl Person got to help Pappy bottle feed the babies when they were born too early.  And generally, the cows and the orange grove were part of what made her.  They were part of not only her memory, but her being.  I get it.  There are many things that made me up too.  Like peanut butter cookies, perfection and handsome.


As many miles as we have traveled, as many times as we have left, Girl Person always says that her home is in her heart.  And it is a comfort knowing that it will be there when we come back.  Because we always come back.  No, not to a house made out of sticks and bricks.  But a home that is the orange grove.

However, sometimes, just when you think that everything will always stay the same, well, it doesn’t.  And we knew when we went back this weekend that the orange grove would look different.  Because.  All of the trees.  Had died.

Country Cousin Person has been fighting a battle of sorts to try and save the trees for many years.  At one time, they flourished, they were happy and healthy.  But time and circumstances took its toll.  And as the memories around those orange trees stuck with everyone, and the history of the family, it became harder and harder to let them go…even though there was no hope.  Until.  One day last week, well, it was time.  Time for realizing that love could not save them.  No matter how hard everyone tried.  It was time to realize that the ones there before us, well, they weren’t here anymore either.  And I suppose that for the persons, all of this made everything harder.  Everything.  I felt it.

But I was hoping that Girl Person would be strong.  After all, hadn’t we left here years ago?  Hadn’t we sold that yellow house behind the orange grove?  Hadn’t we said goodbye?  Already?  Hadn’t we gone our own way?

So when we went to take our usual walk to the orange grove, and we looked around, I looked at Girl Person. She was being strong.  We took our usual path.  But there were no trees for shade.  We took our usual roll in the grass.  But there were no oranges on the ground to roll on.

Time to rise and shine. #happysaturday #weekendfun

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The orange trees had all been pulled up. And it was like they were never there.  The land looked bigger than before but empty.


Yet, Girl Person was still being strong.  And I was surprised.  But that was until she saw it.  One.  Lone.  Orange.  In the distance.  In the pile of trees that had been agonized over, loved, and worked on for years, was one lone orange.  And Girl Person?  You guessed it.  As Pappy would say, she “sat out there and bawled like a baby.”


You would think that you could get a little privacy when you are sitting in the middle of an orange grove bawling like a baby.  But as Girl Person cried, and I worried about her crying, I heard it.  A woman person standing by a new fence.  A woman person that had bought our yellow house.  And she waved at Girl Person. And she asked her if she was ok.  And Girl Person? She simply said nope. She was crying over the orange trees.  She didn’t care who knew.  But as I listened to them talk about the land, and I even heard their chickens crow, I also noticed it.  There was a fence.  There was a new fence.  There had never been a fence.  Never.  And it wasn’t the new owner of our yellow house that had put up that fence.  It was Country Cousin Person.  And since I am Sheriff, and I know boundaries, fences, and no trespassing signs like the back of my paws, I had some thinking to do. And quick.  And I knew. And I felt it.  And then I heard them confirm my suspicions.  You see, the orange trees?  They were gone. So who was the fence for?


Something…or someone else was coming to take the orange trees’ place.  Familiar faces.  Were we going to welcome back the beauties that graced this land with the orange trees years ago?  Were some lives lost making way for new lives?  Can you say…MOO?  I am a Sheriff so I don’t say that. But you can.


The persons continued talking by the new fence.  And they said it.  Yep, there were cows on the way.  There were rescue donkeys on the way to watch those cows.  And I was excited.  Even if we weren’t here all of the time, donkeys made excellent deputies. And I knew that the cows were going to be watched over.  And I also knew that for Girl Person, this was going to make losing the orange trees just a little less…sad.  Simple word, but I’m a simple man.  Yes. Man.


I believe, and I know, that persons always complicate things in life.  But some things like the orange grove wasn’t complicated.  It was the simplest, most lovely thing in Girl Person’s world.  No, not for the oranges.  No, not for the orange blossoms, the bees on the blossoms, or the dark green leaves.  Not for the smell of the dirt, or the pie pan tins hanging from old rope in the trees.  But it was lovely because of who loved it.  And when those persons were gone, and then the trees were gone, it was like it ALL was gone.  However, when the circle of life seemed unbearable, it was filled again with anticipation.  Hope.  And excitement of Country Cousin Person’s new cows.  Just like the way it had all started.  And now?  We may not smell the orange trees.  But I can tell you what we will smell! And it is even worse than Deputy Digby.

As with Girl Person, you may travel many miles trying to chase away your memories.  You may think that you shook them off at a desert in New Mexico, or a flood of rain in West Virginia.  You may think that you left them on top of the Empire State Building, or in the caves of Kentucky.  But when it comes down to the circle, you realize that there is no getting away from the ones that you love.  Whether they are trees, land, people, furkids…memories are just that.  And when you can learn and use changes to make way for other beauty, that is when the memories can be admirable, learned from, and. Lovely.

Orange trees?  I will never forget the first day I saw you when I came home from the shelter jail.  I had no idea how many times I would walk among you, and I had no idea how many times we would walk away.  But thank you for being here as long as you were, for reminding us of the home in our heart, and for being here until the cows came home.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

P.S.  We were supposed to pull out of town today for Amelia Island and Jacksonville, Florida. But changes…again. Seems that Memaw Macaw needs our help for changes of her own and now? Well, we will be here until the 23rd.  Our adventures will have to wait. That will be coming up on tomorrow’s blog. Don’t miss it!

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Pawcast Podcast #16 New York

Our Adventure Of A Lifetime tour continues in the surprising state of New York!  New York isn’t just about the city.

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The Guilt Factor In Animal Rescue

No one goes into animal rescue thinking that it will be easy. But no one also knows just how hard it can be, how many past emotions can get stirred up, and how some days you feel like your own guilt will consume you. What kind of guilt? Guilt for animals in your past, guilt for animals in your life now. Guilt for animals in your future.


My grandmother was the master of guilt! I watched her as a child second guessing every decision she made, past decisions, and what others would think of her decisions. I followed her example, questioning my own life decisions, was I doing a good job, and in the process, I neglected myself. This follows me to this day. Did I look up to my grandmother? I did and I still do. But sometimes I wonder. What more could I have accomplished in life without the guilt? She didn’t seem happy. And I admit, sometimes, I would like to be a lot happier.


Guilt is a heavy load to carry when you are trying to get things done, isn’t it? For me, traveling to 48 states and 48 rescues the past two years wasn’t always hard. When I kept a positive attitude on the animals that we helped network to good homes, or when we encouraged the volunteers at the rescues we visited, I felt a little optimistic. But every time, in the back of my mind, I seemed to think of a little guinea pig I had as a pet when I was a child. And that optimism? It was washed away with the guilt factor.

When I was little I had a guinea pig named Pee Wee. I remember going to a pet store and picking her out. I don’t remember why I wanted a guinea pig. I was too young to remember that part. But as the days and the weeks went by with Pee Wee, I found out that it wasn’t so easy to take care of a guinea pig. It wasn’t so easy to bathe a guinea pig, feed a guinea pig. And as more months and years went by with Pee Wee, I think back now, and I realize. I should have spent more time with Pee Wee. I did not do a good job. I am not going to say that I did. Because I didn’t. And I think of Pee Wee every. Darn. Day. And I deserve to. For Boy Person, a dog named Digby that he wished he had spent more time with as a kid is his guilt factor. And so that is why our Digby now is named after him. So that he would never forget his errors and time that should have been spent with his dog.

Is it shocking to you that two persons like us with two rescue dogs who have dedicated our time, resources, energy and finances to animal rescue have guilt about past pets and family members?  I hope not.  Because the honest truth is, and I try to tell myself this…we all can learn from our mistakes.  Guilt may be a heavy load to carry, but sometimes, we deserve it.  However, it is how we use the load we are carrying to help others.  BUT, if the guilt is an unwarranted load and if you tried your best, and only you know this, you must throw that guilt off.  It is hindering you from helping other animals that need all of the energy you can give.


What I am saying is that sometimes we need the guilt factor in animal rescue and sometimes we don’t.  For us, we could never do enough in our opinion to make up for the two lives we feel that we could have done better for.  But if we let it paralyze us, that means the guilt factor isn’t helpful.  However, if we don’t feel any guilt, that is disrespectful to those two lives, so some measure of guilt is needed to keep propelling us forward.


In animal rescue, not a day goes by for many shelters or rescues where they don’t have to turn an animal way for lack of resources or fosters or funds.  And we know that the guilt in that can be overwhelming.  How could it not be?  Not one life is more important than another.  But sometimes, animal rescue comes down to a business decision.  It is unfortunate, but the reality.  And until more people step up to help and educate, there will not be an end to the guilt.  And that is not fair.  But it is the truth.

As we have always said, people saved our dogs and that is why we give back.  And that is true.


The people that saved Brickle and Digby showed us a good example, a loving example.  And for them, although we may never know their names, and who took our dogs to the shelters where we could find them and bring them into our lives, they still mean the world to us.  Do we care about the mistakes in their past?  No.  All we see and feel towards them is the one deed they did to help our dogs.  And that is enough.  And one day, I hope I can feel that about myself too.  Until then, I will use my guilt factor for the good.

-Rachael Johnson, Girl Person and Owner of 2 Traveling Dogs

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Can’t Buy Me Love, But I Can Buy Me A Dirt Hole

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  What a week, what a week, what a week.  And it is not over yet.  Seems like people always want to discount Friday, like it is the start of the weekend, but that it’s not really a weekday either.  I say if Friday feels good, it doesn’t need a label to call it something.  Don’t try to rush it though.  We only have so many days! Just let it be.

As you know, we had to go to the TV studio this week. And it was fun, tiring and more fun all wrapped up in one.

But when it was all said and done this week, and we said it all and nothing was really done, I got to sit in my dirt hole.  My dirt hole at Memaw Macaw’s house.  And my friends?  We may not have much money to buy a house without wheels, or a car that doesn’t break down every few minutes.  But I sure have enough money to love my dirt hole.  And let me tell you…that makes me and the persons feel like the richest souls on earth.

You see, as the persons were scurrying about yesterday like squirrels looking for nuts and the persons were being nuts, all of a sudden, Boy Person stopped and looked at me.  There I was.  Covered in dirt.  Laying in dirt.  Girl Person had brushed me, so there was hair everywhere.  And this exact moment in time?  It was heaven to me.  You might say that my dirt hole was my vacation spot.  This felt so good to have my own dirt hole.  Being on the road is fun.  But having your own spot, whether you have a lot or you have not a lot means everything.


But Boy Person got a little concerned.  Would people driving by worry about me in my dirt hole?  He had driven by dogs before in dirty yards all filthy sitting on junk heaps looking all proud.  And he said he had felt sorry for them. But he said, that it just might be as we were driving by, that they were looking at us thinking they felt sorry for us. It was true.

You see, everyone has their own way of being happy and content. Sometimes, we think that there is only one way to be happy. That everyone wants what we do.  Sometimes we think that it takes a big house or a big yard or a big car to be happy. And the persons say that they need money to buy food and stuff.  I get that for sure.  I know my handsome is our paycheck.


But as we prepare to leave Memaw Macaw’s driveway on Monday to head back to Amelia Island, Florida to camp on the beach, I am not sure how I feel.  You know how much I love the ocean.  The water.  The sand.


But I also love our hometown.  I love our family, our friends, our new friends.



When we look back, our month here in Memaw Macaw’s driveway may not have been exciting to anyone.  Or anyone driving by.  But as we prepare to pull out of here Monday, we can look back and say this.  We got nothing fixed on the RV.  We got nothing accomplished with work.  We didn’t get rich, or figure out our next steps in life.  But what we did do was more important.  We realized that whatever steps we take, whatever direction we take when we pull out of this driveway starts our adventure again, but we needed this time.  To just be in a dirt hole.


I am pretty sure that this driveway is going to be pretty empty when we leave.  In fact, Memaw Macaw may be moving soon too.  And we hope that whoever next finds my dirt hole and my fur appreciates that this little spot in Thonotosassa, Florida was home for us.  This little spot was appreciated.  Dirt and all.

If you have your own spot, and it makes you happy, be happy.  Be proud of whatever that is.  When we drive by…wave to us.  And know that your happy spot is your happy spot.  And don’t judge anyone else’s.

We are going to go to today to our Aunt Nikole’s house at Pawsome Adventures to tell her goodbye, play and get more dirty.  Then, we will be having a movie night and sleepover at Gandma and Gandpa’s house.  We have some news about the orange grove…and well…stay tuned for Monday.  The adventure?  It starts again.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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Oh, What A Tangled Web We Weave

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  If a week could be longer than the one before it, I would think that this week was one for the record books. Actually, this past month has been a steady rush of work, play, family and fixing stuff.  A TV appearance, rescue work and hiking also kept us busy. And we got caught up in it all like a giant spider web.

When you’re so busy, sometimes, you don’t take the time to see that you are too busy.  It wasn’t until Memaw Macaw asked Girl Person yesterday how she did so much and wasn’t she exhausted? Girl Person told her that in fact she was exhausted, but had been too busy to notice.  So we decided to put everything down, including our tiredness, and take a little stroll to where Boy Person’s old house used to sit.


And that’s when we saw it.  A spider web that stretched all the way from the top of a telephone pole to the ground below.  And we stopped.  And we looked.


And we thought how easy it is to get caught up in every day and not see all of the things you are weaving yourself into that you may not get out of.

“Never hurry and never worry!”-Charlotte’s Web

In fact, as we stared up at that spider web, Girl Person thought some more.  It had been a very long time since she had seen a banana spider.  They used to be around when she was a kid.  Big and menacing looking, in fact, they are harmless here.  Yet, she never sees them anymore.  At all.  It seems many of the creatures that used to be around have disappeared due to everyone affecting the earth, affecting their lives, and rushing around…not caring.  If everyone stopped for a moment to think about this…would they care? I wonder.

“In good time he was to discover that he was mistaken about Charlotte. Underneath her rather bold and cruel exterior, she had a kind heart, and she was to prove loyal and true to the very end.”-Charlotte’s Web

Sure, some may think that being on TV would be the highlight of our week.  But how was that more important than looking up and seeing that spider web?  It wasn’t.


Take a look at the web you have weaved…just this week.  What is in it?  I really would like to know.  Is it full of positive things and happy thoughts, or did you fill it with worry and fret and stress?  We all have our own webs, and sometimes, we even run into them.  What sticks to us is important.

Not only can we run into our own webs, but what if someone else does? Whoever we come in contact with is affected by us.  It is true.  People…the animals…the earth.  Build your web strong.  Be an example.  Weave that web!

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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There’s No Business Like Show Business. But Who Is Digny?

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Some days you feel like you have it all together.  Actually, I never feel that way.  But some days you feel like you want to be on your own deserted island.  Or a rug.  Either works.


It is true that we have traveled the country five times.  But nothing prepares you for being on camera.  In a studio.  With lots of people all working. And running around like they are in a hurry for something.

There’s no people like show people, they smile when they are low

But cameras.  Did I mention.  Cameras.

Let’s do this. #breakaleg #orjustdontpeeonanyone

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Girl Person tried to prep us for our interview.  We went over questions and all me and the Sheriff had to do was look good and look cute.  No big deal, right?  Until I saw the lights.  The cameras. And then the action.  They wanted to talk to us. They wanted to hear about our Adventure Of A Lifetime.  And it was kind of overwhelming.  Because out on the road, you feel alone and that no one is even paying attention to what you are doing.  But here we were, ready to tell the world what we did for the past two years.  And I wondered.  When would this be over?  And how long would it take until I got to go home and eat breakfast.

So I started to prep myself before we even walked in the door. If we were going to do this, I needed some strength.  I found an old chicken wing and then old poop.  Energy. Found.  Plus, if I had bad breath, maybe the interview would be shorter.  Then, I found a wall to go to the bathroom on.  Mark. Left.  But who is Mark?  I thought I was ready.

There’s no business like show business like no business I know
Everything about it is appealing, everything that traffic will allow
Nowhere could you get that happy feeling when you are stealing that extra bow

But that is when I saw it.  The floor.  The shiny floor.  You might as well have told me that I had to walk on water.  I wasn’t having it.  And the Sheriff who normally would have been scared too, just saw his reflection and immediately was ok.

He led the way as Boy Person carried me down the hall into the studio.  You got that right.  He carried me because I was not walking, y’all.  If I had to walk on water, I needed to get to an island.  And their pretty rug became my island. I saw it.  And I planted myself there while the producer talked to us and remarked how gorgeous the Sheriff was.


I have to admit.  They always joke that “Digby don’t care”.  Well, Digby cared about this situation.  And all I could think about was how I was going to get off of this island.  Would I ever get off of this island?  What did I have to do to get off of this island?  I knew it.  I had to howl.  I had to hurry this gig up.  I was trying to be a trooper, but the I would have preferred to be a pooper.  I was getting hungrier and ready to get this over with. I thought that if I wore my biggest smile that they would let me off this island and go home to breakfast.  I had to do this.

Finally, it was our time to shine.  Boy Person carried me across the water over to the couch and we sat there like this was a normal, every day occurrence.  To be on TV in the water with an island and no breakfast. We sat by the couch, the Sheriff poured on the charm, the persons wished that they had a bottle of wine, and it started. And then…they introduced me as…Digny.  Who. Was. Digny. That’s not my name. Y’all.

But you know what?  As soon as they got my name wrong, I knew it.  This wasn’t a big deal at all. I knew that this whole time of worrying was pretty much not even worth it.  Here we were worrying about a TV camera and water and islands when actually…the trip was way harder than this!  We were taking this too seriously.  And when Deputy Digny…I mean Deputy Digby don’t care, well, no one should care.  One mistake meant that we could make a mistake too.  And it was time to not even worry about what we said, because all of the 48 rescues on our trip said it all anyway.

Yesterday they told you you would not go far, that night you open and there you are
Next day on your dressing room they’ve hung a star, let’s go on with the show!!

Life is way too serious sometimes.  When you think about it, and you should take a minute to think about it, there is no one more important than anyone else.  Even Digny.  Whoever that it is.  When we think even too much of ourselves or others, it makes the responsibility to do what is right less obvious. It is up to us to let what we do in life and for others shine through.  Not our names.  Just tell that to the Sheriff.  He thought he was looking pretty good on TV.  And well, yeah, even with the lessons of the day, you can’t deny that.

So the next time that you take life too seriously, like we did, stop for a moment.  What we do during our day can inspire or discourage someone.  Find your island, swim there and stay afloat. You can do it if we can.  And remember, it isn’t about you.  It’s about everyone who comes in contact with you.  Your name isn’t the most important.  It is how you changed the world for the better. There’s no business like show business, but there is no one like you either.  You are a star.  Work it.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

Watch our interview on Daytime NBC with Jerry Penacoli and Cyndi Edwards Thursday at 10 a.m. ET. Check your local listings for channels or times or their website.  We will also post the interview in its entirety after airing. Promise!

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Reflections And TV

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  Some days you wake up and think, wow.  I should be on TV.  I am that handsome.  And some days you wake up and realize that you will be on TV.  And maybe, just maybe, it is too much for the public to see.  I know I will be fielding questions of…are you really that handsome in person? So let me be pawactive and answer…yes.


Today, the persons, Deputy Digby and I are headed to the NBC studios in this Tampa, Florida place.  Yes, we filmed there before we went on our Adventure Of A Lifetime.  And yes, I am still answering fan mail.

But, now, we are going back on the show to talk about our trip, our rescue visits and me.  Yes. Me.  It is time for reflections.  And to look at my reflection.

Through the mirror of my mind
Time after time
I see reflections of you and me

You see, before we left on this trip in May of 2016, it seemed impossible.  Sure, we were being positive.  But traveling to 48 states and 48 rescues was a big task.  Almost as big as Deputy Digby’s appetite for pancakes.  Almost.


And now, we have to go on TV and talk about it all.  And some of it seems like a blur.  Was that really us?  Did we really do that?  We don’t want to talk about ourselves though, because the truth is, the people out there who are doing the real work for animals are the ones we visited.  We just drove there and talked to them.  A lot. Like the ones in Santa Rosa, California…our last visit of the trip.

Reflecting on the past is not such a bad thing when it is full of happy memories.  And even the ones that were kind of hard memories, like meeting all the furkids in the shelters, breaking down, and getting frostbite are worth remembering.  Because it will set our course for the future.

This is all my eloquent way of saying also that I hope you aren’t pawstruck by my handsome when it airs on TV Thursday.  I also hope that the persons can keep Deputy Digby from peeing on the camera.  I also hope that we don’t freak out slipping on the tile floors and have a meltdown, that the persons don’t say crazy things, and that we don’t forget our own names.  I mean, what could go wrong on TV with us?  I guess we will have to wait and see.  And perhaps reflect on the upcoming mishaps.  Later.

Through the mirror of my mind
Time after time
I see reflections of you and me

Life is made up of days and minutes and seconds.  One minute we were traveling the country with a goal in mind of showing you the great people of the country doing great things for animals.  The next minute, we were done with that trip, 24,000 miles, a wore out RV and an even more wore out car.  How fast time can fly.


How we choose to spend our time is up to each one of us.  But never think for a moment that time won’t slip away.  By tonight, even taping our TV appearance will be a memory and it is up to us to make new ones, learn from the past and reflect on it.  But don’t stare at my reflection too long.  TV’s can’t handle it, the world can’t handle it.  And that my friends you can believe “as seen on TV.”  You will also believe when Deputy Digby either pees on the camera or on the couch.  This. Will. Happen.  Let’s do this.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

Don’t worry if you don’t get Daytime NBC in your location! We will be reposting the segment in its entirety at the end of the week.  Stay tuned!

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