No Boggin Allowed Bog Walkers


This is Deputy Digby Pancake and I have news for you Minnesota.  If you are walking on a Minnesota bog, you better not be boggin.


So I can read when someone reads it to me.  And from what I understand, bog walkers may not get to boggin.  But it says nothing about dog walkers.  So that is why I tried to pull Girl Person and Sheriff Brickle off the boardwalk.  I mean seriously, there was a squirrel. It also says pack in, pack out.  Can I leave Brickle behind if I can’t carry him? Did I say that out loud?


But the squirrel.  Yeah, the squirrel. I mean, the squirrel doesn’t care if its in a bog or boggin and I swear, if this computer thing tries to change the word boggin to noggin one more time I am going to howl. Anyway, if you are a bog walker, I can totally understand the importance of not boggin because that would just be dumb.  But a dog walker needs to sometimes go off road.  As well, I have only been in this Minnesota place for a few days and you cannot expect me to know all the rules.  And why do you have so many signs?


If you are supposed to not get off the boardwalk, how do you expect me see what is on the signs you are talking about? And insect eating plants? What is this place? A horror movie?


All I know is that the squirrel got away.  They always get away when they are in a bog because no one has the courage to get off the boardwalk.  I don’t think the rules apply to dogs, only bogs.  Therefore, I stand by my actions of today and although I was arrested, it was worth it.

Minnesota?  I love ya.  For all of your smells and fresh air and cold weather, because it is a nice change. But you have too many signs.



We still have a lot to see this weekend, and tomorrow, it is time for a visit to the Great River Rescue in Bemedji, Minnesota! Boy Person is feeling better too.  We all need a bit of time off, and you will be happy to know that tomorrow, Brickle and I are having a pawty in the Big Blue Treat Wagon.Why? We are missing that Florida place and we need to bring in some of its sunshiney in here.  It’s a special blog edition, so don’t miss it.

But for now Minnesota, it’s your time to shine this week.  And we are loving you.  I love everyone.  My middle name is Pancake to you.

-Deputy Digby Pancake



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