Nothing To See Here. Move Along.


This is Deputy Digby Pancake coming at you from COLD COLD COLD COLD COLD COLD Minnesota!  How do y’all take this if you live here?  My booty is about frozen off although I could stand to lose a few inches.  But anyway  I have seen warmer days in my life.

Thank you all for your love and support yesterday with Boy Person. We had our rescue visit scheduled for today with Great River Rescue in Bemedji, Minnesota, but we had to cancel.  They were nice and said we could come on Friday.  We sure hope we can.  This isn’t the way we like to see a state, but sometimes, well, things happen. Girl Person is going to talk to you fans later today on that Facebook page.  Not sure why she couldn’t just tell me what to say.  She said it was too serious and that I just needed to nap and eat pancakes.  Well, I agree with that.  And I still need to find Paul Bunyan today.  I bet I might.

So, Boy Person is feeling somewhat better.  But he is going to have to find out what in the world keep causing these headaches and keep causing me to be up all night.  Sheriff Brickle is all a mess when he loses his beauty sleep and he got sick yesterday with worry for Boy Person.  When you are family, you take the good days with the bad.  And the last two days have been bad.  But we are hoping that today starts the good.

So for all the people who passed by our RV yesterday when Boy Person was throwing up so loud?  Nothing to see here.  Move along.  For all the people who looked at us going 20 miles an hour down the road to get here because Boy Person couldn’t see? Nothing to see here. Move along.  And to all the people who gazed at our organic, steak dinner last night at camp because Girl Person said we were the best boys ever and deserved it? Totally nothing to see here.  Move along.  My steak. My Boy Person.  My slow RV.  This is how family gets through the bad times and heads to the good.

Have a great day everyone!  We are ready to see Minnesota! But seriously.  The cold.

-Deputy Digby Pancake







4 thoughts on “Nothing To See Here. Move Along.

  1. Lauren Hoverson

    I believe rest and keeping warm will help…..yet Friday is a great day to see what is happening with BP…..hope he can be relieved soon of these headaches and finding out what is causing this pain…….keep warm, eat well….sleep as best you can. Please don’t hesitate for other’s to help….they are great in the northern states…very kind and loving !

  2. Karen Olson

    Love you all. Take care of yourselves first and your steaks! Glad to hear BP is a little better. I’m sure you and Brickle are helping GP nurse BP while he is down. Your are so right Digby family takes care of family in good and bad times. Sorry for the cold, it will pass and then you will be warm again.

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