Drool Is Cool

This is Brickle. Oh, you know that food you’ve been thinking about all week? Yeah. It’s good.

You know that place you’ve wanted to go to for years? It’s pretty neat.

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You know that person you’ve wanted to be friends with for awhile? Yeah. A good friend is hard to find. And I like them too.

I know it’s hard to admit out loud the things that we think about and want for ourselves. Being selfish is one thing. That’s not good. But having things we want for ourselves to be happy is a good thing. And more than ok.

It’s also ok to admit it. It’s ok to drool over it.

It’s ok to anticipate the good and the great parts of life.

A rescue dog like me and like Fruitycake only knew how to get thru a day at the beginning of our lives.

Necessities were the only things we hoped for. And having the necessities of life is a blessing. I know that.

But seeing the world as I have, I’ve seen that my favorite things i not only wish for and think about. But I drool over them.

The anticipation and hope of a wish is sometimes better than the wish itself.

As I have lived a little longer on this earth, I see that I am worth the good things. I think what we fill our hearts and minds with comes to be. If you want and think about positive things for ourselves, we will be good and positive. We will work towards those things. But everything starts with a thought.

Make the thoughts good. Drool over the good things that can be. And know that you are worthy of those things.

Drool is cool. Drool is obvious.

It’s ok to show your happiness. It’s ok to show others and tell others what you want and what you are working for.

Listen. Listen good. You are worth what you want.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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