The Grind

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. I imagine sometimes that I could have peanut butter every single day.

Then, other times, I imagine that I could have spaghetti every single day.

Oh, that would be wonderful. At least I think so.

But the truth is, I have found in life that anything, absolutely anything that you have to do over and over again becomes boring. It’s the grind that everyone complains about.

I used to be a dog of routine. I knew where to go and what I would see. I thought that routine was for me.

That was until we started traveling. And it was only them that I realized how routine was holding me back.

Is there something that is familiar and not particularly bad that is just routine for you? Is it holding you back?

I sure don’t claim to know it all or even half of it all. Maybe a quarter of it all.

But I do know that even traveling in the RV was holding us back because it was familiar. It was even familiar to be tired. To be worried. Those things have a way of getting you to repeat them over and over. Because change is very hard. The grind. The grind is easier.

And so when persons ask us why we are moving to that Italy place, it may be hard to explain. We get asked why. And the why is because it is different. For us, a challenge and a change like this is living again.

There are no restrictions on living. Unless you let the grind get ya. And that grind can be anything. What is the grind for me may not be the grind for you.

So don’t compare yourself to others. Live how you want to outside that grind.

This week we are finalizing a lot of papers. And we may have a January departure date. Stay tuned.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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