Temporary Home

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Welcome to Poinsett, South Carolina! We will begin our coverage on our new abode tomorrow!

Home sweet home.  If it has pancakes.  Or home sweet home can be anywhere we park this Big Blue Treat Wagon.  And if it has been able to drive there in order to park, well, then it’s a very good day.

Since we were in that Jacksonville, Florida for quite a few months, we got kind of used to being parked. Girl Person says that people call that “nesting”.  Well, I am certainly not a bird and I don’t eat like a bird and I don’t have a bird brain.  Although, I wouldn’t complain if I did because I actually think that they are pretty smart.

But that nesting thing kind of got us in trouble.  Not kinda. It did.  We got used to where to buy our groceries, and not needing directions and letting that Depression Monster get us again.  When we started back on the road, we realized how much we enjoyed moving around.  But even things that you enjoy sometimes are hard.  Like the grocery thing.


You probably are used to your own grocery store. You know where things are, how much they are and who works there.  But imagine if you were somewhere new every week and you had to go to a new store every week.  Maybe they had your favorite maple syrup, and maybe they didn’t. Sometimes, you may laugh about it, but then sometimes, you really want your maple syrup and there is nothing you can do.

Or maybe, just maybe, you like a certain campground, but perhaps not the one that gave you a heaping mess of poison ivy.  And you have to leave, but you don’t want to.  The thing is, maybe there is another campground that you may like just as much. But you don’t know it yet.  And that’s why I like our temporary homes.

It’s easy to get used to things being the way they are and forget that outside of our own comfort zones, they are not the same.  Different radio stations, TV stations, persons, roads, stores….the list goes on and on. Girl Person says that it’s easy to rely on conveniences. But are we self reliant enough that if those conveniences went away that we would survive?


The bottom line on my grilled pancakes is that really all of us have a temporary home, even if we have been there all our lives. Things change.  People come in and come out of our lives whether by choice or not.  We have really good times, and not good times.  But never get so used to how things are that we don’t remember they can change over night.

I have heard that the more money you have, the more you spend.  But when you travel like us, you think about every little thing. You don’t know the next time you will be able to go grocery shopping, or how far away the store will be.  So you don’t waste as much.  If you don’t have full hookups to wash dishes inside for a week, you wash them outside just in case.  If you have hot water in a campground shower, you savor it, but more than likely it is not going to last long.  And all of this may seem like a hassle.  But it certainly makes you appreciate what you took for granted all of your life.

And you hopefully will never forget them, even if your circumstances change.

Our circumstances change us, mold us, shape us.  Let it be in a good way. We all have to appreciate our temporary homes that are now.

Won’t you join us in South Carolina this week? We have a lot to show you.  Now.  About that maple syrup…

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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Your Dog’s Dream Destination May Be In Someone’s Backyard!

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Where is YOUR dog’s dream destination? Some joke that it’s the couch, or in the kitchen.

But what value does exercise and freedom to sniff and enjoy our world hold for a dog? So much value.

Image via Sniffspot

As dogs grow, confidence is key. Staying inside for long periods of time without mental stimulation is detrimental. For older dogs, keeping the mind active is so important. For our Digby, the vet recommended that we still travel safely despite his health problems to keep his mind happy and healthy.

As dog parents, we can only hope the quality of life for dogs keeps improving as more options for exercise are available to us. Recognizing our dogs are individuals and that they need mental and physical stimulation is so vital. Simply having a dog to be an accessory or afterthought in our life is not acceptable. We have to make our dogs a priority like we would any member of our family. It’s up to us. If one way doesn’t work, find another way to get this job done.

But what about dogs that don’t have the social skills or physical stamina for dog parks or long hikes? What about those of us without our own yards? There is an alternative.

Yes. Sniffspot is our new, go to recommendation for dog parents everywhere. And we don’t want it to remain a secret any longer.

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You might just find your dog’s happy place and dream destination in someone’s back yard or private space.

We want more happy dogs and happy dog parents. We want dogs to be able to run if they want to. To explore if they want to. To get the opportunity to be a dog! So think about it. Where would your dog like to go today? Will Sniffspot work for you? Brickle and Digby want you to think about it.

According to their website, Sniffspot is “designed for safe exercise and training for reactive dogs.” Sniffspot “enables your pup to get the exercise they need in the safety of a private area.”

Simply put, you can go to www.sniffspot.com or the Sniffspot app and search for private spaces near you. Some Sniffspots are yards, some are large spaces, some are fenced and some are not fenced. Each Sniffspot is unique and described in the listing. Some hosts will offer that their dog play with your dog, or give you that option. All Sniffspots are rented by the hour with a set price. You book online, wait for the confirmation and you’re set. Is it safe to visit a Sniffspot? Their website explains the process.

  1. Search and discovery: take advantage of our map, host profile and sniff spot profile. Make sure to read all about the sniff spot before booking.
  2. Read reviews: if a sniff spot has reviews, read them to understand what other guests have thought of the sniff spot. However, new sniff spots may not have reviews and you can message the host to learn more.
  3. Get your questions answered: you can message a host to understand more about their listing or ask questions about their policies prior to booking.
  4. Always communicate and pay through Sniffspot: keep yourself, your personal information and your payment safe by communicating and booking through Sniffspot. If you are ever requested to communicate or pay off platform, please report it to us immediately.
  5. Do a safety check: when you get to a sniff spot, look around to understand if there are any hazards for you or your pup, always walk the perimeter of any fenced enclosure to ensure it is secure before letting your dog off leash, and understand how to exit the sniff spot.

As we travel the country for the remainder of the year, we will not only be visiting parks and attractions with Brickle and Digby. But we will be looking for Sniffspots along the way! If you would like to sign up to be a host to help out other dogs and their parents and earn extra money, use code 2TD and get an extra $15 after your first review. You never know…maybe we will be coming to your backyard!

We have to give our dogs the chance to be the best they can be. Where can they be their best? Find their dream destination!

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Rachael Johnson

Co-Founder, 2 Traveling Dogs and Your Dog’s Diner

Although this post is sponsored and we received compensation, all opinions are our own.