The Strong Mountain Lion


This is Digby Pancake. I feel very thankful to write the blog to you today. It was a very rough weekend. The roughest I have had in a very long time. And because I was feeling so awful, the persons had a very rough weekend too.

Even Peanut Butter Brickle, my best friend and brother had it rough. No one cares as much as my brother.


I woke up from a dream on Saturday very quickly because I was in so much pain. I didn’t know if the pain would go away and it scared me. The persons did all they could, Brickle let me be, and everyone laid with me on the floor all day. Yes. It was a very long day.


The persons cried and yet tried to be positive. I didn’t know how to tell them I was trying my hardest to get better. Because they told me there were many, many persons from many, many different places sending love to me. And that made me feel happy, even though I was hurting. And I kept thinking of something that happened from the night before at camp.


The night before I got sick, Girl Person was taking Brickle and me for our nightly walk around camp. It was dark and late. But there were still some persons sitting outside by their campfire. One of the persons seemed startled. Very startled, indeed. She almost fell out of her chair, stood up, and exclaimed she saw a mountain lion!


Yes. She thought she saw a mountain lion in this Georgia place.


Now. I’m no Johnny Carson. But I do know a mountain lion when I see one.


I’m used to little persons thinking that Brickle is a tiger. Mostly because they yell, Tiger! Or they yell, Lion! So we all just assumed that the case of mistaken identity was aimed at Brickle. I’m no Steve Irwin, but I know a dog from a tiger. I know a dog from a lion.


We laughed and told the startled camper person with a glass or five of wine that we weren’t scary. In fact, we were just taking a walk. Like dogs. Because we were dogs. We are dogs too. 

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The next day, the startled camper person and her friends decided to visit us and ask about our travels. That’s when we all laughed again at the mistaken identity of the mountain lion. That’s when she looked at me and told us I had looked like a mountain lion in the dark. It was me! It was me she thought was a mountain lion! Not Brickle.


Was I strong? Strong like a mountain lion? I didn’t think so. My middle name is Pancake. Yet, it made me feel good. Real good. Real regal. Like my brother the tiger. And so the next day when I got sick, and I was trying to take my mind off of my pain, I thought of that moment. That moment that someone thought I was a mountain lion. I could be strong. I could get thru this. And by the end of the day? I did get thru it.

I made it thru again with not only my strength, but with all of the encouragement. I. Did. It. Have you ever had to find strength deep down inside to make it thru a day or a problem? Have you wondered how you would do it? But you do it!


And to others, even though you may not feel like it, you are a strong mountain lion. Like me. Thank you. Thank you.

Digby Pancake

We will be in this Georgia place till Thursday for Digby to rest. And then? We are headed to a campground we have always wanted to visit in North Carolina. Stay tuned!

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Why Do We Climb?

This is Digby Pancake. Do you ever have something you need to do and you don’t particularly want to do it? Like share a bite of your dinner?

Maybe that something you don’t want to do is a lot of work. Maybe it’s an assignment at your job or exercising.

Maybe you don’t want to climb up to that waterfall at the top of the mountain. Ok. That was me.

We’ve been relaxing at this campground for over a week.

I have found that the more you relax, the more you don’t want to do much of anything. The creek has been so relaxing. And so when the persons told me and Brickle that we were going to take a hike to a waterfall after lunch, I was hesitant. My butt liked to be planted so much I was hoping to sprout pancakes. If only that could happen…


But you can’t argue with the persons when they have their minds set on something. They told us if we made it to the waterfall, a treat or five would be possible. And I was definitely up to that.

But the more we climbed, the more I wondered if I had made the right decision. I was a bit tired. And those treats didn’t seem so important anymore. Brickle just wanted to get back to take a nap.

But the higher we went, I saw the waterfall in the distance. It was beautiful. I could hear it. And I could also taste it. I mean, the treats.

But when we got there, we realized we couldn’t get right up to the waterfall because the mountain was too slippery and too deep. It was too dangerous to take a chance, the persons said. And I wondered. Why did we climb all this way if what we wanted to do wasn’t possible?

Girl Person said that it doesn’t mean you’ve failed if your accomplishment isn’t fully realized. Because you can go thru life not trying and sprouting pancakes out of your butt. But would you be happy with that? Or would the accomplishment be that you tried in the first place?

We climb not to reach goals all of the time. We can’t be perfect. So don’t have a breakdown about it.

We climb to be good to ourselves. And perhaps, on our way up, we will see a viewpoint we didn’t expect around the corner.

We are on the road again today! It’s supposed to be bad weather. So stay tuned!

Digby Pancake

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