Live Like Digby Day 2023

This is Girl Person. It’s not often that I take over the blog from the dogs. But words even fail them today. And although this feels impossible to write, I must give voice to today. December 1st, two years ago, we lost Digby Pancake.

And in order to turn our grief into something positive, we go on today. It’s not easy. It’s not easy at all. Because I just want him here today.

I want him to see all of the pancakes we made for the shelter dogs in his honor.

Grief is a tricky thief. It robs you of sweet memories because it tries to turn them into sadness. It takes funny memories and tries to turn them into guilt. It tries to take day one to the final day. And I won’t let that happen.

Digby deserves to be remembered for the individual he was.

We had 12 years of Digby perfection. When we saw his picture at the shelter online, we hoped he would be good for Brickle who needed a friend. The Humane Society Of Tampa Bay had our dogs. We found them there. And once we adopted them both, and you fell in love with them, our focus changed from solely travel to animal rescue. So you are a part of our story. You are a part of Digby’s story. And you are still a part of today with how much you still love him.

It amazes me how someone can see a dog and only see a dog. They don’t see their potential. They don’t see how they can save their life. They don’t see at all. Digby was unwanted. Digby’s potential was only seen as a hunting dog. But with love from all of you, you realized his potential.

How many other dogs out there are waiting for their destiny in life?

Every single day I think of Digby. Brickle misses Digby. Boy Person is overwhelmed from losing his best friend. And I won’t lie. There’s no good part of losing the ones you love.

But when I remember how resilient and strong Digby was, and how he went on and tried for the ones he loved,

I know I can keep breathing. I know that I can do my best for Brickle. And Fruitycake.

And you.

So today, let’s remember Digby and be thankful we had him in our lives.

Time nor grief can take away who he was. Our Digby Pancake mattered.

And today by visiting the Humane Society Of Tampa Bay, we will bring pancakes to the dogs and so many other supplies. It won’t be easy. No. But it’s the right thing to do for the shelter who brought this wonderful individual into our lives.

Live Like Digby today in your own, sweet and special way! Let’s do Live Like Digby Day in 2023!

Girl Person

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