Like Turpentine

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Seems like some weeks just take everything out of you. Maybe your energy is zapped.

Maybe you can’t sleep too good.

Maybe your family comes for a visit. Yeah. We’ve been having way too much fun. Gandma and Gandpa keep showing up everywhere here in Apalachicola, Florida. It’s like they are following us or something.

We decided to take a leisurely hike on an island yesterday called St. George Island in this Florida place.

Although it was very foggy and we couldn’t see much, we still had fun learning.

There is always something to learn, even if you’ve lived in the same place all of your life. You don’t have to look far to find something to learn about.

Because everything is complex. Everything is unique. And so when we saw a sign about turpentine, I asked Girl Person what it was. Never heard of it. Maybe I needed to know.

Girl Person said she really didn’t know what it was either. She said a long time ago she used it when painting. She said sometimes persons use it to make their furniture pretty. But she never thought about where it came from.

Isn’t that the case with so much? We use something and give no thought to how it is made. And we should. Even with turpentine.

I learned that you have to injure a tree and cut it. When that happens, it tries to protect itself.

And out comes a liquid which can be turned into different things, including turpentine.

I have to say. I’ll never use turpentine. I never thought that I wanted to learn about it. And I definitely didn’t think I would learn about it on a Florida place hike.

In a place I’ve hiked so many times.

It made me feel a bit bad for the trees at first. Their pain made something useful for others. How did they feel about it, I wondered.

The simple fact? We don’t know it all. We don’t know how or if the trees feel. But do we respect what they give us? Do we respect what others give us when they go thru pain and use their experience to help others? Can you use your pain to help others?

Like turpentine is useful, so are we. No matter what we have been thru, we can help and inspire someone else. Look around you today. And when you take time to learn about something new, learn more about yourself.

Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Have you ever walked on the beach?

Have you ever gazed out over the water and imagined yourself as the captain of your own ship? I do every time I go to the beach. It’s what I like to do.

I like to think about where I would go if I could sail the ocean’s waters and steer my ship myself.

There are so many places and islands still to be discovered.

And I know…I just know…there is a peanut butter cookie island out there. Somewhere.

I’m sure if I was a captain, it wouldn’t always be smooth sailing. Truth be told, and I always tell the truth, I can be a bit moody sometimes. Which makes for some treacherous waters. Kind of like what happened in this part of the Florida place and other places last year. They had a hurricane come here. I’m glad I wasn’t sailing my ship then.

No. The hurricane seemed to have made a lot of waves here. A lot of trees and buildings and even persons and animals were affected. But now, some time has passed. And yet, it seems the beach and the landscape still remain very changed.

At first, I thought maybe it made me sad that it didn’t look the same as the last time we visited. It looked so different. But then I thought some more about it. And I thought maybe that this was the way the beach was supposed to look. Before persons landscaped it to the way they wanted.

Isn’t that what a storm does?

It destroys but then there is growth and reshaping and even new land sometimes. Sure, it may look different. But it finds a way to get to where it wants to. It finds a way to function and come back. Can you?

Things we go thru may change us. Sometimes, we simply won’t be who we used to. But if we find a way to grow, to help what we go thru reshape us, maybe we will find out who we were meant to be all along. It just might take some time.

Perspective can only be found when you step back and look at what you’ve been thru to know who you want to be.

Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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