You Cannot Change It All. But You Can Change One Thing.

This is Peanut Butter Brickle.  I know that lately, I haven’t been feeling the best.  I also haven’t been feeling the worse.  That is something to be thankful for.

I recognize that I am getting older.  In fact, we all are.  Not one of us can change that fact.

One thing that we all have in common is that we all have limited time.  I can feel bad for you.  You can feel bad for me.  Or we can help each other be positive.

Girl Person learned a lot from taking care of Digby Pancake.  He had problems for many years.  She was always looking for that magic solution to all of his health ailments.  She was always looking for a miracle. Magic.

And when she could not find the magic solution, she felt like a failure.  She got very depressed.  But all Digby wanted was to feel the best he could.  He knew that she could not change the passage of time. He just wanted his time to be as good as possible.  And she feels like she wasted a lot of that time with Digby trying to cure him.

Sure, we absolutely appreciate our persons taking the best care they can of us.  I especially appreciate that right now.  I am having trouble remembering what time of day it is.  I am having trouble sleeping at night.  I am having trouble with my legs and my mouth.  And yet, I see all the medicines.  I take them, because I do want to feel as good as possible. But I don’t want all of my time to be spent trying to find a magic solution.

I want my time to be hiking now on the days I feel like it.  I want my time now to be spent having a good meal, or a puppacino every morning.  I want my time now to be spent with my persons and Fruitycake and planning for the future in that Italy place.  Because time will go by for each one of us whether we want it to or not.  I am still here now.  I am having more good days than not so good days.  And although I don’t feel like I did when I was younger, I also know more.  I also have had experiences I wouldn’t change and that I can recall.  I can use those memories to help Fruitycake too.  I still have a purpose.

And I know how much I mean to the persons. And I hope that they know how much they mean to me.

Everyone always says that they wish they knew what their dog felt.  Or that they wish they knew what their dog was thinking.  If you pay attention, and you pay close attention, and you are honest about what you see, you already know.

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When you look at me, I don’t need a frown of concern. I need a smile.  And please know that we understand more than you think that we do.  Don’t talk about sad things in front of us or discouraging  talk.  Tell us the truth, but don’t act like we aren’t there or that we don’t understand. We do understand.  We really do. Science thinks we know a little.  We know more than they think.

You cannot change everything you want to change for your dog. But you can change one thing.  How you deal with time.  Make the most out of it for us. Don’t just talk about a bucket list. Do the things.

Use your heart and your head to make decisions for our care.  Take care of us like any other family member, but remember that we love you more than you could ever know.  Just like Girl Person learned so much from taking care of Digby, learn from dogs in your past too to make our lives better. Digby would want it that way.

And guess what? We have today! Use today and what I say to change the way you deal with the passage of time.  It’s time.

-Peanut Butter Brickle

Please help us celebrate Digby’s life and legacy on December 1! We will be taking pancakes to shelter dogs and more! 

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One thought on “You Cannot Change It All. But You Can Change One Thing.

  1. J Hink

    Seeing you are taking pancakes to shelter dogs makes me smile. Years ago when my dog and I would visit my parents and my mom would make pancakes she always made one for each dog. My boy, Dash would sit patiently by his grandma watching and waiting for his pancake.

    My mom died and a few years later Dash developed nasal cancer and when the day arrived to let him
    go, right before the injection I told him go find Grandma as she has a big pancake for you.

    Some friends that know this story have since then told their dogs Go find Dash and have some pancakes as they let them go. The thought of my mom making and serving pancakes in heaven to the ever growing number of dogs makes me smile.

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