Enough Is Enough Is Enough

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. I’ve heard people say enough is enough. Eight is enough.

They say they’ve had enough. But how much is enough?

When is enough enough? Apparently when you are walking with Deputy Digby and I.

Seems as if Girl Person would be used to our routine by now, after all these years. Sniff. Stop. Find old junk to eat. Repeat. Repeat again.

How much stopping is enough when walking? We don’t know. But we also find a way to pee on each other’s heads, try to go into other campsites to beg for their dinner as well, and then start walking again.

When it’s cold outside, for some reason, Girl Person likes to walk a little faster. A little brisker. And all this stopping gets on her nerves. And she tells us to stop eating whatever we are eating. She tells us to stop peeing on each other. And she tells us we cannot walk into other people’s campsites if they are there.

She says that we act like we are on a mission. A mission to drive her cuckoo crazy.

I am not sure if Girl Person will admit this. But as law enforcement, I am here for these gentle yet stern reminders.

There may come a day when she misses all the stuff she tells us to hurry up about. There may come a day when eating baby coyote poop is a laughable offense. Or not. But nonetheless, hurrying up in life to get to the next thing to hurry up about makes for a faster journey. But it makes for a much more boring one.

You may say enough is enough. But is it really? Think about what you would miss if it really was taken away. Then stop and smell the roses. But perhaps, pass by the old poop.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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The Bed And Barkfest

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. Girl Person told me yesterday that not every dog gets to live in a car. You know…our RV and house on wheels.

I’m not sure why some people think that living in a house on wheels is anything but luxurious. But I’m afraid to say anything to call attention to this. Because I don’t want to pay a high rate. Seems like everything is going up in this world.

We always try to get a reasonable price on a campsite. Sometimes we do. Sometimes we have no choice and have to pay more than living in a regular house would. But Brickle and I have a work rate. Kind of like campground hosts. We get a discount, 100% in fact at the RV Bed and Barkfest if we do our fair share of work. And we work hard for the money.

I even have my own window seat and nightly entertainment. It’s better than TV.

Every morning, our Bed and Barkfest hosts wake us up and take us hiking after they finish their mud in a cup. This is our work portion of the day. It’s hard work.

Sometimes, this portion of our day can take awhile depending on traffic and how much there is to smell, roll on or disturb.

But we know that we have to work up an appetite. Because our hosts will be making our morning eggies and spinach. Every. Morning. Rain or shine.

Sometimes they are delicious. Sometimes they are more delicious. And all the time we are looking forward to our midmorning nap which will occur afterward while the persons work on their work stuff. Then Brickle and Girl Person take the computer thing outside and type, type, type. I come out after my dreams of lunch and then we dictate the blog to Girl Person. You can already see the work we have to do to get this rate at the Bed and Barkfest.

Most days, we have recipes to help her with. We have taste testing to do. And it’s all part of our rate.

Sometimes I want to call in sick, but with our rate, sick pay is paid in naps. So I usually sleep on it.

Our hosts tell us that our rate will always be good, even if prices rise. And since there is no more room in here, I suppose that I have to tell you we are booked. I don’t mean to break your heart.

Some may not even want to stay in this house on wheels that runs on fur. Some may complain about the mess or the lack of amenities. Some may like to take a shower in their house instead of with frogs outside. But I say flip flap your pancakes. Kiss my grits.

Everyone has their own sense of luxury, needs and wants in life. How much of that is dependent on impressing others? How much do you really need to be happy?

Don’t let someone else’s definitions or expectations make you feel bad about your choices in life. The only choice is happiness…and your rate is all dependent upon you. Give and take. Sacrifices. Time. Know what you want and find your spot. I can guarantee you’ll get a reservation.

-Deputy Digby Pancake