Now, He Lives There

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. Sometimes, persons say things that make me feel emotions. And I’m not really keen on feeling the feels when I am supposed to be strong.

But I can’t help it this week. Remembering Digby is not just something that is on our minds. But I see that it’s on your minds too.

I see that some of you have said that you are going to shelters where you live and bringing pancakes on Friday. Wow. Just wow.

Some of you have said that you’re volunteering at shelters on Friday in Digby’s honor! Wow. Just wow.

And some of you are wearing your Live Like Digby shirts! You’ve donated for supplies for pancake day and you’ve given us so much love. Wow. Just wow.

So much love for Digby. So much love for the difference that he made in your life. So much love for a dog that you may have not met in person.

But he was your friend. Like you are our friends. How can we ever truly thank you for loving us and for loving and remembering him?

Words can’t express that.

Digby loved his pancakes. Simple as that. He loved all food. All food was his friend. He told me that food never lets you down.

And Digby never let me down. How many individuals can you say that about?

Digby found a place in your heart all of those years. And someone said yesterday, “he lives there now.” I cried about that. Because it makes me miss him so much.

If I’m being honest, and you know that I’m always honest, Friday is going to be so hard.

Remembering is hard when the strongest love you’ve ever felt gets replaced by memories.

You get mad at the memories. But you don’t want them to go. It’s a tough relationship, isn’t it?

As we start making all of the pancakes for Friday, we hope you’ll start to get ready too.

Remember to let us know how you’re remembering Digby. And if you post pictures or videos, use #LiveLikeDigby so that we see it!

We love you all. And we love the love you had and have for our Digby Pancake. Now it’s time to heat up the griddle. We have a lot of pancakes to make.

Peanut Butter Brickle

We miss Digby Pancake so very much. But we still have Brickle with us and we aim to make this week count, despite our sadness. This Friday, December 1 will mark two years since we said goodbye Digby. This Friday, we will be headed to the Humane Society Of Tampa Bay to bring pancakes and other goodies to shelter dogs in his honor.
Please help us celebrate Digby’s life and legacy on December 1!

Get your shirt to wear on Live Like Digby Day here at!

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