The Best Journey Takes You Home

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. I have been doing a lot of writing this week. And I suppose it is because I have had so much to say. Do you ever feel that way? Sometimes, the words just flow.

There has been so much talk lately about our move to that Italy place and our little house that is waiting for us there.

If Boy Person had not went there himself, I would think that it wasn’t real. Oh, but after seeing his pictures and videos, I know it is there. I also know that we are having a very hard time getting there. What an adventure this is already.

I feel in a way, that this is the slowest time in my life!

I want to see the little house that we have worked so, so hard to get.

I want to walk up that path to the little house, even if I need help.

I want to see the little house, even if it needs so much work.

We love it already. We really want to get there. This journey to our little house is a long one, for sure. And a difficult one to be very sure. But I am also sure that the best journey of our lives will take us home. To our little home in that Italy place.

I have never seen Girl Person both so happy and so tired.  She knows the house is ours, but it feels like we are never gonna get there.  She feels like our dream house is only a dream sometimes.

It feels like we have been waiting to have our own home for so many years. Because we have.  Yes, we used to have a home, a very big home in that Florida place.

And yet, a dream home doesn’t have to be big.  A dream home doesn’t have to be fancy.  A dream home can be anywhere and anything that your heart wants and longs for.  For us, that is change in the way of life, change in food, change routine, and change in everything!

Did you know that the persons took years to make this decision and to find the right home?  It wasn’t something that they decided overnight. And when they finally did decide, it seemed like everything was too difficult.  It seemed like too much work.  They didn’t know if they were tough enough  Or smart enough to make this work.

But the best journeys do take planning and work.  You may change along the way.  But if you truly know where you want to go, you won’t stop.  You will not make due.  You will walk if you have to.

And yes, we will have to walk half a mile to our house every day once we even get there.

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But I can tell you, every step will be appreciated. I will remember this time that I longed for a change and new adventures and for my persons to be happy.

We may all want different things in life.  We may all have different dream homes.

Home doesn’t have to be where you grew up.

Home doesn’t have to be where you job took you.  Home can change for you.

No place can claim you for the rest of your life unless you let it.

And if you want to change your home, and feel your heart pulling you to a different journey, go.  If we can do it, and we can keep going, you can too.

-Peanut Butter Brickle

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4 thoughts on “The Best Journey Takes You Home

  1. Jacquelyn

    Your yellow and white home in Florida was beautiful. I can’t imagine leaving it. I hope you can walk that path up to your little house in Italy Brickle. I had to sell my big beautiful home of 21 years due to the fact that I couldn’t climb the stairs anymore. Moved to a tiny patio home which I am miserable in and my dogs don’t have a yard. Thinking back we should have put a lift on the stairs to get me up there. My dogs had a huge beautiful back yard to run and play in. I cry everyday I miss my beautiful home so much. I am going to need a wheelchair soon and this place is too small to fit one in. There is no place to move that we can afford so I don’t know what we will do. I wish you luck on your decision to move to Italy.

    1. I am so sorry to hear of your troubles. We love you. Life throws us so many problems. But one thing I know for sure is that our dogs know that we try to do our best for them. Your dogs know. They love you.

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