Brickle Wants You To Have This. He Picked It Out.

This is Fruitycake The Raccoon. Once again, just a reminder that I’m not a real raccoon. I’m a real dog that likes real trash like a real raccoon.

Living in a family thing is still a very big learning experience for me. I’m learning that having family and friends that are family is a big responsibility. But it’s not a responsibility that’s a burden. It’s something that takes work. Yes. But it’s a good work. A good thing.

But I also know you get tired too when you take this responsibility seriously. I’m real tired.

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I’m tired because Brickle is having trouble remembering what time it is. So he sleeps a lot during the day. And he doesn’t sleep at night.

We do all we can for him that we know of now. But we are still working on helping him more. His legs are hurting a bit too. And those legs deserve to be taken care of. Can you imagine how many miles Brickle has hiked and walked in his almost 15 years?

I also know that Brickle appreciates all the love and the care and the concern. He tells me so.

He appreciates all of it. And when you’re a dog, it’s hard to express thanks. Most persons don’t speak dog. So we have to find ways to tell you.

Although I’m not sure anyone else would have sent Girl Person a gift in the mail like he did with a note.

That’s right. If you think Brickle is the smartest dog ever, apparently he is the most stylish too. And so when Girl Person got a beautiful watch in the mail with a note, wow. She was speechless.

Girl Person said that it’s her responsibility to take care of Brickle. She says that it’s what family does. And yet, she says that you should do so with love. Not solely out of responsibility.

And even more so, you don’t act like that someone is a burden. You know that it’s a privilege. And you never, ever want to make who needs taken care of to feel guilty or bad for needing that extra care. She felt like maybe she was doing an ok job at that.

I know. You may wonder how I’ve learned this in such a short period of time being in a family. Well, I’ve been on the fast track.

Brickle has taught me a lot. But so have my persons. I don’t know how Brickle knew to send that beautiful watch, but I also have a feeling he wants to remind Girl Person she’s been late on dinner a few times.

Brickle said he may not know what time it is lately and may be mixing it up.

But he wants Girl Person and Boy Person too to know he appreciates their time.

And that they have much more time together.

Fruitycake The Raccoon

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