The Tight Spot

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  Tight spots.  We all have them.  Tight spots.  Where we feel like we don’t fit in, or we can’t fit in.  Sometimes, it is worth a try, though.  Like this week when we had to move two campsites over. Yes, I said two campsites over. Might as well have been two states over the way we felt.

Some things aren’t worth the effort. But often, we have no choice in the matter. And so we packed everything up.  Moved everything around.  Carried it down the road, yeah, a few feet, and there it was.


All our junk waiting for the Big Blue Treat Wagon RV to pull in.


Except this spot was a skinny one. Almost as skinny as my butt. But not quite.


It was a stressful situation. But not for Boy Person.  He surveyed the tree situation. The limb situation. The mud situation.  Seemed kinda crazy to move from our favorite site and the Scarlet Pimpernel red bird.  But Girl Person said that people book their favorite campsites a year in advance. What do I think about that?  I think everyone should know that my favorite site is not available anytime.  It should have a reserved sign up.  It should have a no parking sign up.  Shouldn’t law enforcement be able to secure a parameter? Give me my police tape.

But after just a few tensefull moments, the Big Blue Treat Wagon was parked again.  In this spot, which we have to stay in for three weeks.  Three weeks until we can get back to my spot.  And if you are staying there?  Be warned.  My face don’t lie.


Seems like some days are just a lot of effort and we don’t get very far.  Seems like overthinking, and doubts and well, tiredness can sometimes get the best of us.  But more often than not, trying is what counts.  If we run into a tree, so be it.  At least we tried to fit into that tight spot.  At least we make the effort.  And yes, we may be exhausted.


Persons tell you that if you work hard enough, all of your dreams can come true.  I don’t know about that.  Because sometimes, circumstances beyond our control tell us how far we can go.  It’s if we know that we did our best that we can get to the best place of all.  Happiness with ourself.  That’s a tight spot.  Not many can squeeze in.  Not many will try. But when you get there, you’ll know.

So pack it up and move it out.  There’s a spot reserved for you.  Just not mine.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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When You Can’t Do A Thing, You Can

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. If there is one thing I know how to do when I’m not eating pancakes, it’s how to let others know when I have an opinion.

But even when I have an opinion, sometimes, I know it’s useless to bark. Barking isn’t going to make dinner cook faster. Barking isn’t going to make that man with a hat on take it off. Barking isn’t going to make Girl Person sing less in that key when her song comes on the radio.

Sometimes in life, there’s something that happens and you are very sad about it. Or upset. Or mad. And as much as you want to change it, you can’t. You really can’t. That’s what I knew when we saw thousands of jellyfish washed up on the beach.

At first, we saw a few. Then we saw more. I knew not to mess with them or touch them. Sheriff Brickle and I actually follow Girl Person’s direction on that. My pancake butt doesn’t want to be stung.

Girl Person said jellyfish are very important. Each one of them.

It was heartbreaking to see all of them washed up and not able to get back in the water. There was nothing we could do. Girl Person sighed and said it was time to go back to the RV. She looked up why they were there and found out it was due to tides and changing currents. Seems to me that everything is out of balance. And yet I can’t help the jellyfish. Even Brickle can’t help the jellyfish. Or can we?

Girl Person said that although we were sad, it was a chance to appreciate the jellyfish. Every one of them. Because by acknowledging their existence and not just walking by, that was doing something. Looking up how jellyfish were important to our environment was doing something. Seeing them for the role they place on the earth was doing something. Because most would not care except for the fact it would interrupt their swimming that day.


You see, persons are good at ignoring things. Each other, the earth, animals. They think if they immediately can’t solve a situation, it’s not worth pondering. And I’m saying it is. We couldn’t change the tides to save the jellyfish, but could we learn why it happened or even just one thing about the jellyfish? Did you know they love sunshiney too?

When we know we can’t change something, we can do something by not ignoring. Just like you can’t ignore my barking, don’t ignore your feelings. Dont ignore others.

Don’t ignore the possibility that knowledge may cause change if not today, tomorrow.

Deputy Digby Pancake

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