What I Like

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. Oh, what a weekend at camp!

Who would have thought that there would be a campground for dogs and their persons?

Yes, this park is person friendly too.  But I suppose it would help if you like dogs….or love them.

There is a lot to do here at the campground.

Girl Person told me and Digby Pancake that it was a surprise for us, but I really think she wanted to come here more than anyone else. And that’s ok. She likes what she likes. And she likes dogs a lot.

We met many other dogs during our weekend. Some liked to play ball, some liked to play in the pond.

Some liked to shop in the store. Ok. That someone was me.

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Sometimes, I think that Girl Person expects us to like certain things like a certain dog park or a certain trail. But sometimes we particularly don’t. Because we are particular. We are all particular though, aren’t we?

Imagine if someone told you what you had to like. Imagine if someone told you all the time what you should like to do. How would you feel? What if they just wanted you to like what they liked? Just because we are dogs doesn’t mean we don’t care.

We really do care. Do you notice that?

What Girl Person expected us to like the most here was not what we in fact liked the most. And to her, it was eye opening. It made her understand that she was putting expectations on us to make her happy.

And she wondered if she was doing that to persons too. It’s easy to get caught up in life and not see how we are truly treating others.

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Giving others a chance to be who they are may not be what’s easy.

Especially for ones in our family, we have to let them be who they are even if that means we are different.

Being at a campground for dogs has been fun! We’ve met lots of nice people and friends.

And one of the best things about it was that we got to choose what we wanted to do, where we wanted to go. We got to be who we wanted to be. And isn’t that what we all deserve?

Stay tuned for our plans this week!

Peanut Butter Brickle

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Why You Have To Camp With Your Dog At Valley Of Fires In New Mexico

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Four miles west of the Town of Carrizozo in New Mexico on US 380, Valley of Fires Recreation Area is an unexpected camping destination adjacent to a lava flow! Yes! A lava flow! The lava flow is considered to be one of the youngest flows in the U.S. And you can camp near it with your dog.

This part of the long Tularosa Valley contains many miles of twisted basalt lava, part of an extensive flow up to 165 feet thick and over 45 miles long that originated from several nearby volcanoes, including one vent now known as Little Black Peak, 9 miles northwest of the dusty, windswept town of Carrizozo. From a distance, Valley of Fires appears as barren rock but when you walk through the nature trail there are many varieties of flowers, cactus, trees and bushes typical of the Chihuahuan desert.

This dog-friendly destination should be added to your list of places to camp! There are 19 campsites with picnic shelters, tables, grills, and potable water at each site. RV electric hookups are available at 14 sites.

This campground has elevated views, and a nature trail that Brickle and Digby loved. The nature trail is quite easy on their paws as it is paved. But be careful going off of the trail, as lava can be very hard on their feet.

Views are amazing but the land is quite exposed, so is often very windy, and hot in summer! Oh, the wind! Most people choose to visit in spring and fall.

Brickle and Digby’s List Of Why You Should Camp With Your Dog At Valley Of Fires In New Mexico

Peaceful setting with unique smells and sights 

Short but fun trail to hike with the persons and look at lava

Watching the sunset with our persons and then having a campfire dinner

Big campsites with your own covered picnic table

The Persons’ List Of Why You Should Take Your Dog to Valley Of Fires In New Mexico

This big RV friendly campground has a fabulous view of the adjacent lava flows and surrounding mountains.

Large, spacious RV sites with 50/30 amp electric and water hookups makes this BLM campground one of our tops. Workable cell service. Sites are not reservable, but first-come, first-served.

A paved nature walk made it easy to explore this unique, volcanic world with our dogs.

Animals to watch include bats, roadrunners, quail, cottontails, mule deer, barberry sheep, and lizards. It’s also great for birdwatchers with great horned owls, burrowing owls, turkey vultures, hawks, gnat catchers, cactus wrens, sparrows and golden eagles.

Finding unique campgrounds and sights to share with Brickle and Digby is so enjoyable. Yes, we read the informative sights to them along the nature trail, and it was awe-inspiring to see their reaction to totally new scenery.  Keeping our senior dogs young at heart by allowing them to learn and see new things is what makes travel to us a life changer.

Valley of Fires Recreation Area
P.O. Box 871
Carrizozo, NM 88301
LATITUDE / LONGITUDE 33.68226167, -105.9224303
DIRECTIONS Four miles west of the Town of Carrizozo on US 380.

PHONE 575-648-2241, 575-840-6243


Check out the official Valley Of Fires BLM Website

Have a favorite campground? Tell us about it!

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