Where The Moss Grows

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. If I meet you, you can probably be pretty sure that I am going to ask you for a back rub and a massage.

It doesn’t matter if you are young, or even a baby.

It doesn’t matter if you are older in years, or even as old as Brickle looks. I will ask you for a back rub and a massage.

Since I’m not partial on what people look like or what number their age says they are, it confuses me when others judge on age. Or why they don’t think that someone who is 90 can’t give a better back rub that someone who is a baby. Yes. I’ve asked a baby.

When we were hiking in the West Virginia mountains this week, I saw lots and lots of moss.

Girl Person said that sometimes, people get confused about what are ferns and what are moss. But she said moss doesn’t ever have flowers and it doesn’t have roots.

It takes just the right circumstances for moss to grow. And once it does grow, with the right conditions, it can live a very long time. Just like persons.

So why do some view older persons as having less value?

They may not think that they do. But do they take time to talk to them or visit them? Sometimes, the closest friendships are ones you woukd never expect.

Older persons like moss may not see the sunlight very often. Maybe they are at their houses a lot. And just like moss won’t come to you, sometimes they can’t come to you. You may have to make the effort to hike in the forest to see moss or go to an older persons’ house. Maybe bring some pancakes or cookies. That’s a suggestion.

When we visit places, every place has a lesson for us in nature. Every state inspires us.

That lesson may be different for each one of us. But it is there. You have to look. Listen. And don’t ignore it.

Just like dogs get older and persons get older, you will get older too. Learning to appreciate others now will help you to appreciate and value yourself later on.

Where the moss grows is a beautiful place full of experience and history. Plan a visit. Even bring some sunshine with you.

Learn from the moss. And brush up on your back rub skills.

I’ll be expecting a good one. No matter what your age.

Deputy Digby Pancake

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Holes In The Trees

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Sometimes, I feel invigorated! The cold air sure gives me pep. The breeze in my fur, the smell of breakfast at camp and nice, cold grass makes a Tuesday worth getting up for.

As we were taking our morning hike around the lake at camp, we watched the ducks swim, people walking their dogs and bees buzzing around.

There was a lot of life and activity. But a lot of times, I just like to get a good vantage point and take it all in.

That’s when I noticed so many trees! All different sizes and colors. And I noticed all the holes. There were a lot of trees with holes. And I wondered why.

Girl Person told me that sometimes, trees have holes or hollows like people get cavities in their teeth. She says it can be because of an injury or fungus. Sometimes, birds, insects or other animals can make holes in the trees too.

It got me to wondering if something as strong and rooted as a tree can get a hole in it, why do we feel so bad when we aren’t perfect? By we, I don’t mean me. I am perfect. But you get my point.

A tree can still stand with a hole, or quite a few holes. It can even become a hiding place for animals. Its holes prove to be useful and makes it useful in other ways.

Even if the tree ends up having to come down, its purpose can be in the form of something else like the dock we stood on to admire the lake on our hike.

You see, even if you have holes…many holes..don’t doubt your worth. Let others learn from you, become a place of refuge and most of all, keep standing tall for as long as you can!

This West Virginia place is an inspiration that life is all around us! And that there is always a sunny spot somewhere even in the forest.

Nearly seventy five percent of the state is covered in forests!To some, trees may all look alike. But they each have their own goals towards the sun. They each have roots. Not unlike us.

So take your holes and your cavities and use your experience to teach someone else. Your worth and your value is not in trying to be perfect. It’s in seeing the importance of the holes of your experiences. And recognizing your beauty.

Today, we are venturing out in this West Virginia place! We can’t wait to show you what we find!

Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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