When That Night Came

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. There are times in our life that seem unreal. There are times in our life that we question life as a whole. There are times in our life that we wonder if the moments we remember ever happened at all.

And there are times in our life that will make no sense to me. Ever. Because it doesn’t make sense to my heart.

I miss Digby. And I miss Digby probably more than anyone on this earth. We had a relationship that not many other individuals would have or understand.

I suppose that the best relationships are never understood. They just happen.

We had so many adventures together.

But we also had quiet days where we enjoyed the sunshiney and walks in the orange grove.

We never thought that we wouldn’t be together. And I still think of us together now.

Two years ago, this was to be our last night together. He had already been sick. And I was worried. But he wasn’t worried. He was just tired. And although I miss him beyond words, I am happy his pain ended. But you know what? It still makes me upset he’s not here. I won’t sugar coat it or pancake coat it. I wish he was here. And instead, I’m trying to be positive and encourage the persons for Live Like Digby Day tomorrow.

When you’ve had time with someone as special as Digby and they aren’t with you anymore, you may wonder if they were real. Does that make sense?

Oh, but he was. And when that night came that was our last, I knew it it my heart that the clock was ticking. That same clock that starts ticking when we are all born. When that last night happens for any of us, did we say what we needed to?

Do we aim to be good and trustworthy and kind? Do we truly express what is in our hearts before that night ends?

Digby lived like no one else.

He loved like no one else.

He enjoyed food like no one else.

Digby’s positive attitude was contagious. And I have always aimed to be more like him.

So in his honor and in honor of his memory, instead of that last night, which was just a glimpse of his whole life, I will focus on the best of his life.

And so let’s celebrate Live Like Digby Day tomorrow, December 1st. And will you do something for me? If you post on social media, will you use #LiveLikeDigby so we can see how you are celebrating his life too? Thank you.

Thank you so very much from our whole family.

Peanut Butter Brickle

We miss Digby Pancake so very much. But we still have Brickle with us and we aim to make this week count, despite our sadness. This Friday, December 1 will mark two years since we said goodbye Digby. This Friday, we will be headed to the Humane Society Of Tampa Bay to bring pancakes and other goodies to shelter dogs in his honor.
Please help us celebrate Digby’s life and legacy on December 1!

Get your shirt to wear on Live Like Digby Day here at https://www.bonfire.com/live-like-digby-day-fundraiser/!

You can contribute directly to the fund here at https://tinyurl.com/2z567bfv