Stand By Me

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. I have a lot of things mastered. How to ask for pancakes. How to howl for dinner.

How to bark at Girl Person to bring my personal fan when I get too hot. Yeah. Smart I am.

But often, when persons see the signs on our car with me and Brickle’s faces on them, they ask if we are dog trainers.

They ask if we are groomers.

And Girl Person always laughs. Groomers? If rolling in unmentionables is an extra charge, sure that’s on our list of services. And trainers? Barkless about that. Unless the Park Ranger is outside then I bark extra so we almost get kicked out.

But as we’ve been here in Henderson, North Carolina this week, we have come to appreciate that no matter where we are, and no matter what comes our way or doesn’t, we stand by each other for who we are. Maybe it’s because we found out the person who wrote a nice song was from here and we were inspired. You see, everyone is always from somewhere.

This song, Stand By Me, was written a long time ago by a man named Ben E. King with his friends. He also was the singer of the song. He wrote it for a group to sing that he used to be in. But it didn’t work out that way. So he decided to sing it! And I love listening to it. I’ve really liked listening to it by the lake and town where he was from.

With beautiful things in life that weren’t planned like our stay here in Henderson, North Carolina, we often can’t imagine them any other way. What would the song have sounded like with someone else singing it? I can imagine that it may not have been so popular. So liked. So meant to be.

Girl Person says our life has been like that too. Camping has a way of forcing you to be flexible. We didn’t imagine for this campsite to be so perfect. But it was. We didn’t need all the bells and whistles. We will leave those for the dog trainers. But we did need the peace and quiet. We did need to rest. And although we love the ocean, the peace of the lake was magical. Nature stood by us this week.

Life has a way of surprising us too. We come to appreciate those who love us, even if they are different from us. Or even if they are not close by. We don’t sit by each other when the going gets rough or tough. We stand. We are ready to help each other no matter what. If we are fortunate to have ones who love us, let them know you see them standing. Because true friends are hard to find. And they show up when we least expect it. And most likely need them.

But no matter how much Brickle and I aren’t trained or groomed all fluffy like, we are happy. The persons are happy. And we love each other the way we are. We stand by each other for our imperfections. Even if we may be taking a nap. That’s probably happening.

Deputy Digby Pancake

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The Waffle Is Never Wrong

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. We all have choices in life. Some are very serious. Some may affect you the rest of your life. Some decisions you may question for years to come. But other decisions are easy. Like what to have for breakfast or lunch or even dinner. And for me, obviously, I’ll always choose a pancake. Over and over again.

But what happens when a decision you have to make seems easy, but what you want to do is impossible? Maybe you want to live somewhere but you can’t afford to. Maybe you want to go somewhere but you don’t feel good. Maybe, just maybe, you want that pancake, but someone gives you a waffle. And you didn’t want that waffle. Your decision was decided for you. I mean, me. Yeah. That happened to me.

I was all hoping for a pancake. Maybe a stack of three. You see, I’ve been feeling good. I’ve been hiking with extra speed lately. And the weather has cooled down a little! So yesterday, my drool was falling. I was ready. And Girl Person said “order up”. I love this part of the day.

Now. I don’t get up for breakfast. Brickle and I get hand fed so that we have an equal share and so that we, I mean, I savor it. So Girl Person told us to take our spots outside so we could eat al fresco, and here it came. My order. And well. It was a stack, alright. A stack of disappointment that was far higher than the ceiling in this Big Blue Treat Wagon RV.

But as usual, Girl Person didn’t have to ask me twice to eat something or even one and half times.

And as I bit into that waffle, I knew right away that even though it hadn’t been my first decision or even one I wanted to make, the waffle was not wrong.

A pancake wasn’t the only right decision.

Sometimes in life, two different choices may each be the right one. Because it might be all in the timing. And the time was right for a waffle.

Now. I’m never changing my name to Digby Waffle.

And I’m not saying that pancakes aren’t the best thing in the world. What I am saying is that the right decision may be in change. You can always go back to your favorites. No one is trying to change your mind about that. And they shouldn’t. We can all have regrets about decisions we have made. Some we can never undo. But the trick is to learn from them. That will make future decision more likely to be right. It’s when we don’t learn or acknowledge that we were wrong, that’s when we repeat them.

I’ll never regret being flexible and eating those waffles. But pancakes? I’ll see you tomorrow.

Deputy Digby Pancake