Your Team

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  Yes. It is a tough time right now for everyone in many different ways.  Some people keep saying “we are all in this together.” If I hear that one more time, I will arrest everyone.  

Why do I want to arrest everyone? Because we all have different situations.  It’s good to be kind and feel part of a team.  But every team has different skills, different circumstances.  We can’t lump everyone in one team together like a lumpy batch of pancake dough.

Or Digby’s tummy.

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Yes. It is a tough time. Tough times don’t last. But tough teams do.  Are you on the right team? Are you on any team?  Or are you trying to handle this all by yourself? I want you to know that you don’t have to feel bad for your individual trials right now when others seem to be handling it better than you.  Because maybe they aren’t. 

When we are on a team, we feel included and valued.  We work together to try and win.  

But in this situation, what are we winning?  None of us know even how to play the game right now. 

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So how can we still be a team while not undervaluing what individual problems each individual has?  We can listen.  We can be straightforward with what we are going thru.  

Uncertainty, confusion, anxiety may be just the beginning for some.  But others may also be going thru money problems, added health problems. Some may even have lost loved ones. Let’s not pretend that putting everyone on the same team is the answer.  Let’s work together to make our team stronger by embracing the differences we have.

Some days maybe you will be grumpy.  Like me. 


Some days maybe you will inspired and happy like Digby.

But no matter what your team is, it is guaranteed that you’ll probably switch teams the next. And that is ok.  It is more than ok to not be ok.

Granny Person also used to say, “this too shall pass.” We don’t know if that is true. But don’t let another day pass without giving yourself recognition for that goal you scored.  Yes, you did that!

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How do I know? Because you are still here and still trying.  That is the most important part of a team…not giving up.  Don’t even think about it, or You. Are. Arrested.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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It’s Stealing Even When No One Sees

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. I’ve really been working overtime lately. I’ve been making a lot of arrests.

We’ve been camping at the farm for a long time now. And when I love a place as much as I do the farm, I feel it is my duty to protect it. Even all the sunflowers. Yes. Call me the sunflower bodyguard.

You see, the farm family here planted fields and fields of sunflowers.

People can come and pay to pick the flowers.

But there is a row of sunflowers that is special. They don’t want those flowers to be picked.

And even though there are fields and fields of flowers, persons come and pick the flowers they aren’t supposed to.

Because then, they don’t pay for them. And they think no one is watching. But they are wrong. I am watching.

The secret is, I’m sure I don’t see everyone who is stealing. And maybe no one else does either. But no matter if someone sees them or not, it’s still stealing.

And I wonder. I have to wonder. Do they know that it’s wrong? Do they know why it is wrong? Do they care?

You see, stealing is more than just taking something that doesn’t belong to you. You’re taking someone’s time. The farm family had to buy the sunflower seeds. Plant them. Water them. Care for them.

The farm family has to pay for their farm. The people that work at their farm.

The farm family has to feed the community. People count on them. The same people that may be stealing the sunflowers.

One action can cause many problems. Problems that may come back to you. So yes. Even if no one can see you steal that sunflower, it’s stealing. And you may be stealing from yourself.

We’ve all made mistakes. Maybe we regret those mistakes. Maybe you have taken something in the past that didn’t belong to you. But leave those actions in the past. Be an example to others. You don’t need a sign to do the right thing.

You don’t need the police to do the right thing.

You need to answer to yourself and do the right thing.

Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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