Wear All The Pants

This is Digby Pancake. Never let it be said that I’m not flexible. I’m so flexible.

I can learn to adapt. Even I, yes I, can put on some pants. Or all the pants if needed. And it’s needed.

When temperatures get to 12 degrees and there is snow, you rethink your decision to never wear pants.

I’ve always been against it. Now. Now I need all the pants.

Snow. Not something that we are particularly used to. Sand? Yes. Snow? No.

The only snow we want to see is a snow cone. Pancake flavored.

We couldn’t believe our eyes when we woke up and saw how much snow had fallen.

We also couldn’t believe we left our RV awning out and Boy Person had to climb up on the roof and take care of the situation.

Snow is an inconvenience when you’re in a house on wheels and have to make sure that your tanks don’t bust, your pipes don’t burst or that a million other things don’t happen.

Put a few persons from that Florida place in the snow and you’ll quickly see panic.

You’ll also see that they don’t have the right clothes to stay warm. They don’t have the right pants. So in this case? I say it again. Wear all the pants. And I never want to repeat this again.

You see, even though my opinion of no pants has always been my motto, I had to reconsider this week.

Things change in our lives and what we thought would always be our opinion may change. It doesn’t mean you’re weak. It means you’re smart enough to realize that opinions are just that. Opinions. They don’t fit everyone. Neither do your pants.

Do we love the snow? When we are warmer we will let you know.

But we can still appreciate the beauty. Changes are good for everyone. Even drastic ones. Even when you have to wear all the pants.

Deputy Digby Pancake

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Take It In When It’s Taken Away

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. We thought our day would be a bit hard yesterday. We knew we had to get tires on the Big Blue Treat Wagon RV. We knew it would probably take a little while. But we were prepared. Boy Person would take the RV. And Girl Person would take us for a day of fun. And so we took a long hike! Four miles to be exact. And let me tell you. It was glorious. Just. Glorious.

Girl Person took Deputy Digby and I to a place called the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

There are only two trails in the whole park that dogs are allowed on. So we decided we might as well go on the one called the Gatlinburg Trail. We were in Gatlinburg so that seemed appropriate.

The trail took us two miles each way along a river. And it might have been some of the prettiest stretches of water we have ever seen. I don’t smile often. But I couldn’t stop.

We took our time. We were in no hurry to get back. So we took little swims in the cold water, we met lots of other dogs and persons and we truly enjoyed the day. Oh. And we had lots of treats!

We were so proud of Digby. I’m his brother and I know when he’s happy. And I knew that he was really happy. Really happy.

He was having no problems walking. He leaped over tree stumps and rocks.

You would have thought we were youngins as Granny Person used to say. This place made us feel young.

We forgot all about our Big Blue Treat Wagon RV being gone. We were taking it all in. We had so much fun. Until we got home and our house was still. Gone.

Girl Person thought ahead of time and she had our dinner packed just in case there were any problems. Because if there are any problems that may happen, they will happen. To us. And they did. What did Girl Person forget to do? She packed our emergency dinner of sardines and green beans. But no can opener. No can opener.

I’m all for being flexible. But that’s not getting my belly full. Plus, I was hungry after hiking four miles.

Even when Girl Person promised we would get more to eat when Boy Person got back I was still hungry. I sure did want a magic can opener to appear.

But just when I was too famished to bark, we heard another kind of magic.

Our loud, Big Blue Treat Wagon RV was home! With new shoes!

I’m not sure what the better part of my day was. The beautiful hike when we were on top of the world.

Or when our world, the Big Blue Treat Wagon RV got home.

When something is taken away like your house, it leaves an empty spot. Well. So does a can opener. We had a wonderful hike and a wonderful day. But seeing our empty campsite really put things in perspective. We may not have much. So when that not much is gone, it’s hard. So appreciating what we do have, even with all its imperfections and faults is important.

Look around you. What’s there now that you would miss? Take it all in.

Love it. Say thank you. Whether it’s a can opener or your house. From the small things to the big, so much makes up our day. So take one day to see what you have. I bet you’ll see things you’ve never noticed. But you would notice if it was gone. Notice. Please notice.

Just like things, individuals make up your day too. Your pets, your family, your friends. Even your coworkers, or that nice person at the grocery store. See how much you have? See how great it is when you take it all in?

Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

Only available for a few more days! Don’t miss out!