I Didn’t Tell You That Part

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. Well, some days I guess, you can have too much of a good thing. It’s like when you look at me for too long. It’s just too much. Too. Overwhelming.

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Yesterday, we had to move houses in this Florida place. Boy Person is working really hard trying to get all the stuff in storage sorted out and given away. You see, it’s expensive to ship things to a different country. And it’s also a time consuming for the persons to carry what they do bring up the hill to our little house. So they are making sure that everything they take has a reason.

Yes. It’s so much work just to even think about moving so far away. It’s overwhelming.

And Girl Person has been having very intense emotions about it. She’s trying to be strong and positive. So I decided that in between moving yesterday, I would make a very strong suggestion to get some ice cream. Very strong of a suggestion. Like pulling the persons to where I knew we could get some.

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And to my surprise, the ice cream place told us to come on in!

Wow. There were so many choices. I’ve never been inside an ice cream place! I loved it. Me and Fruitycake each got our own ice cream!

And we licked it all up. Pretty fast. The best things in life are overwhelming, aren’t they? Sometimes it’s pretty hard to control yourself.

And you may have seen in the video we shared how overjoyed we were.

But there was something I didn’t show you. There was something I didn’t tell you. You already know I’m a mysterious fellow.

The part I left out? Well, I ate that ice cream fast. And when we stepped outside into the Florida sunshiney, well, that ice cream hit me like a melting igloo.

And in front of all the persons having their fancy lunches outside, that ice cream made a reappearance like Elvis.

I didn’t tell you that part yesterday. I didn’t tell you about the drama of an ice cream melodrama meltdown in the middle of a sidewalk. I didn’t tell you about Girl Person having to get piles of paper towels and water to clean up the scene. I didn’t tell you I did the crime twice. There was no deliberation on my guilt.

Fruitycake looked at me in horror. Wasted ice cream was not understood by him. But it wasn’t wasted in my opinion. I had enjoyed it. And although the after affects weren’t planned, I still would have done it again. And I will do it again. Because more often than not, the ice cream stays down. More often than not, the fears we have don’t come true.

But you know what? Sometimes things don’t go perfect. I wouldn’t have chosen for that to happen. But also, I could have been done nothing fun yesterday. I could have played it safe and had salad. But that could have reappeared too. It was worth the chance.

No. Yesterday, I didn’t tell you that part. But I guess I should have. Because the more we realize life isn’t perfect, the more we know that WE don’t have to be perfect either to enjoy life. Take the chance. You know what you need to do. Do it before the ice cream melts and you don’t have a choice to make.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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  1. Jacquelyn

    You are so beautiful and precious Brickle! So sorry you lost your ice cream sweetie, but at least you really enjoyed it going down. I love you!❤️🐾

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