The Walnut Alarm Clock

This is Digby Pancake. I can sleep thru just about anything. The smell of coffee in the morning. Brickle’s fresh attitude at six a.m. Even traveling down the road in the Big Blue Treat Wagon RV with the loud sound of impending breakdowns.

But the walnut alarm clock? No one. No one. No one can sleep thru that.

Our first mornings in this South Carolina place should have been relaxed. We should have been all ready to explore our campground at our leisure.

No alarm clock should have been set.

But when it sounds like your roof is going to collapse, and you think it’s raining outside, but it’s not, you wonder where you are. What is happening? Walnuts. Walnuts. Walnuts.

A walnut is a small thing, unlike my appetite. But take a few small things and put them together, and then drop them from high up in a tree, and you will know. Many small things add up to a big thing!

Drop! Drop! Blam! Wham went the walnuts!

We didn’t know whether to duck for cover or just cover our heads with our blankets. But we couldn’t do that because we can only run one air conditioner with 30 amp service. And that’s that in a walnut shell. I also thought about climbing up the trees and having a talk with the squirrels. But bed is better than climbing. And I found that if I continued to howl out the windows, it made for some pretty sweet, South Carolina music.

Not only did it rain walnuts all day. But when you walk outside, you better be prepared. Hard hats are required. Unless you’re Brickle and yours is built in.

South Carolina, your welcome has been profound. And you are a beautiful place. Some travelers go where everyone goes. But if you’re like us, finding places that may be in the middle of nowhere with no flashlight big enough to light your path makes for some interesting stories.

Isn’t life made up of stories? Do you have a good one?

So when you know things are falling down around you, you can either try to catch them. Or sweep up the mess after. Picking your battles is the way to go. And the squirrels have won this battle. I say ambiance is everything. So are pancakes. But you can leave the walnuts out of mine.

After a day of resting from our travel hangover, we are ready to explore! Let’s do this!

Deputy Digby Pancake

Temporary Home

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Welcome to Poinsett, South Carolina! We will begin our coverage on our new abode tomorrow!

Home sweet home.  If it has pancakes.  Or home sweet home can be anywhere we park this Big Blue Treat Wagon.  And if it has been able to drive there in order to park, well, then it’s a very good day.

Since we were in that Jacksonville, Florida for quite a few months, we got kind of used to being parked. Girl Person says that people call that “nesting”.  Well, I am certainly not a bird and I don’t eat like a bird and I don’t have a bird brain.  Although, I wouldn’t complain if I did because I actually think that they are pretty smart.

But that nesting thing kind of got us in trouble.  Not kinda. It did.  We got used to where to buy our groceries, and not needing directions and letting that Depression Monster get us again.  When we started back on the road, we realized how much we enjoyed moving around.  But even things that you enjoy sometimes are hard.  Like the grocery thing.


You probably are used to your own grocery store. You know where things are, how much they are and who works there.  But imagine if you were somewhere new every week and you had to go to a new store every week.  Maybe they had your favorite maple syrup, and maybe they didn’t. Sometimes, you may laugh about it, but then sometimes, you really want your maple syrup and there is nothing you can do.

Or maybe, just maybe, you like a certain campground, but perhaps not the one that gave you a heaping mess of poison ivy.  And you have to leave, but you don’t want to.  The thing is, maybe there is another campground that you may like just as much. But you don’t know it yet.  And that’s why I like our temporary homes.

It’s easy to get used to things being the way they are and forget that outside of our own comfort zones, they are not the same.  Different radio stations, TV stations, persons, roads, stores….the list goes on and on. Girl Person says that it’s easy to rely on conveniences. But are we self reliant enough that if those conveniences went away that we would survive?


The bottom line on my grilled pancakes is that really all of us have a temporary home, even if we have been there all our lives. Things change.  People come in and come out of our lives whether by choice or not.  We have really good times, and not good times.  But never get so used to how things are that we don’t remember they can change over night.

I have heard that the more money you have, the more you spend.  But when you travel like us, you think about every little thing. You don’t know the next time you will be able to go grocery shopping, or how far away the store will be.  So you don’t waste as much.  If you don’t have full hookups to wash dishes inside for a week, you wash them outside just in case.  If you have hot water in a campground shower, you savor it, but more than likely it is not going to last long.  And all of this may seem like a hassle.  But it certainly makes you appreciate what you took for granted all of your life.

And you hopefully will never forget them, even if your circumstances change.

Our circumstances change us, mold us, shape us.  Let it be in a good way. We all have to appreciate our temporary homes that are now.

Won’t you join us in South Carolina this week? We have a lot to show you.  Now.  About that maple syrup…

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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