Live In The Moment

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. It’s true. Living in the moment may be hard. There’s no may be about it. Even in August.

We learned that more than ever this weekend. There we were. Packing up and getting ready to leave that Jacksonville, Florida place. The beach was right there. It had never moved.

The trails and all our animal friends were still there. We were still there. But our hearts had already left. We were wasting the moment. We weren’t breathing in the moment.  We were letting it exhale from ourselves.

Until we looked up at the spiders on our windshield. These spiders had been there awhile! Because we had been here awhile. They made themselves at home. They weaved their webs of home. We were kind of like them. And yet, we couldn’t stay. But they could.

As we gently got them down from the RV and placed them somewhere safe, I realized something. Even though they had thought their home was permanent there, it wasn’t meant to be. It would have been detrimental for them to stay on our windshield. They had to move. And just like them, we had to move.

When the vet told us that it would be good for Digby to travel and use his mind, well, we listened.

Yes, it took us a bit to get to feeling good enough to go. And we don’t have the perfect scenario to travel right now. But just like the spider works towards its goals of building a beautiful web, so can we. We know we can do better. We aim to do better.

One time, we went to a place in Arkansas that you could dig for diamonds. You may remember our visit there. We didn’t find any diamonds those days. But a day after we left, someone did find a diamond. A very expensive one! But before we left, we purchased a bag of extra dirt that we could sift thru later. We saved it all this time. Just in case there was a diamond in there when we needed it most.

Oh. And also Digby was using the bag of dirt like a pillow. But we sifted thru that bag this week. And guess what? All we found were rocks. No diamonds. None at all.

It would have been easy to get disappointed. But when Boy Person told me those rocks took years and years to form, I knew it to be true. They were just a different kind of treasure. Not the ones we were looking for. But they were to be appreciated anyway. Just like the situation we are at now in life. This moment. This day. And in honor of Boy Person’s father, who would have liked to travel one more day, we sing this for him.

You may have disappointments in life. You see, we’ve been there. And everywhere, it seems like. Me and Digby have been so many places that we’ve been a lot of places twice.

But that doesn’t mean we aren’t more than happy to start this part of our life that is today…wherever we are. I want to know though, are you up for the ride? Are you ready to live in the moment with us? Let’s see what treasures we can find when we aren’t even looking. Look to our Facebook page for real time updates all day!

Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

I’m Gonna Need You

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. This is our last blog from this Jacksonville, Florida place. Unless we come back. Which…you never know. And well, the RV may not make it out of here anyway. I’m joking. But serious.

Isn’t it nice to know that there are so many places to come back to? We’ve been a lot of places. We have loved a lot of places. But just like individuals, some places have our hearts. And Jacksonville, Florida is one of them.

This place had the beach for Brickle, hiking trails for me, soccer for Boy Person and good, organic groceries and vegetables for Girl Person. So many keep asking us why we have to leave. And I’m not one for details. But I know most campgrounds only let you stay for certain amounts of time. I suppose this is so other people can enjoy it too. And that’s ok.

I won’t lie, because dogs can’t lie. But we are going to miss it very much here.

Sure. We won’t miss the mosquitoes biting our butts. But it’s time to take those butts to new places. We will head for cooler weather. But it’s going to take a few weeks to get there. The Big Blue Treat Wagon isn’t as strong as she used to be. Or as fast. Just like all of us, I suppose.

Even after all these years of being on the road, we are still learning to live in the moment. It’s not easy to do when you have things to worry about. It’s actually very hard. Sometimes, you make up your mind to be positive but something happens and you forget. We all have to work on ourselves all of the time. Nature teaches us that. There’s low tide. There’s high tide. There’s low spots in life. High spots. You have to go with the flow.


It actually would be easier to make up our minds not to miss this Jacksonville, Florida place. But is there something good about letting your heart miss a place or an individual? There is. It makes us realize we do need others. That the world is more than just us.

It’s ok to tell someone you need them. Even if we can’t stay here for now, we need to take the memories, moments and lessons that this place taught us. We also need you. We need you to join us on the road, in the moment.

And we won’t be telling you where we are going or what the day will bring until each, new day! Can you learn to live in the moment? Even if we are broke down? Yes. That will happen.

Jacksonville, Florida place? Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. We won’t say goodbye. See you soon. And if we break down before we get out, it’s good to be back.

Deputy Digby Pancake

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