Be Brisky and Frisky

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  Every day when we wake up, we have a few choices.  What to eat for breakfast.  Who to arrest.  Who not to arrest… which is no one.  We also have a choice on whether we choose to live life, or just live.  Whether you want to admit it or not, and I am a Sheriff, so I get people to admit stuff, you have a lot of control over your day.  Even if Brisky and Frisky wake you up at the crack of dawn.

Yep.  Sometimes you would think that when you live in a big house on wheels that you should expect a few odd things in normal, day to day living. Like sometimes, the RV shakes at random. Often, things stop working like air conditioners or water heaters or electricity or batteries or refrigerators.  Ok, maybe that is just in this RV.  You would also think that you would have less of a chance of things going wrong when you are sitting still, but nope.  Things still break at random, and you get kind of used to it.  So when your house starts shaking, you think, oh great, what now.  But you never would think that there are elephants on top of it, unless you hear the elephants on top of it. And you wonder.  Is this really normal?


There I was, doing my normal thing of laying around watching the persons make their coffee mud, listening to Digby snore and kick the wall, and waiting until it was time to go outside.  Then. The shaking started like an earthquake.  Or, I mean, RV quake.  None of us knew what it was, but as I looked outside and saw them, I knew.  These guys.  Brisky and Frisky must have already had their coffee mud.  Brisky and Frisky had an early start, and they intended to live their life today by trying to knock over the bird feeder.  Yes, the Olympics should just stop right now.  The winners of all time are Brisky and Frisky.

The RV shook so hard that we wondered if the squirrels were in fact going to drop down through the skylight.  And if that would have happened, I can’t say that an arrest would  have come.  Because there would have been two.  But instead of falling through the ceiling, they hooked their feet onto the lights in the front of the Big Blue Treat Wagon RV, hung upside down, and managed to not only eat most of the bird seed in one sitting, but they took some for later, ran up the tree about ten times, back across the RV and this was on repeat for about an hour.  Until Boy Person wondered if they were playing so hard that they were going to damage our windshield! So as he went outside to survey the situation, the squirrels became surprised and jumped so far that they surprised themselves.  We were all surprised.  Surprise, surprise, surprise.  This was a show that anyone would pay to watch.  Brisky and Frisky were out to entertain, impress and captivate their audience.  Except for Digby.  He was still asleep.


As I sat there and watched Brisky and Frisky, and as I watched the persons watch Brisky and Frisky, I wondered.  Was there much more to a good day than this?  Persons can start to think that everything is a bother, a pest.  But when they actually take just a minute to see the Briskys and Friskys all around them, and the humor in all of the things that make the world go round, that is a gift.

The squirrels had fun taking our gifts to be sure, but they left us with much more in return.  All animals do.  And it is our responsibility to show them our thanks in helping them when we can.  Or simply…just letting them BE.

We all are just renting space on this earth, no matter what your piece of paper says.  Whether you are parked in a space for a little while, or pour concrete over your space, take the time to meet the ones that were there long before you.  And who have a right to be there too.  See how they live life every day because they choose to.  You can make the same choice too.


I wish though, that Brisky and Frisky might set their alarms for an hour later tomorrow.  Just a suggestion, guys.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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The Episode

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  Sometimes, someone needs so much arresting that you don’t even need the report.  Sometimes, someone needs the law laid down firmly.  Even if your name isn’t Sally.  It’s Odie.

You think that you are having a peaceful, uneventful walk thru the campground after taking a swim.  You think.  You think that there is no danger waiting for you around that corner.  You take the snapshot in your mind of a bathroom facility that is unassuming, not dangerous by any sort of the imagination.  And then.  You go around that corner.  And he’s there.  Waiting. Not in a Richard Marx sort of way at all.

Now.  We have walked by this guy before.  Odie.  Oh, we know his name because his person has to hold him back from us as we pass by.  No, he isn’t a big fellow.  In fact, he is knee high to a grasshopper as Granny used to say.  But nonetheless, I am not one to cause trouble, look for trouble or want trouble.  I take care of trouble.

However, when trouble is on a leash, attached to a post outside of a bathroom, I steer clear of said trouble.  Named Odie.  He meant business y’all.  And without his person there, I will tell you this.  That leash had no chance.  And so Odie.  He saw a chance.  And he took it.

Odie twirled and he growled and he snarled and he lunged.  Deputy Digby and I kept walking, which I can only assume was not acceptable to Odie.  And as he twirled just one more time, his leash came off that post.  And I knew as soon as the episode occurred.  This wasn’t gonna be pretty.  Well, I am always pretty.  But not the episode.  And so as he ran toward us with the vigor of the wind sweeping over a hot trash heap, which was right next to the bathroom by the way, we froze. Like ice. That is all we could do.

Girl Person knew that she had a choice.  Try to grab Odie’s leash, but nope.  His teeth on our legs said nope.  She knew that she could scream though.  And scream she did.  She yelled to anyone, anyone that would hear, preferably not in the bathroom with his pants off, that Odie was loose.  She tried to keep cars from hitting us all on the road, yet, they seemed to slow down when they saw the commotion. Some may have even turned around.  And as a last resort, she yelled, “Your dog is loose!!!!”. There was no choice.  And out came Odie’s person.  Odie’s half pant wearing person.

Now, I never do anything half way.  You know that. And wearing pants or wearing pants half way just isn’t necessary at all.  Unless you are chasing a dog named Odie who is biting my feet.  You should wear pants for everyone’s sake.


So as Odie saw his person running towards him with a sight to behold, Odie knew his gig was up.  And it was time to pull the pants up.  His person said no words.  Only one.  Odie. And everyone just knew that no words were necessary.  It was time to move along. And my arrest report?  It needed no words either.  I simply entitled it, “The Episode”.  It is not rated PG.  It is rated PG-Odie.  That’s a scary, scary rating.

Now, you would have thought that everyone would have been mad.  Everyone would have been angry.  No need for anger in some places.  Certainly not outside a campground bathroom.  Sometimes, you just gotta laugh.  Unless you are Odie.

So the next time you see an unassuming bathroom facility and a dog that is waiting…right there waiting…I suggest that you walk just a little bit faster.  A lot faster.  Or cover your eyes.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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The Joyride

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. You already know that Sheriff Brickle and I love to go places.  Traveling is kind of our middle names.


We have so many names that I can’t keep up.  But we aren’t the only ones that love to travel.  Sometimes though, you don’t even have to have a destination to enjoy it.

Since I have been getting older than yesterday lately, I have seen a lot of things.  And I have met a lot of persons, young and old.  And there is something that I find a bit odd.

When we first started camping, I noticed that the child persons liked to ride around on bikes a lot.  Now, I don’t understand bikes.  If I only had two legs, I certainly still would not ride a bike.  There is no place to put my tail.

But you know, to each his own I suppose.  It doesn’t bother me that I may be viewed as odd with my culinary exploits and fondness for rolling in dead stuff.  So no judgement on the bikes.  I am just not up for that.  But after watching all of the child persons on them, I watched other campers too.


I started to notice the older persons getting on the same kind of bikes that the child persons did.  And I thought that was kind of crazy.  You had younger persons on bikes, enjoying the ride.  They loved their bikes. Their bikes were real special to them.

But I knew what would happen.  I have been around long enough now.

As the younger persons would live their life, go to jobs, have families of their own and work harder and harder, they would work their hardest to get back on those bikes that they had to put away.  Yep. Instead of riding them all their lives, they would put them up to work, but then long for the day that they could get back on them.  Their joyrides were too far in-between.


And as all dogs do, we try to tell the persons that life is meant to be lived good…all your days.  If you try to fill your life with too much stuff, or too much work and less time for joyrides that you want to take, the day may come when you can’t ride anymore.

For the older persons, I do know this too, because I am barking from experience.  You are the same person that you were at five that you are at a million and five, if that was such an age.

We don’t ever change who is in our heart.  We just try to fill our heart with stuff that doesn’t matter.  But if you remember who you are, and how much you loved that bike, you will always be young at heart.

I say that if we are young at heart, there is a chance that we can be better.  We can be happier.  We can ride that bike better.  But until they build a tail holder, I’m out.  I’ll just watch.  So make it worth my while.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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Feed The Alligators and You Get Bigger Alligators

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  You know, when you have been cooped up as long as we have these past few weeks because of the rain, you start hearing things.  You start seeing things.  You start imagining things.  You start being hungry.  Actually, if you are me, you never stop being hungry.  And so, if you have to nap the day away, you choose to dream about things that you like.  Pancakes.  Pancakes with syrup.  Eating all the pancakes.  When it is raining, you can dream about anything that you want to, and for as long as you want to.  And it makes me happy.

I’ve heard people say that “the nicest thing about the rain is that it always stops.”  And yes, sometimes it does stop and you have to wake up for dinner.


Now, sometimes, if you are like me, when you wake up, you are a bit groggy.  It takes a minute, or an hour to realize even where I am at first.  So when I looked out of the window after my fifth nap of the day yesterday, I thought I was seeing things.


I am not sure if you can see it.  If you can, you may wonder.  Am I seeing things?  What is that?  I rubbed my eyes a bit more…


Now.  You know that our friend Ollie Gator lives around here.  And we are always on the lookout around the lakes and the creeks and the swamps.  But it never would have been in my wildest dreams of even blueberries and pancakes that we would be camped next door…to…him. This was our neighbor?

I like this campground, I am just going to say that.  But, it is true, sometimes, we get neighbors that are loud.  Or neighbors that throw trash.  Or neighbors that leave their lights on all night.  So this new neighbor?  He wasn’t the worst.  And in fact, this guy was just sitting there.  Being all alligator like.  My only worry?  I would have to share if he came over and asked for a cup of something.  Like flour or whatever.


About the same time as I saw our new neighbor, Boy Person saw him too.  He asked Girl Person if she had looked out the window.  And I wondered…what was the big deal here?  Seriously though, he had his camping pass in the window.  But then Boy Person asked Girl Person if he was real.  Girl Person shrieked, looked a little closer, and they stood there and watched it to see if he was breathing.

They could not decide.  But right about that time, other neighbors who have busted in our RV for the last two days decided to make their presence known too.  The flies.  The family of flies.  We get one out, two come back in.  We get two out, four come in.  And so, the persons got distracted as they always do.  Even with the new neighbor not breathing outside of our door.

And even though I was sleepy, and yes, hungry, I noticed what was happening here.  I wasn’t currently worried about the new neighbor, because he wasn’t that big.  Also, not breathing.  But if the persons kept getting the flies out of here, and our neighbor kept eating the flies, wouldn’t he get bigger?  And then he would be able to move and then come knock on our door and ask for flour which makes my pancakes?  I could not let the all you can eat fly buffet from this Big Blue Treat Wagon RV be open any longer.  Sheriff Brickle and I had to take matters into our own paws and eat all of the flies before our neighbor could.

Now, when you have had the ultimate in culinary delights, you find it hard to go back to the real world of flies.  I don’t like Shoofly Pie.  At all.  And Brickle either. So as bored as we were with the rain and the dreaming, and what was at stake with our new neighbor, we made the executive decision to just go back to sleep.


They say if you feed the alligators, you get bigger alligators.  But also, he was not a real alligator.  Did I really need to tell you this?  And they call Sheriff Brickle the smart one.


For the persons, spending their day chasing out flies, and inviting more in, while trying to decide if an alligator was real or not outside our RV put some stuff into perspective.  We had a bit of a crazy life.  And we wouldn’t change this life for anything.  Maybe there are crazy things in your life too.  Maybe sometimes,  you think that you are the craziest of all.  And you may be right.  But I like that.

Because I can guarantee you will never be as crazy as a person chasing out flies while watching for a fake alligator to breathe.  I guarantee.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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Don’t Accuse The Squirelly Squirrel

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  I am always in an arresting mood.  That is not up for discussion.  Or debate, actually.

But even I recognize that some are falsely accused.  Like Squirelly Squirrel.  Yet, they get taken to court every day.

Now.  Every criminal has a mug shot.  And yet, because Squirelly Squirrel did not actually commit a crime, obviously, I do not have a mugshot.  I don’t even have a cupshot.  But what I do have is a story.  A story of how squirrels, even a Squirelly Squirrel can get accused, every day, of something that they aren’t even doing.  And it has to stop.

“You can’t be suspicious of a tree, or accuse a bird or a squirrel of subversion or challenge the ideology of a violet.”

Now.  First things first.  Squirely Squirrel has taken it upon himself to jump like an acrobat from a tree to the bird feeder hanging off of the side of the motorhome every morning to partake of the bird seed buffet.  Now, you know I am all about the details.  So.  Did you know that seeds are not only meant for birds? Ugh, yeah.  Other animals eat seeds, like the squirrel.  I say the bags are false advertising.  That is like putting on a bag, Brickle Peanut Butter Cookies and saying that no one else should eat those cookies.  Which would be perfect for me, but I am a realist, folks.  That is not going to happen.


The persons watch Squirelly Squirrel every morning with the anticipation of Digby watching pancakes sizzle.  Well, actually, not really.  But it is fun to watch him. Also, we do not have TV.  He usually can’t hold on very long, gets dizzy from hanging upside down, and then knocks the seeds out of the container.  No, he isn’t the most elegant of squirrels, but then, who is he trying to impress? It’s not like he is on Dancing With The Stars. I could be though.

So you may wonder.  If Squirelly Squirrel is trying to take the seeds from the birds, why don’t I arrest him.  But I ask you this.  What if the birds are taking the seeds from the squirrels?  Who are we to say? Are you a lawyer?  I didn’t know if you are.

It amazes me how persons can think of one animal as being as a nuisance, like a squirrel.  But then marvel at watching the birds.  But all animals are amazing.

Have you ever watched a squirrel?  I implore you to do so, and as well, buy us some more seed because he is eating it all.  But I will not complain.  It isn’t like he is taking my Brickle Peanut Butter Cookies.  At least not yet.  You see, squirrels like Squirelly Squirrel have life all figured out.  They live life.  They have fun.  They spend their days eating and sleeping and chasing and climbing trees.  And through it all, it never occurs to them that they may be stealing anything like seeds.

“If we had a keen vision of all that is ordinary in human life, it would be like hearing the grass grow or the squirrel’s heart beat, and we should die of that roar which is the other side of silence.” George Eliot

The normalcy of life and those who live it often goes unnoticed by all of us.  And that my friends is the problem.  No arrests will be made today if you thank a squirrel. Thank a squirrel for reminding you that we all deserve the happiness that we find on this earth, and that each of us equally deserve it.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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Puddle Wonderful

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Well, some may say that it doesn’t feel good when you pee on a light pole and get shocked.  Some may say that.  I will say that.


Some may also say that they don’t feel so good after such an occurrence.  But I think that my reset button just got pressed.  All of a sudden, I am more cuter.  I am hungrier.  And I want more pancakes.  That reset button just feels like a normal Tuesday.  Thank you all for your concern.  It was quite a scare for everyone, and in case you are wondering, yes,  you can send me a bouquet of pancakes.


Some may also say that days of storms and rain have us all a little stir crazy.  Which is the reason why we decided to walk off our moods at the beach.  But to get to the beach, you have to walk thru the campground, even if it is raining.  Because you do what you gotta do.  And after so much rain, it looks like you would expect it to.  Full of mud and dirt and lots and lots of puddles. And apparently, when you walk thru puddles you are supposed not to like that.  Who does not like that?

“A frog would leap from a throne of gold into a puddle.”


When persons don’t make sense, I call them out on it.  In fact, not only do I snap them into reality by being myself, but my intentions are to make them be themselves, without all of the worries or cares or concerns.  Because simply put, life is not as complicated as they make it.  Finding joy, even in puddles is necessary.  Otherwise, what do you really have in life?

“Childhood is that state which is the moment a puddle is first viewed as an obstacle instead of an opportunity.”


Can you imagine for a moment if you were a puddle?  You found yourself in the best hole, and you were a big puddle.  You were just being the best puddle that you could be.  People would walk by and look at their reflections.  But maybe they were the reflection of who actually was in the puddle.  I actually have no idea what that means.

“Did you ever wonder if the person in the puddle is real, and you’re just a reflection of him?”


But, if for but a moment, a puddle could be walked thru or jumped over, that puddle, was but if for a second, a time that you could be a kid, or a puppy again.  Because in life, there are simple, lovely, wonderful things like puddles.

Sometimes, people only seeing having to clean us dogs up, or the nuisance of obstacles like a puddle that is in their way.  But if you care to get your feet wet, but not while peeing on a light pole, that is when you don’t have to worry.  You didn’t let the worries win.

“Imagine a puddle waking up one morning and thinking, ” This is an interesting world I find myself in, an interesting hole I find myself in; fits me rather neatly, doesn’t it? In fact it fits me staggeringly well! It must have been made to have me in it!”


That light pole may have shocked some sense even into Sheriff Brickle.  As he was worried about me, when he realized I was ok, that puddle that had blocked our path became not a puddle that he was concerned about getting his paws dirty in.  But he ran through it to get me home with a happy dance that I haven’t seen in awhile.  He danced through that puddle.  And that puddle, right at that moment was wonderful.  A true wonderland.

When you have a chance to appreciate the puddles in life by dancing thru them, or jumping over them, or splashing through them, do it.  And if the ones that you love, and the ones that love you jump in with you, all the better.

Our world tries to distract us with nonsense, trying to make us think that even puddles aren’t important.  But the real world is wonderful, full of puddles and mud and wonderful. But also, don’t pee on a light pole in the puddle.  I just want to emphasize that.  Otherwise, jump in!

“Sometimes the whole world is mud luscious and puddle wonderful”

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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How Does Your Garden Grow?

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  If they into each life a little rain must fall, they didn’t say that it would last for over a week.  Who is they? Does anyone really know? And Sheriff Brickle?  He is getting quite irritable with his hair all a mess.  He doesn’t know it is a mess.  In fact, he thinks that it actually has been looking a little stylish.  I say he is a little mistaken.  But who am I to argue with a Sheriff that hasn’t got his sunshiney lately?  Nope, not I.

When things aren’t going your way, it is easy to go with the flow for a few days.  But when you see no end in sight, that usually is when you may start to worry.  You may start to get upset.  And you wonder, will it ever, truly, stop raining?


Life is like that sometimes, it seems.  Like when you go to the store, and they don’t have your favorite brand of maple syrup and try to pass off some fake stuff.  Then you try to leave the store, and a deluge falls out of the sky that floods the entire neighborhood.  Then, you get in your car and there is a puddle on the floor because it rained so hard it came inside.  And you have no umbrella.  Because you don’t want to spend money to buy an umbrella.  And so you figure, life has got you all wet.  One thing leads to another.  Yes. This happened. What do you think that I do? Make up this stuff?

But then, you realize that your car is actually full of groceries.  Although wet, you have a car.  And food.  No maple syrup, but thankful, nonetheless.  And so you drive home, you get to your house on wheels, and you take out that new birdseed you bought for the Scarlet Pimpernel.  Because he won’t eat the kind you bought in California.

I didn’t know that birds were as picky about their food as Brickle.  But it is true.  Apparently, the Scarlet Pimpernel only likes certain seeds, and he decided to throw all of the rest of them on the ground.  And the ones he left? With all of the rain, apparently, he was trying to grow a garden.


Now, I am all about having a green thumb…if I had thumbs.  But why would a bird be trying to grow his own garden, I wondered?


Maybe he wanted to be the talk of all the birds in the campground.  Maybe he wanted to  grow his own grass so that he could buy a lawn mower and ride around in it like a proud peacock.  Seems logical.

Or maybe he wanted to save some money and have an endless supply of treats.  As you know, I have been looking for that coveted pancake tree for years.  But, no.  I thought about it some more.  And I figured that the Scarlet Pimpernel was trying to grow his own garden because he knows that we won’t be camped here forever.  When we leave, who is going to buy his favorite foods?  He was saving up for a rainy day…even though it actually may not be raining from the sky when we leave. It will be raining from our hearts.  Even the little bird one.


Yes, our time here is coming to end soon.  As usual, our planning skills have much to be desired.  And we didn’t plan for this holiday week.  So we leave our space here in the campground on Thursday to move to another spot here for two nights.  Then, we have to go to St. Mary’s, Georgia on Saturday until Tuesday.  And then next Tuesday, we come back right here until the end of June.  And then?  You will have to wait and see!


You see, we could have let the rain get us down, and truth be told, some days it did.  But in all of the rain and the storms and the mud and the dirt, we had to find out that actually even waiting for the rain to stop is a good thing.  How many have went through something in their life that they thought was the worst and would never get better?  What happened when you actually got through it?  I can bet as high as a stack of pancakes that afterwards, you learned something.  I can bet that you were a better person for it.  And I can bet that the lessons served as an umbrella for the next time the rain came.  This much is true…after the rain is the best time of all.

But if you are in the rain…right now…you can still start planting your garden.  You don’t have to wait until the sunshine comes, because you will need the rain too.  Life isn’t about waiting for storms to pass.  It’s about learning to be happy in the rain.  And what makes us happy today?  Even if the rain doesn’t stop, Gandma and Gandpa decided to drive the four hours from Tampa here.  And we get to see them today!  That my friends is going to be sunshiney even if there is no sun.  And isn’t that the trick?  Make the effort to grow your garden.  Get your seeds.  Make the best of what you have.  And see what grows.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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The Not So Itsy Bitsy Spider

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  There are many wonders in this world.  There are natural wonders like me.  There are man made wonders like the pyramids.  But if you have not found a lonesome spider in an RV, well, you haven’t seen nothin.’


Meet my friend Not A Recluse.  Yes, he has three names to be official, because officially, people mistake him for another spider called a Brown Recluse many times.  So many times in fact, that he has taken to hiding. Which actually would make him a recluse.  But who are you? The name police?  You see, some are wrongly accused.  Not like Deputy Digby who is always rightly accused.  Because he did it all.  But Not A Recluse has taken to hiding because not only is he innocent, but he is harmless.  Not only is he harmless, but he is useful.  And not only is he useful, but he is feared.  By you, probably. Most certainly.  But why?

It amazes me as a dog how persons are scared of so many things around them when they are bigger than most of those things.  And it amazes me that persons cannot see the value in someone like a spider just because it is supposedly scary.  Yes, some can harm us like poisonous snakes. But the downright truth it, and I always tell the truth, is that most of them are harmless.  It is you that is doing the harming to many other things when you disrupt their jobs and abilities. Most of the time, your fears are simply unfounded, y’all.

There Boy Person was last night, reorganizing and cleaning a little under the RV. And all of a sudden, there Not A Recluse was.  He was hanging out, building a web.  And at first, Boy Person jumped a little bit.  But he looked at Not A Recluse.  He didn’t see any signs that is was a Black Widow.  He didn’t see any signs that it was a Brown Recluse.  Why? The Brown Recluse has what you may think looks like a fiddle on him.  Also, remember. His name is Not A Recluse.  I guess I had to state the obvious.

Boy Person took a picture of him to blow up to make sure that he was correct in his assumptions that he was not a criminal.  And after doing a bit of research, it was determined that Not A Recluse could hang out where he wanted to hang out. He could catch bugs.  He could simply be what he wanted to be.  A spider that didn’t mean to scare anyone.  A spider that didn’t even know why persons should be scared of him.  For all he knows, he is the handsomest, best spider that there ever was.  For all he knows, he may think that the sun comes up for him everyday and that he deserves an award for being the best bug catcher around.

You see, sometimes, we think we are so important.  We go around, being all important.  We see a bug and we step on it because maybe we think it isn’t important.  Maybe a bug is in our house and we just kill it and don’t take it outside so that it can live.  Maybe we spray our yard with chemicals or weed killers and think nothing of everything we are doing to harm others.  And I have to say.  When will we know to stop? When will we realize that the more we fight against nature, the more it will fight back in other ways? When will we realize that everything could end if not for bugs? If not for spiders? If not for bees?

Just like persons and dogs are important, so are all living things.  Even the sea gulls on the beach that are driving us crazy.

Yes, we may harm things everyday that we don’t know. We may step on an ant just trying to be an ant.  We may swat a mosquito trying to do mosquito things. But for those that we can help, isn’t it imperative that we either take an extra minute to help them, or just let them be?  Not everything is out to get us.  Everything is just trying to be.  Just trying to live and be the best that it can be.  Even Not A Recluse.

You may say you are scared of spiders.  You may say that you don’t want them crawling on you.  Well, I don’t want them on me either.  But I am proud of the fact that I have found a way to live by them and live with them.  It takes us all to make the world go round in a better way.  If we don’t try to live peacefully, we won’t have any world at all.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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Talking In Your Sleep

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  It has been awhile, I mean a few minutes, since I last arrested someone.  It has been even longer since that someone was Deputy Digby Pancake.  And if I had the energy today, I would arrest him. But since my beauty sleep has been sorely and rudely interrupted, I am going to ask for back up.  Do you care to log this in my arrest report book?  Do you care to get the pawcuffs?  It is time that you make a citizen’s arrest, because this Sheriff is sleepy.  And I could use your assistance.


It is true that we all have bad dreams, and that sometimes we can’t go to sleep. But if the Deputy can sleep during a drive through Kansas in a windstorm, a fire and smoke warning in California, and tornado force winds in South Dakota, I am confused at the fact that he can’t go to sleep because of a raccoon staring at him from a tree outside his window.

It is no secret that I am the law, but a Sheriff has to have assistance from his Deputy.  And when that said Deputy is scared of the riff raff outside, he pretends to be asleep so that I take care of it.  And more than that.  Then he pretends to be barking in his sleep.  Talking in his sleep.  Yelping in his sleep, so that the raccoon directs his anger at me, because said Deputy is faking being asleep.

I have seen it all.  I have heard it all, y’all.  But I have never been privy to a Deputy keeping his family up all night because he is scared of a masked bandit outside.

If you know the persons at all, you may know that they work a lot and don’t have time for a lot of sleep.  Well, me neither.  And when we tried to finally go to sleep last night, I knew that the riff raft was out there.  But I also knew that we were all real tired.  I knew that the Big Blue Treat Wagon RV was secured.  And I knew that the 2 Traveling Frogs were standing guard on top of the shower skylight.  They had it covered.  But obviously, the Deputy’s trust in my assessment of the situation was lacking.  And so every hour.  Every hour, howling.  Yelping.  Boy Person kept getting up, checking what was wrong.  I tried to take my usual guard station duties by Girl Person in the other room.  But the Deputy was having none of this.  They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder.  Well, I was trying that approach.  But with all the barking and yelping and howling, the Deputy wouldn’t let me miss him at all.

So, after hours of the masked bandit wreaking havoc on us all, Boy Person, Girl Person, and yes, even the Sheriff decided that the only way we were going to get any sleep was to join the Deputy on the kitchen table which has been turned into a dog bed.  Would it be a little crowded? Yes.  But the Deputy’s makeshift jail cell at this point was going to have to hold us all.

I can only imagine that the masked bandit got a kick out of seeing us all sleeping on an RV kitchen table.  But since I was so tired from the whole ordeal, I didn’t care.  Night turned into morning.  And we woke up more tired than when we went to bed…I mean the kitchen table.

Isn’t that how life is?  One day, you are living your life, young and full of energy.  You keep living your life, and the days go by, faster and faster.  One day you wake up and realize that you have less sunsets left than yesterday.  And you don’t think about wasted time not arresting raccoons or getting enough sleep.  Because you just want to keep living.  You want to keep having new stories to tell.  The ones in our life like Digby may irritate us sometimes.  Sometimes, we want to tell them to be quiet.  But if one day you have to watch all of the sunsets alone, with no one talking at all, it will be those irritations that you will want again.  Don’t let the sun set with an empty stomach, or a bad feeling about someone.  Appreciate what they teach you…even if they are barking about it in their sleep.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle