You Don’t Know The Power Of The Dark Side

This is Fruitycake.  Isn’t every day such a great day to be happy?  Every day, I wake up and I don’t think about anything sad.  I am just excited to start my day.  Once I lounge a little bit more with Girl Person while she drinks her espresso that Boy Person brings her to bed and checks her email.

It is always nice to sleep just five extra minutes.

I wish persons knew how I felt each day.  But it seems like one thing, or a lot of things can make them not happy.  The opposite of happy.  Like too many emails.

Or paying bills.  Or not being able to pay those bill things.  Sometimes, the persons can even make up problems in their mind if they don’t have any.

The power of the dark side seems harder to fight for them some days.  And I just can’t relate to it.

Us dogs may not have the same length of time that you persons do on this earth.  But the time we do have is ours.  I feel like persons’ time is not theirs.  I feel like they have too many troubles.  I feel bad about it.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.

It is time for me to remind my persons that right now, even though they have a lot to do to get to that Italy place and they have many worries, it is still a time that we won’t get back together.  Even this time is an experience.

And unless they start concentrating on not letting it affect them so much, it will start to affect Brickle and I.  Because the power of the dark side can suck others in when you go there.  And that’s not fair to them.

You may think your dog doesn’t notice when you are having problems.  But oh, we do.  So don’t make our shorter time on this planet any less happy.

I know that it is hard to fight through problems.  I can see that.  I was strong when I was on the streets because honestly, I didn’t know any other way to be.

I wanted to be alive even when I was hungry.  Or cold.  Or hot.  Or lonely. Because every day was a new day to find a better life.  Every step we take every day adds up to taking us somewhere.  So where are you going?

Don’t go to the dark side.

Our emotions are strong. Powerful.  Our will to survive is strong. Powerful.  Our possibilities in life for happiness are the strongest.  Go there.  Go to the light.  Not the dark side.

-Fruitycake The Raccoon

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