Ordering Off The Menu

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. Rules. I love rules. I’ve always loved enforcing them too. I know all. I see all. I hear all. And I remind others of rules in a firm but nice and fair way. That’s a hard thing to do. But I’ve had lots of practice at it.

Digby was also the best at breaking the rules. He broke the nightly quiet curfew at camp all over the USA.

He most likely broke the sound barrier.

But rules, as important as they are, have a place. A place where common sense overrides a rule. Like now for me. At my age, you learn that rules aren’t as important as options.

Sometimes, you have to order off the menu. Not on it.

That’s right. When you go to a fancy restaurant, you get a menu. And it has all of the choices for you.

Did you know we all have reservations at a wonderful restaurant every day? It’s the restaurant of life with endless choices.

But others sometimes try to limit your choices. Or tell you that it’s better to just order from the menu. To follow the rules. You may want a sweet potato but only see French fries. What will you do? If you don’t ask, you won’t receive. Same as the restaurant of life.

Right now, others tell me I can’t more than they tell me I can. I know they think I’m too old. Too slow. That I don’t care about menu choices because of my age. But I don’t follow those rules.

My menu has a lot more choices in my mind of things I want to do. Like get to that Italy place.

Have you ever went to a restaurant, all excited, and they are out of your favorite dish? Yeah. Me too. I don’t get spaghetti every night and that’s a disappointment. So I know the feeling.

But when that happens, you never know what other dish is coming your way.

You have to be open to placing that order and trying. We all have to try. We all deserve to try.

So stop limiting yourself in life. The restaurant we all go to each day has enough choices for all of us. Not the same ones.

But if you let me take a bite of yours, I’ll share too. That’s my rule. And I enforce it. So what’s your order today? Tell me. Coming right up.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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