Digby’s Silver Dollar Banana Pancakes

Digby’s Silver Dollar Banana Pancakes

Digby Pancake LOVED pancakes! To celebrate Live Like Digby Day on December 1, or any day of the year, make these easy banana pancakes for your dog! Recipe below!

How can you get involved in Live Like Digby Day?

1. We need funds for pancake supplies, gifts and more. You can donate here at https://tinyurl.com/2z567bfv

2. Get involved where you live and bring some special treats to a shelter or rescue near you!

3. Buy a t-shirt to wear on Live Like Digby Day at https://www.bonfire.com/live-like-digby-day-fundraiser/

Simply put, we need your help.


• 1 medium/large banana

• 1 large egg or one tablespoon ground flaxseed meal

• 2 tablespoons almond flour

• Coconut oil, for greasing the griddle


• In a mixing bowl, mash banana with a fork.

• Add egg and almond flour. Stir until combined.

• Heat griddle to a medium heat and grease with a little coconut oil.

• Use a tablespoon to ladle silver dollar sized pancakes.

• Let cook for a minute or two. Once lightly brown on the bottom, flip. Then, let cook for another minute or two.

• Let cool and serve to your dog!

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