I’ll Take The Special With A Side Of Guilt, Please

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. If i would have known all of these years that there was a daily special in life, I sure would have asked for a menu.

Yeah. A special. Did you know that every day, a most special thing happens? It could be a super good snack. Or finding a treasure at a thrift store.

The most special thing in a day could be getting a phone call from someone you love. Or even a smile from a stranger. It could be an unexpected gift. Or making a new friend. The most special thing in a day is on the menu. You just have to order it. And don’t ask for any sides. Especially not a side of guilt. But my persons really like to order it. With everything from the menu.

Right now, for the week, we are staying at such a nice place that our friend found for us. And it is just so nice. It has a yard.

It has a porch and it even has a dock to see a lake.

And it is in a neighborhood that is quiet with pretty houses to look at.

The persons really feel relaxed and able to study for their Italian classes and do work.

But Girl Person told me she feels guilty. Because she knows she has so much to do to get to that Italy place. And if she isn’t stressed, she doesn’t know how to feel. And she feels she needs to order the side of guilt to make sure she remembers that she will only be here a week. And not to get too used to it.

I want to tell her that every most special part of the day belongs to that day. It’s ok to enjoy it that day.

There is no side of guilt. Just like I will never order a side of Brussel sprouts. Not. Gonna. Happen.

Because us dogs know the most special part of the day is not taken away by tomorrow. Unless you let it. And then, the guilt takes that away too. So don’t order that. You are worthy to enjoy that most special thing today.

Remember that some in the world right now don’t have that menu today.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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