What About Chips And Salsa In Italy?

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. There are many things I worry about. If dinner is going to be late. If my eggies will be cooked right for breakfast. When will breakfast be?

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But persons seem to worry about the funniest things. Like yesterday, when Girl Person was making some homemade salsa and chips, she asked Boy Person if there would be chips and salsa in that Italy place.

And I thought…seriously. If you can make it here, you can make it there. And we aren’t there yet. And so maybe we should spend our energy on getting to that Italy place and maybe not worry about chips and salsa. Just saying.

You guessed it. I’m in a mood. A mood of telling things the way they are. Not mincing words. And not mincing garlic. There will be enough of that in that Italy place.

Our persons are going to have to pull it together and are going to have to concentrate very hard to get this all done. It’s crunch time. Especially for Fruitycake. He’s getting a belly. Maybe it’s the chips and salsa.

Chips and salsa are in that Italy place. I would just like to verify that. However, after doing my research, it’s not the chips and salsa we think of in this America place.

And that’s awesome. Why? The things persons worry about sometimes are ridiculous. Even if there were no chips and salsa, Italy would be great. Because it is being Italy.

Our chips and salsa are good too. Instead of worrying about familiarity, embrace the unknown. Embrace learning.

And if like my persons who have to get so much done to get to that Italy place you are overwhelmed, take a break. Maybe with chips and salsa. And then get to work!

Peanut Butter Brickle

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