Someone Worth Having Is Someone Worth Waiting For

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. I’ve waited a lot in my life. I’ve waited for the persons to come home when they go places.

I’ve waited for a little brother. I finally got Digby Pancake.

I’ve waited for another little brother. I finally got Fruitycake.

And now? It’s the persons’ turn to wait on me. It’s the persons’ turn to wait. I need help right now. And the ship can wait.

And that Italy place can wait.

Yes. We are still waiting on all of my test results to see if I can get surgery. Our vet person and the surgery person are talking and working things out to make it happen in the safest way possible.

But it’s taking some time to get all of these reports back. It’s not fast. Good thing. Because I’m not fast either.

In my opinion, and my opinion is always right, I am worth waiting for. Someone worth having in your life is someone worth waiting for.

That’s why us dogs always wait on you, persons. We need you.

And I especially need my persons to wait on me now. Because I need to enjoy the trip and the journey to Italy.

And I hope our house thinks we are worth waiting for too.

We are coming to you! Soon!

Life can be difficult when we make decisions out of the ordinary. It’s easy to just be comfortable.

And we’ve been doubting a lot of our decisions lately. Because so many things are not going as planned.

But we have to trust that just as I am worth waiting for, other good things in life are worth waiting for too.

I will keep you updated on my tests. It’s time to wait. Until next week…

Peanut Butter Brickle