In Training

This is Fruitycake The Raccoon. Once again, reminder that I’m not a raccoon. I just really like trash. But also, I’m high maintenance. You could say I’m a complex kind of guy.

We had a unique few days. You could say that we got lost a few times. We’ve had a few falls. We’ve had rough roads.

But, when you’re looking for a waterfall and the trail takes you up a mountain, you just think, well. I guess not many persons want to do this trail. Because there is no one else here. And you think, is the waterfall even there? And after a few hours, we were wondering that.

If you’ve ever been in training for something, you have to build up your strength. You have to expect that you’ll get better. If you try. And I kept thinking about this the last two days.

The path to our house in that Italy place is narrow. The path is in the woods. No one wanted our little house because it was not the easiest to get to. And they didn’t even try. So it became ours. Because we felt it would be worth the effort.

We felt it deserved to be rescued.

We felt it was worth the walk. That’s what you have to decide with everything in life. Is it worth your effort? Is it worth training for?

Now is our training period. And we are willing to put in the time. And the work. Just like that waterfall yesterday.

Did we find the waterfall. Well. Yes. Kind of. We knew where it was. But by the time we got there, it was getting late. Brickle was tired. I didn’t want to walk up the creek. And so Boy Person went to see it. And he took videos for us. We will show you later!!This is kind of like what we will do for some! You may not all get to come visit us in person in that Italy place. But we will take you along.

And we will show you so that you feel like you are there.

We all decide what we want to be in training for. We can train to stay the same. Or we can train to be better. I say better. I say try. Even if you don’t make it all the way, your example will tell others it’s ok to try and train too. We may not all finish. That’s true.

But when you try, when you train, you’re a winner.

We have started to head south. And taking care of more Italy place items!

Stick with us in Woodstock, Georgia this week!

-Fruitycake The Raccoon

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