You May Think You Know. But You Don’t Know.

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. Most likely, after all of these years together on this blog, you know I’m very knowledgeable.

If there was an award for most knowledgeable dog, I would surely be in the running.

But persons only seem to give awards and applause to other persons.

Maybe I’ll start my own awards show with a peanut butter trophy.

However, persons do not know it all. Most of the time, the simplest and smallest things cause them to stumble. Like our persons on the trail yesterday. It was supposed to be an easy trail. A short trail.

It was supposed to not take us long to get there. But instead, it turned into hours of long, long, dirt roads and an overgrown trail with poison ivy and Destroying Angel mushrooms.

That’s right. I said it. Destroying Angel mushrooms. Our persons love foraging for mushrooms. But. It is very easy to make a mistake if you don’t go thru all of the steps in identifying them. And if you’re not sure, 1000% sure, you do not eat them.

And when they found a new kind yesterday, they thought it was pretty. But danger can look pretty. Danger can look tempting. But the persons knew quick to throw that mushroom away. And even the good ones they found were thrown away too. Because they got freaked out.

I look at my persons and I want them to understand that the things they sometimes worry about are not important.

Because even if things don’t progress as quick as they want them to, like getting to that Italy place, perhaps it’s safer that way for us. Perhaps it’s what is best for you. You may think you know what is best. But you don’t know. Because if a little mushroom can shake up your day, it just shows you that you don’t know it all.

A simple and short trail with a mean mushroom wasn’t as it appeared. It rearranged our day. So do your best to do what is best. Even if it takes you longer. Even if you think you know. Look at the facts. And remember that none of us know it all.

Even if good plans get spoiled by a bad turn, you don’t have to throw it away like the persons did the good mushrooms though. Get back on the trail. It may take you longer. But it may save you from a dead end.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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