Every Ingredient In The Soup

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. One of Digby’s favorite shows was watching Girl Person cook every day. He sure liked every episode.

Back then, I wasn’t particularly a foodie. I pretended to not like her dishes.

Because I wanted Girl Person to hand feed me. And it worked out wonderfully.

But when Digby wasn’t here anymore to get dinner on the table on time, I had to take over that job. Fruitycake didn’t accept that position. So every night, I make sure to get the kitchen into gear. Whatever kitchen we are in. Wherever we are.

Yesterday, Fruitycake wasn’t feeling the best. So Girl Person made soup for us and for them. And I watched every ingredient go into the pots. It took forever. Chipping and dicing and simmering. So. Many. Ingredients. So. Much. Time.

But eventually, it was dinner time. And it was good. Real good. Even a foodie like me now enjoyed it.

I realized that some things may take longer to happen. But if you pay attention and make sure the ingredients are good and thought out, it makes it worth it. Why put half hearted effort into a soup?

Why put a half hearted effort into life decisions? That’s why it’s taking us a little longer to get to that Italy place. Some ingredients haven’t been right. Like the boat.

Some ingredients we have to wait on. Like the plane.

Some ingredients have not been fresh or good. Like the student visas.

But when an ingredient doesn’t work in a soup, you don’t add it. You throw it out, but you find another ingredient. And that’s where we are at.

Every day and every ingredient and the decisions and work we do will make for a good pot of soup in that Italy place.

We are in the kitchen.

And we won’t stop cooking until it’s perfect. Digby wouldn’t want us to stop now.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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