Kindness Soup

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. What warms you up?

When it’s cold outside, persons like to drink something hot to warm them up.

Or persons like to wear a lot of clothes to warm up. But what happens when it’s cold outside, yet the coldest place is your mood. Your heart. If worries could warm you up, you’d be toasty. But they don’t.

That’s how our friends felt the other day. They were having worries. Lots of worries. It seemed like problem after problem was finding them. And we weren’t much help. We had our own worries. Our own reasons for being cold inside.

Later that day when the sun started going down, Girl Person said that she was feeling real low. Her worries were getting worse. And right at that moment, it was like the skies parted. A pot of Kindness Soup showed up with our friends. Just when our bowls of hope were empty.

If you’ve never had Kindness Soup, you’re in for a treat. It can be a cabbage and potato soup like ours was.

It can be a pot of tomato soup.

It can be whatever flavor you wish. Because its the best soup ever. When it’s made with kindness. It’s that added ingredient that makes the best soup.

When someone does something for you despite what they are going thru, isn’t that wonderful?  The kindest hearts make the best soup.

When all of us are going thru our own problems, and the word seems to be so cold, would it help us and someone else at the same time if we made Kindness Soup?

Maybe we haven’t done a kind deed just because for quite awhile because we haven’t felt good ourselves. Don’t wait until life is perfect to be a warm spot in someone’s day. Because your heart will be warmed too. And if you are the one to get the Kindness Soup? Be appreciative and take it.  Be warm.

What’s your recipe for Kindness Soup?

Share and inspire others…no matter what is happening around you.

-Peanut Butter Brickle

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