Is That All There Is?

This is Fruitycake The Raccoon.  What keeps you going in life? What inspires you?  Is it that paper money that the person always try to get, but never have enough of?

Does getting a good job or a big house or a big dinner keep you going?

A big dinner keeps me going sometimes for sure.

But really…hiking makes you think of many things.  I guess actually that the forest may be talking to us in there.

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Or maybe it is the trees.

Whoever it is trying to tell me something, I hear you.  I hear you.  Because every time we hike to a waterfall, or in a new place, I wonder, what will this be?  Is that all there is?  To always be in search of what is next and what we can find…is that all that anyone ever does?

Because even when I see a big, big waterfall, like I did in Niagara Falls, that did not keep me from wanting to see more waterfalls.

Because I wondered, even after seeing that, is that all there is?  Do I stop wanting to see waterfalls now?  No.  I still want to see them.

And when I have the best dinner ever, I don’t stop having dinners!  Because I will want to know when the next dinner is and what it will be, and how it will be different.  That is called living.

Because in actuality, nothing and no one is better than anything or anyone else.  We cannot compare ourselves to anyone else.

Because there is too big of a difference.  The only comparisons we should ever make is to ourselves.  To see if we have become nicer or if we are more giving or kinder.  To see if we have grown in our knowledge and our tolerance of others.

The answer to the question of is that all there is is always no.  That means there is no reason to stop living, to stop searching for the beautiful and different things of life!

We will never, ever, run out of things to see, others to meet or even waterfalls to hike to.  There is no end.

We could live forever and never see it all, because things would constantly change and start all over again.  So keep going.  Keep living.  Keep hiking.  Keep doing what YOU do to feel alive, even if it is different from someone else’s reason.  You have your own.

We are headed to Helen, Georgia today for a whole week while we keep making plans for that Italy place!  Stay tuned!

-Fruitycake The Raccoon

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