Protect Your Honey

This is Fruitycake The Raccoon. I used to be all about protecting the goods I had. The treasures. The food that I found in trash cans and dumpsters. Oh, I found some good stuff. But others were always trying to get those treasures from me.

It was exhausting to always be worried about someone taking something.

And I guess that’s how Brickle feels when I watch him eat dinner. He has told me that Digby always finished before him too. I’m just continuing the tradition!

But persons also have something to protect. Not just the stuff they own and buy. But something much more valuable.

You see, as we were walking thru the streets of Helen, Georgia yesterday, I saw a lot of persons enjoying the day.

They were walking around and getting treats and stuff.

They were having fun. But some persons I saw weren’t having fun. They were irritated. Or mad. I don’t know about what.

But they were in the midst of all these happy people. And they let someone or something else take away the sweetness of the town. They weren’t protecting their honey.

Bears sure do love honey. And there are lots of bears here in this Helen, Georgia place. If you don’t protect your honey here, you can say goodbye to it. A bear is a bear and he will take your honey. And some persons will take your honey too.

Some persons will try and take away your positivity. A situation may come up to take away your joy. And if you don’t protect what you’ve built up, it can be taken away. And when that happens you can’t do good things.

You can’t accomplish much. You aren’t as good as you can be.

So protect your honey today. Pick your battles. Pick what and who your energy is spent on. Watch out! The bears are out there!

Fruitycake The Raccoon

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