Could You Live Here?

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. There’s been a lot of moving in our lives for many years. Moves from our house more than once. Moves in our RV.

Moves for no reason. A lot. Of. Moving.

But one thing I hear the persons talk about everywhere we go is they think about if they could live at the places we visit.

They try to put themselves in places by imagining what life would be like if we didn’t move the RV. And they did that yesterday.

It’s no secret that we like this Florida place for the weather. The different cultures and people.

And being in the Florida Keys has been wonderful. But the persons decided it was too hot for Fruitycake and I yesterday to go with them for a few hours. We wanted to take a nap in the air conditioning of the RV. And we didn’t want to watch out for cars and traffic while walking. The RV seemed much more relaxing than all that.

And let’s face it. Fruitycake isn’t company ready yet.

So the persons spent a few hours walking about the Key West place.

Talking. Looking at shops and ships and people. I know they had yummy food. But they left that part out.

They enjoyed having conversations about what life would be like if we lived there all the time.

And although it would be good for them, it wouldn’t be my first pick because I’m older. And the heat bothers me. And the persons said if it’s not good for me, it’s not good for them. And that’s ok.

I like hearing them talk when we visit places and imagine us living there. They discuss what each of us likes. They talk about what Digby would like too. Even though he isn’t here. I still like hearing them talk about him.

Living somewhere is different than visiting. Learning about others and how they live is interesting.

It gives us more empathy. It’s inspiring. And at the same time, we learn about ourselves. The world isn’t that big. The places you think are a world away are not. The people you think are so different from you are. Not.

So the next time you visit somewhere, on vacation, or even if you are just passing thru, take time to learn. Imagine yourself there on a permanent basis. And see if you can understand the ones who do live there better.

How do they make a living? What is their daily life like?

What kind of pets do they have? Have they lived other places? What are their favorite foods? What are there traditions?

The questions will never end. And neither will the opportunities for us to be better.

-Peanut Butter Brickle

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