Scatter The Chatter

This is Fruitycake The Raccoon. I get told so many times to hush. To be quiet. To stop barking. To use my inside voice.

But the persons have an inside voice too. I know for sure that Girl Person does. Some days, that inside voice is not too nice. She acts sad. Depressed. Tired. Guilty. I can’t hear the voice. But she says that it’s loud. Louder than anyone else’s voice.

And it makes her feel like she can’t do anything.

I’ve never been really sad. Not even when I was a stray. Yes. I’ve been scared. But not sad. I always find something to smile about and enjoy.

I don’t have that inside voice that tells me I’m not good enough. Or that I don’t work hard enough. That voice seems to make Girl Person have no direction. Like she might as well do nothing.

I wish that my bark could be louder than that voice in her head. So I bark louder. With more purpose. I want her to focus on something else. I know that’s my job. I have accepted it.

Everyone always wonders why Digby was so happy. I never met him.

But I have a feeling he was sad sometimes. But he also realized the persons needed him. And that Brickle needed him.

So I have now taken on the challenge that Digby had for many years. Making you laugh. Making the voice inside your head to remember how awesome you are. How you can still laugh. How you can still smile. How you can be fruity. Like me.

It’s time to scatter the chatter this week. Spread it out like seeds. But water it with fruity. I want you to hear my bark. My love. Let me keep going with what Digby started.

Fruitycake The Raccoon

The persons tell me we are back on the road Friday to make our way to the farm in Bradenton, Florida. What is where Brickle has his appointment and surgery date. Thank you all for the love!

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