What Does Your Dog Want For You?

This is Fruitycake The Raccoon. I’ve been pretty happy lately. I got a home. And my home moves around which is pretty neat.

I got a big brother. I get meals everyday and snacks and naps and a bed. And I get to play and see different places and get lots of love.

Really, it’s more than I could have ever thought that I wanted when I was in the shelter jail.

But there is something else that I have got. A little perspective has entered my thoughts. I used to only be concerned about surviving. But now I see that there is more to life than that. However, I’m not sure most persons understand this.

Seems like the persons are surviving. Working. And they repeat this. But I want more for my persons than that. I want them to enjoy things like I do. I want them to see the wonderful things before them like nature.

And food. And the sky. And the moon. I want them to feel safe. And loved. I want that for my persons more than anything. What does your dog want for you? Have you ever thought about that?

We see you working hard. We see how much you have to do. But there are some things you put on yourself. Like unneeded expectations. Like perfection that can’t be reached. You’re very hard on yourself. You work all the time. You’re on your phone all the time. You can’t seem to make the time for you. We want that for you. We want you to breathe in the air and feel it.

We want you to eat a food and taste it. We want you to look up at the sky and see it.

Yes. We still want you to make us dinner and breakfast and all the inbetween. Don’t stop all that. But start taking care of you. It’s what we want.

Fruitycake The Raccoon

One thought on “What Does Your Dog Want For You?

  1. Robin Farnell

    Yes Fruitycake us humans do tend to get busy and we need to stop and take a breath and love and hug on the dogs for sure

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