Writing Your Story In Every Place

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. For years and years, during our travels, I have heard one question asked over and over again by persons. “Where are you from?”

If you asked me this question, I would have many answers. I am from Alabama. Yes. I am also from Florida.

I am also from every place I have been. There is a part of every place in me. I am from my experiences. I am my story. What is yours?

Persons think that they only “come from” one place because they were born there or because they lived there the longest. But we all come from experiences that make us who we are.

It’s up to us to write our story in every place we have been to.

It’s up to us to learn from every place we go to. It’s up to us to take the time to learn the good and the bad. And then learn our lessons from it.

So when you learn about a place, what happens? You have a new story to write.

You are the main character. You can be anyone you want to be.

And with traveling, you can change who you are all of the time. And really, you are changing. Travel has a way of doing that to us all.

In the Florida Keys, I’ve had a good time with Fruitycake. I had not been here before. So it was fun to learn about all the different places here together.

It was fun to learn about the fish and the water and the history. My story here started off sad because I missed Digby. But by the end of our time here, even though I’m having some physical problems, I feel like I have a chance at a new chapter of my story with Fruitycake.

I think there is going to be quite a few more chapters and places and stories.

If you haven’t written a story about yourself that you like yet, you still have time. And you don’t even need a pen. Learn about yourself by learning about the stories of others. And don’t just know where you’re from. Know where you want to go.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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