The Lifejacket

This is Fruitycake The Raccoon. Oh. To be me. One minute you are on the streets all alone.

The next minute you’re in shelter jail with 600 other dogs.

The next minute after that, you find yourself on something called a paddle board with a person who needs you just as much as you need him.

Yes. I’m enjoying all that life in the person world has to offer. I don’t really like leashes though.

Or not being able to bark. But the things that go along with the stuff I don’t like is a lot of stuff that I do.

Like being on the paddle board. It’s sure fun.

But the persons also told me it’s not particularly that safe. And that I needed something called a life jacket.

A life jacket keeps you safe if you fall in the water. That’s what the persons tell me. I don’t want to fall in the water. But if I do, it’s nice to know I will be ok.

Brickle told me that persons need a lifejacket too. But they need more than a real one. He said that they need one in case they fall into sadness or in case they fall into depression.

Seems to me that persons go around just checking off boxes or working.

They don’t stop to think that things won’t always be the same. Times change. Things happen.

What will you do to cheer yourself up and keep yourself afloat if the unexpected happens? You need a lifejacket.

Think about what makes you happy and make plans to lift yourself up. Prepare now. Just like my lifejacket,

it may be uncomfortable to think about. But it may save your life.

Fruitycake The Raccoon

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