Vitamin C-UTE

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. I’ve been getting a lot of vitamins lately. This Fruitycake fellow is Fruitycake.

And his vitamins are enough to make anyone feel better. But not as good as my vitamins. I’m the one with the Vitamin C-UTE.

That’s right. Fruity thinks he has enough vitamin C for everyone. And that’s probably true. He eats everything in sight. He barks at everything in sight. He really wants to make you feel better and to smile.

But I’ve had years of practice on this. And I’m the one with the Vitamin C-UTE.

You may not have realized in the past how much cute I had because of all of the handsome. But when you’re nutritious and look delicious, the Vitamin C-UTE makes you feel better immediately. How is it working? Do you need more vitamins?

When was the last time that you put your guard down to make someone smile?

Are you too busy to say hello to a passing stranger? Or are you too busy to smile? Are you too busy to be kind?

Don’t underestimate the vitamins you have to make others feel better.

Don’t waste your smile. Don’t waste your kindness. Don’t keep it all to yourself. The healthiest ones are the ones who care about themselves and others. If you need a dose of C-UTE I’ve got you today. Now how can you help someone else today too?

Peanut Butter Brickle

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