5 Must Have Dog Products For Spring

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Spring is our favorite season of the year! The weather starts warming up and that means more time outside with our dogs.

We have been traveling full-time for over five years, and we’ve made many mistakes along the way. One mistake is that I’m never prepared for the upcoming season. This spring, we decided to do things differently and we let Brickle and Fruitycake pick out their favorite dog products from our favorite dog friendly store, Camping World!


What does springtime means for dogs? Dogs typically shed more, have more allergies, they spend more time outside, and you may be taking them on a road trip.

This information inspired Brickle and Fruitycake’s 5 Must Have Dog Products For Spring!

Pet Wedge

Dogs have a natural circadian rhythm that tells their body when it’s time to lose the thick fur and start growing their summer coat. The amount of daylight in the spring months triggers the shedding. So how can you keep the fur out of your car, house and RV? Use the Pet Wedge!

“The Pet Wedge Hair Remover removes hair from carpets, upholstery, pet beds, car interiors, and many other hard-to-reach places. Its proprietary shape makes it easy to reach those unreachable areas. Can be used over and over again.”

Pet stairs 


The most questions we have ever received on any dog product is “where did you get those stairs?” The secret is out. And if you have an elderly dog or simply want to make getting in and out of your vehicle easier, those pet stairs from Camping World are a must, especially in the spring when travel is on the rise!

“Give your pet a helping hand with climbing into cars or SUVs. These foldable pet stairs are a great aid for older pets that can’t climb like they used to. The easily portable stairs fold down compactly to just 19.25″ x 16″ x 4.75″ so you can stow them away in your trunk or closet. Once assembled the height can be adjusted from 20″ to 30″ to fit most applications. Made with a durable powder-coated steel frame, rubber feet, and a safety tether that clips to your vehicle to ensure stability. The foldable pet stairs weigh only 8.4 lbs. and feature a convenient carry strap. 130-lb. weight capacity.”

Dog Brush

Springtime is the season of itching for many dogs. Allwrgie, fleas and ticks can get the best of your dog, making it hard for them to enjoy the fresh weather. Brushing your dog and regular bathing help to keep dog dander under control.

The Wags & Wiggles SLEEK Dual-Sided Bristle and Straight Pin Brush is ideal for small dogs and puppies with long or curly hair. A regular brushing routine, using this dual-sided detangling brush, is crucial for maintaining your dog’s healthy coat. Brush your pup using the colorful pin side to gently remove tangles under the coat without scratching your pet’s skin. Then flip over to the bristle side to help remove loose hair and dirt to promote a silky coat. With routine grooming sessions, you’ll minimize the amount of pet hair found on your couch, curtains, and clothing. The brush handle is ergonomically designed to fit perfectly in your palm.”

Waggle Pet Temp 

When we have to leave our dogs to run errands, we used to worry the whole time about failing power or hot or cold temperatures. The Waggle Pet Temperature Monitor really puts our minds at easy. We can monitor the temperature inside the RV and get alerts on our cellphone. You don’t have to have wifi as it has its own cellular service built in. This is definitely a must have in our book! We would not travel without it.

“Traveling with pets? Get peace of mind with the Waggle RV Pet Temperature Monitor! Monitor your pet’s environment temperature and humidity in real-time and keep your pooch safe. Waggle RV Pet Temperature Monitor works via built-in Verizon 4G cellular data to monitor Temperature and alert you via app, text, and email about any potentially unsafe temperature conditions for your pet in an RV, car, or home. No WiFi is required.”

Travel Harness

Springtime means road trips for many families. Make sure your dog is safe on the road with a travel harness from Camping World.

“Seatbelt wearing humans are protected in most accidents, give your dog the same kind of protection! Dogs not secured by a harness can be ejected through the windshield, and even worse can crash into the head and neck of front seat passengers causing serious injury.” The Travel Safe Harness is so unique it’s patented! The unique design results in one of the strongest, most convenient safety systems on the market. It is independently tested to human seat belt standards.

Spring is a favorite season for many.  With just a few preparations, you can make the season the best ever!  Many don’t realize that Camping World stores are dog-friendly!  That means your leashed dog can shop for favorite products right along with you.  

And if you are looking for a new RV, they can tour the models with you too!

Our dogs are always there for us, no matter the season.  Make this spring one to remember for your dog!


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