The Poison That Hurts

This is Fruitycake The Raccoon. Every day is an adventure. A learning lesson. A classroom the size of the world.

And one thing I learned this week was that I should pay more attention to signs. Signs that say “don’t touch.” Signs that should say “don’t lift your leg on this.”

Girl Person tells me that my brother I never met, Digby Pancake, used to get into all sorts of trouble. If the situation allowed, and it always did, he would find a way to get dirty, muddy, roll in something or get bit by something. He never got bit by a poisonwood tree though.

Digby never came to this Key West place. He didn’t like hot places at all.

And so I suppose it was my duty to honor his memory and get into trouble. Or the trouble got on to me.

You see, when you’re hiking and all excited, you don’t pay attention to signs. You also think you don’t have to pay attention to the signs. After all, you don’t realize that a poisonwood tree is angry. Real angry after you lift your leg on it. Who has heard of a poisonwood tree? Not. Me.

Yes. I have a bad rash and I’m not feeling good. In fact, my actions towards the poisonwood tree has really been inconvenient. Itchy. Not sleeping good. The effects will be on me for awhile. Are you paying attention, persons? This is important.

What hurts worse than angry words? Like a poisonwood tree, it’s when we engage with other people’s anger that we get hurt the worse.

There are some persons out there that are very angry. Mean. Hurtful. We may wonder what we did to cause someone’s anger or wonder why they are so short tempered. But how do we react? If we lift a leg on them like me, well, we are the ones who get hurt the worse.

So my advice? Ignore the poison words. Keep walking. Keep being happy. Keep being you. Also. Read the signs.

Fruitycake The Raccoon

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