Unbreak My Heart

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. Have you ever broken something? Yeah. I’ve been known to break a few hearts in my time and I’ll break a few more.

But have you ever broken a dish that shattered?

Have you wrecked your car?

Have you broken your spirit? Your heart? I’m sure you have. I felt like my heart was broken when Digby passed away.

And it was. I was sure I felt it. I was sure I felt it like no other pain in my lifetime. And still to this day, I feel pain there. Although it’s not the same pain, it still hurts.

When Fruitycake came to live with us, I had feelings I wasn’t proud of. I didn’t want to love him or get attached to him. I didn’t want to someday feel that pain again. I didn’t want to go there. I did not. But as the days went by, I couldn’t help but laugh at him. I couldn’t help but feel.

My heart still hurt. There was still pain. But Fruitycake was determined to unbreak my heart.

Even though he made sure to tell me he could not make it what it was. He could not make it like new. He could only hold it together. If I would let him.

I let him. Because it is much more useful to have a repaired heart than no heart. It’s more useful to me. It’s more useful to others. It’s more like living and not just existing.

Has something broken your heart? Have you tried to repair it? Don’t expect it to be like before. If we accept that we will have cracks and scars and yet, we want to live, we will open our hearts and accept the healing that can only come when we embrace it.

Peanut Butter Brickle

The first dog showcased by the Live Like Digby Adoption Fund is going to steal your heart! Zeus is an 8 year old Terrier Mix. He came to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay as an owner surrender because they were having a baby and didn’t feel like they could continue to give him the attention that he deserved.

He does not really like other animals so we do not recommend a home with other pets. Other than that, he is pretty aloof and stoic…just needs the perfect home.
All of Zeus’ adoption fees are paid by the Live Like Digby Adoption Fund made possible by 4-Legger and your donations. Let’s find Zeus a home in honor of Digby! Interested? Contact The Humane Society Of Tampa Bay in Tampa, Florida.
You can make a donation to this fund where all donations are matched at https://hstb.givecloud.co/product/LiveLikeDigbyDonation/live-like-digby-

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  1. Linda Horn

    Where can I get Pet Releaf? Got a formerly caged rescued barker and he’s deaf so his nerves are shot. Help!

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