Your Invisible Dog Needs A Sweater

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. We continue our stories this week to remember Boy Person’s father. This is the third in our series of the Tales Of Wild Bill!

You know that we love to travel. We’ve had the traveling bug for awhile. And Boy Person certainly grew up traveling with his family too! They traveled in a motorhome, a mini motorhome, a bus, a truck camper, a travel trailer or a tent.

It wasn’t always for vacation, but for necessity at times. And on more than one occasion, it was for both.

Wild Bill had a case of “itchy feet” sometimes. You know that feeling when you just need to go somewhere and do something? One day, Wild Bill wanted to take a trip. But he wanted it to be a long trip. And yet, money was needed to take a long trip in a motorhome with all your family. And so Wild Bill had an idea. He would make some money on the road. He would sell some stuff. They would go to flea markets and make enough to keep a trip going and going and going.

So Wild Bill found some stuff to sell. They would stop at flea markets and then try to sell all the stuff! That way, they could make enough money to keep going on their extended trip which really had no destination in the first place. But what would he find to sell?

First, he found some bathroom rugs. Everyone needed a bathroom rug. But these weren’t just any rugs. They were white rugs! And Wild Bill sold them with a dye pack so they could pick any color they wanted! Genius! Every time someone would walk by their booth, he would yell, “I know you have a bathroom!” They also served as pillows for the family in the RV because they were packed in there from the floor to the ceiling.

Then, he found some wood owls and other figurines. Except they weren’t real wood. He found those a little harder to sell. But he told people they were better than wood because they wouldn’t rot. He said those owls “didn’t give a hoot!” They were perfect for inside and out! Boy Person always tried to put just one design out at a time…like a special edition. But no. Those heavy things that weren’t real wood in the first place got displayed. Every. Single. One.

But the real money maker? Wild Bill knew everyone needed one. Dog sweaters. Everyone needed a dog sweater. People loved them! Even people with invisible dogs.

Yes. All the rage at the time were invisible dogs. Maybe you couldn’t have a dog in your apartment. Maybe you were allergic to dogs. But maybe you needed an invisible dog to walk.

Wild Bill knew a trip could only be as long as when the money ran out. And he wasn’t about to let that happen.

There were bathroom rugs and fake wood owls and dog sweaters to keep them going. And as the invisible dogs walked by with their owners and the real dogs walked by too, everyone got along. And everyone was sold a dog sweater. No matter the season or the reason.

You see, Wild Bill could sell just about anything. And most of the time, you didn’t know you even needed whatever it was. But along with whatever was bought came a smile. And that alone was worth whatever you paid. Because if Wild Bill was that happy to sell bathroom rugs or fake wood owls or dog sweaters, you got a little side of happy at no charge.

Wild Bill sold all they had! There were no more bathroom rugs or fake wood owls or dog sweaters. But the memories didn’t end. Nor the adventures. Sure. These times weren’t all rainbows and dye packs. But the memories shaped Boy Person.

No, they didn’t have much in common. In fact, most of the time, their views were opposite. But he showed that you can be happy doing just about anything. You can always find a way. Because if you can sell a dog sweater to an invisible dog, you can do just about anything in life.

Stay tuned to another tale tomorrow!

Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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The Breeze

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. If it was any hotter in this Florida place, I would bet a Sunday’s worth of pancakes with butter that I was melting.

I’ve felt a little slower lately, especially in the heat. But when you are slow, you see more. And there is always so much to see in our world, even if you stand in the same place. Some days, we see Linda the alligator sunbathing. Sometimes, we see her in the water.

Sometimes, we don’t see her at all. Because we know she is enjoying her view.

Some days though, Brickle and I don’t feel as good as we should. Girl Person says that’s ok too. The persons are the same. And when one of us is slow, we all slow down. But when we feel better, the day feels like a fresh morning with the breeze taking away the hot air. I love the breeze.

We have all come to the conclusion as a family that we will have days we don’t feel our best. And that’s the time to rest and plan for the breeze. Because it will come. And we just have to look forward to it.

Even though I’ve been sick this week, I still find wonderful parts of the day! And when the persons don’t spend all their time worrying, it makes it easier on me to not feel bad. Girl Person explained to me last night how we all have our good and bad times. But she said that when I get to feeling a little better, they will plan our next adventure. And that’s really a breath of fresh air! I can feel it brushing over my fur and my spirits. I like the persons explaining things to me so that I don’t wonder.

We all have things that make for difficult times. Sometimes there is no choice but to go thru whatever we are going thru. But if you can imagine a refreshing breeze, you can give yourself some relief. Whether that’s taking a break, a walk, getting an ice cream cone or simply taking a nap, break up the difficult times with breezes. Those breezes will help push you along!

I know that life is a journey. And we have been on many. But the best part to me is that wherever we are, we can carry our breeze with us.

A positive attitude can make every difference in the world. And we feel it. Do you? It’s. Refreshing.

Deputy Digby Pancake

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