The Road Ahead

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. I’ve been down a lot of roads. Digby Pancake and I really got around. We sure had a lot of ice cream together.

I’ve enjoyed being in the Florida place Keys. Although we never unlocked anything. I never saw those keys.

It’s been so nice to relax and we have one more week here.

Then the persons say we are going back to the farm for a couple weeks to figure out our next plans.

And I am not sure what to tell Fruitycake when he asks me what’s next. Sometimes we just don’t know.

You can try to think and think and think. You try to figure something out. But sometimes the best thing to do is just to go. Anywhere. Somewhere. Whether that’s to your mailbox. Or to another country.

I have news for the persons. They will never have everything figured out. And even when they think that they do, it can change. So what happens if you do nothing? Nothing. 

The road ahead will be new for Fruitycake whatever we do. And I’m excited for him.

The persons say they would like to go to new places that we didn’t go to with Digby because the memories are just too hard and too much right now.

So the road ahead is ahead. Not behind. We have Fruitycake now. And he deserves to live this life to the full. You deserve that too.

Peanut Butter Brickle

Help adoptable dogs with your donations to the Live Like Digby Fund! 4-Legger is going to be matching the adoption fees for harder to place dogs at the Humane Society Of Tampa Bay in Florida, the shelter that we rescued Digby Pancake from!

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