5 Reasons To Travel With Your Dog To The Florida Keys With A Good Sam RV Rental

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Ever since we started RV travel with our dogs, the Florida Keys has been on our list of travel destinations. But over the years, we have never fit this destination into our travel schedule.

Because the Florida Keys is a not “on the way” to anywhere, it’s a trip that needs to be planned to make the most of your time.

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We regret that we didn’t make it here sooner in our travels because it has become of of our top recommendations for RV travelers now.

And of course, we don’t go anywhere without our dogs. So we are happy to say we also think the Florida Keys is a must for RV travelers with their dogs.

5 Reasons To Travel With Your Dog To The Florida Keys In A Good Sam RV Rental!

Yes! That’s right. You don’t even need to own an RV to head to the Florida Keys! You can rent a dog friendly RV and hit the road this weekend!

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State Parks In The Florida Keys

There are three state parks in the Florida Keys that can accommodate RV’s!

Bahia Honda State Park

This is undoubtedly the favorite state park of many. If you’ve ever dreamed of parking your RV on the ocean, this is the place. The views and the sound of the ocean are calling your name at Bahia Honda State Park. Dogs are allowed on the bridge trail but not the beaches.

We liked walking the boys near the Marina and around the campground for unmatched views!


Curry Hammock State Park

This is our favorite state park in the Florida Keys and in our top three of the USA. Curry Hammock State Park is the largest undeveloped parcel of land between Key Largo and Big Pine Key.This is a small campground steps away from an uncrowded beach. Dogs aren’t allowed on the beach but there is a beautiful picnic area with grass and sand and views of the ocean near the group campsite area at Curry Hammock State Park.  Just a mile away, you can hike on the Hammock Trail with your dog.

Shade and views of the clear water inspire all. We loved the camp hosts here who gave Fruitycake and Brickle a treat each night. It’s the little things!

The campsites are very roomy which is perfect for Brickle and offered us a lot of privacy.



John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park

This is a large park with snorkeling, boating and trails. Dogs are welcome at John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park and many sites have little water views of the mangroves. Just make sure to keep an eye on your dog extra diligently when you see the signs warning of Florida wildlife hazards.

Trails, a marina and plenty of places to walk make this is a great place for dogs to soak up the sun.


Dog Friendly Beaches

Don’t despair all you dog lovers! In Marathon, there is a great, dog friendly beach! One of the best dog-friendly beaches in the Keys, Coco Plum has a mile of sandy beaches for your pup and shallow water in which they can play. There are other beaches for dogs in the Keys including Picnic Island and Higgs Beach Dog Park.

Dog Friendly Attractions

Brickle absolutely loves attractions. Head to Crane Point Museum and Nature Center for a completely dog friendly experience. View historic homes on the property, a bird sanctuary, get a fish pedicure and take in nature with your dog.

Bring your lunch, meander together on the boardwalk and get some ice cream in the gift shop to cool off!

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Fresh Food For You And Your Dog

One of our favorite things to do on the road is to visit produce stands!

We can sample local fruits and vegetables and we can make meals for us and our dogs. This is so much fun to do.

Through recipes we can learn more about the local culture and we can enjoy food together as a family.

We are vegan, but our dogs are not. So in the Florida Keys, we get them fresh, local, dog friendly seafood. It’s so rewarding to watch them enjoy their meals and we feel hood knowing we are supporting the local economy and farmers.

Your Dog Needs A Vacation

You may know that you need a vacation. But so does your dog!

Routine is good for dogs, but change can also be good for them as well. We recently adopted our dog Fruitycake and it’s been a joy watching him learn new things and have new experiences at each place we go to. He is becoming more socialized and also more content.

We count on our dogs and they give us so much. Give them a vacation in the Florida Keys with beach time, rest, relaxation and time together.

Find everything you need and get excellent care and advice from Good Sam’s world-class Customer Service.

We have traveled to all of the lower 48 contiguous states with our dogs, but the fact is, we never will run out of places to explore. The Florida Keys is a destination that many dream of visiting and there are reasons why. The clear, turquoise water, food, the friendly people and night skies full of stars are waiting for you and your dog.

When life seems overwhelming and complicated, a place like the Florida Keys reminds you that life can still be simple and good.

Many of us and our dogs find it hard to simply relax. Yes, there are many places in the tourist areas like Key West and those areas have their charm.

For us, we love the slow and easy days on the water by our RV with views, sounds and tastes that are unmatched. Even if you’re not a planner, that’s ok in the Florida Keys.

You can take it as slow as you want to and watch the hermit crabs crawl thru your campsite. Or you can watch the butterflies and birds who call this their home.

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Make it your home too if even for a few days. Get in that RV Rental From Good Sam and go to the place that doesn’t need to be “on the way” to anywhere. It’s worth a trip all on its own.

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