Delays and Days

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. Well, there’s no doubt that Girl Person has been a bit behind this week. She’s usually very dedicated to getting the blog done on time. She’s been doing it and used to doing it for over ten years now. She hates letting anyone down. And yet, like I told her, sometimes you just cannot do it all.

We’ve had a lot of different problems this week. We have had a lot of emotions all tied up with trying to make decisions that will affect our lives in big ways. The persons have had a six hour time difference to try and talk and work thru things. And so delays and days just seem to keep going.

I don’t want Girl Person to be so busy. But she’s been very good at keeping me and Fruitycake happy and busy and helping us not to worry about Boy Person. But sometimes when you try to take everyone’s worries away it’s too heavy. And so the blog was late today until she get the strength to write it.

Boy Person is still in that Italy place.

And we are waiting on more news and information. Girl Person is going to fill you all in later today once they talk again. But until then, thank you for worrying about us. We don’t want you to worry, but it’s nice to be missed. And we love you so much thru all the delays and days.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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